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We all know that weight loss can be quite the struggle. Many of us spend hours at the gym, eat all the right things, read up on the latest news and research. People like us give it our all, but sometimes we just don’t see any progress. We’re told to take rip-off supplements, do tons of crunches, and eat the latests trendy health foods. What we need to do is go back to the basics. Here are 5 easy, simple weight loss tips that do just that, and will save you time and effort. These will dispel are the myths and lies surrounding weight loss and help you be the you you’ve always wanted to be!


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1. Diet is 90% of weight loss.

There’s a popular saying in the fitness community – abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. To have a lean physique, diet is key. Exercise is still important, as it will keep you from becoming skinny-fat, which means you’re thin but lack muscle tone. Even if you do lots of cardio, it will still take far too much time to burn off all the calories from the food you ate that day. Therefore, focus on diet, but don’t stop exercising, as it puts the finishing touches on your physique.

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2. Quantity is more important than quality
When losing weight, calories are the first thing you must focus on. This certainly doesn’t mean eat only unhealthy and processed foods, as eating healthy will make you feel much better physically. However, don’t worry that an occasional cup of ice cream or a bag of chips will impede your weight loss, just make sure to count the calories if you eat such foods.

3. When you think you’re hungry, you may not actually be hungry
Many of our food cravings are actually emotional or conditioned. Whenever you crave something, it could be because you saw an advertisement, were reminded of certain memory of a food, or you simply usually eat at a certain time of day. Whenever you schedule you eating, your body tends to make you feel hungry at the times you normally eat. This is bad news if you’re a habitual snack eater. Whenever you feel cravings, wait 30 minutes to see if you’re still hungry. It’s also helpful to wait for a physical sign of hunger, such as your stomach growling or hunger pangs. When you body actually needs food, it will not just send mental signals, but physical ones too.

4. Drink lots of water
Sometimes when you think you may be hungry, it’s simply dehydration. For example, whenever you wake in the morning, you’re not just hungry, but also dehydrated – you just slept for 8 hours and didn’t drink anything! Before eating, drink a glass of water. Doing so will reduce your appetite and keep you from eating more than is necessary. Also, it is best practice to only drink water. Fruit juice, coffee with syrup and cream, energy drinks, and sodas are packed with empty calories. They won’t fill you up. You don’t want to drink your calories because drinks will not fill you up as much as food does.

5. Weigh everything you eat
This is essential, as guessing will not get you far. You may be surprised how much calories may actually be in your food when you get an accurate measurement! Whatever you eat, you want to know the exact amount you have eaten. A smart way to do this is invest in a food scale. Often, you can look up what you ate on a calorie tracker, put in the amount you ate, and see the exact amount of calories and nutrient your food has.

Why you should follow the fat burning kitchen?
The phenomenon of  the fat burning kitchen has been creating worldwide buzz across the globe. It has become a must have item for the people who want to enjoy their live, feel healthy & younger and stay in shape without depriving themselves any more. According to most reviews, this is the smartest way to keep in shape and it has helped a lot of people who wanted to lose weight but couldn’t manage to do so with the conventional diet. Probably this is the reason; it has become a popular choice for the readers.

The people who have read the fat burning kitchen  and followed the diet mentioned in this book, have managed to lose weight faster than any other technique such as exercise or conventional diet. While many people go for a crash diet and starve them to death to lose a few pounds, they do not realize that they are actually causing more trouble to their body. Yes it is true and the fat burning kitchen has made the readers realize that.

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On a conventional diet where people give up food for days or even weeks, can lose a few pounds in the beginning. But gradually the weight loss slows down and they end up with a weight loss Plato. At this point, no matter what diet they follow, they do not lose any more weight. There are also a number of people who actually gain more weight after following such a diet. What happens here is that when people go for a diet, they only lose the body water and muscle due to lack of calorie in the body. Since diet leads to less food intake and calorie, the body has to tap into body water and muscle as the calorie source. But gradually our body realizes the gap and slows down the metabolism process. Our body metabolism runs the process to generate energy by burning calories or body fat from food that we eat. When the metabolism in our body slows down, our body system stops the calorie burning process and starts to conserve the calorie for future in the form of fat. So instead of making you fit and lean, a crash diet can make you even fatter.

This is where the fat burning kitchen comes in the picture. It has got some amazing diet plans that include food that actually burn more calorie than supply to the body. It also includes some scientific diet that tricks our body to increase its metabolism to burn more calories. When you follow the diets mentioned in the fat burning kitchen, you actually eat to lose weight faster than the conventional diet. So, you do not need to deprive yourself from food anymore or stay hungry for days or weeks. This is indeed a great way to lose weight and stay fit. For the same reasons, the fat burning kitchen is highly recommended for everyone. Don’t worry about the cost. Unlike other diet program, it costs only a few bucks that you can easily afford.

Three Ten Minute Tricks That Can Help You Lose Weight

Being overweight and obese has in the last ten years been seen to be the norm rather than the exception. This has led to the proliferation of many quick fixes such as diet programs that promise great results but rarely work. More often than not, the promised results are never achieved and this leaves you feeling disappointed, frustrated and the only real change experienced is in the size of your wallet. Unlike the costly diet recommendations and programs, these tips are surprisingly cheap and in some instances even free! Here are some of the effective tricks that you can integrate into your daily activities that will help in, burning more calories and losing weight efficiently.doing a few pushups and squats at least 4 times weekly

  •   Begin with Few but Regular Squats & Push ups 

In the process of weight loss, it is important to remember that lean muscle is great for speeding up your metabolism. Your objective in taking up these exercises should be to reduce fat and increase your lean muscle mass. This does not have to be achieved through expensive gym membership plans or strenuous ten mile runs daily. Make a plan of doing a few push-ups and squats at least 4 times weekly with 10 to 20 minute sessions and this will greatly help in shedding those extra pounds. Remember start slow and increase your reps as your body adjusts to these exercises to avoid burn ou

 yoga and pilates



  • Incorporate Yoga or Pilates into your Morning Routine
    A different way of losing weight includes Pilates and yoga into your day to day routine. Its sounds like impossible but think of all the time wasted in bed after the alarm has sounded, ten minutes or less of that time could be used in toning and stretching. You can look up a few movies on line or buy a short training video. You will begin to lose weight and feel keyed up as long as you keep doing this same short routines every morning. Once you get the hang of it, you will begin to enjoy your morning sessions and will not mind the additional work.



 • Use Epsom salts in your bath

Health professional’s advice that Epsom salts have been discovered to reduce inches off a body that is suffering from increased weight gain, lowered metabolism or belly bloat. These salts work by draining out the excess fluids that are responsible for bloating. They are prepared by bringing the bath water to just under the body temperature of between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius and then add two to three cups of the Epsom salt to the bath just before stepping in for a detoxing and relaxing soak for 10 minutes or less.

epsom salth bath
This is a great temporary fix because these salts are anti-inflammatory in nature. They soak into your skin and draw out all the cellular waste, extra fluids and toxins. It is important to ensure you consult your doctor or a qualified health professional before trying this method. Having a good insurance cover is also vital when engaging in most quick weight loss programs. The right ehic information will help in identifying what pre-existing conditions, often associated with weight gain, are covered in your insurance plan.