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Is Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment right for you?
Successful Borderline Personality Disorder treatment is a quite often a complicated matter. At some point of your life you will experience emotions , that might be too hard to handle on your own. There comes a time when you feel overwhelmed and visiting a residential treatment could be a place where you will feel welcome. The Meehl house is a place where you will receive a targeted treatment in a loving envirioment. 

 Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment at the Meehl House

The Meehl House was created by Debra and Mark Meehl as a place for healing and hope for anyone with a diagnosis of a Borderline Personality Disorder , Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and any other mood disorder conditions. The Meehl Foundation is located in Brazoria in Texas and welcomes people from all over the world for a Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment . They have over 25 years of combined experience in successfully treating people. They are Intensively Trained in DBT, REBT, Schema therapy and the Amen Brain Healthy model.

Most people choose a 90 day program where they participate in daily activities and treatments which include 4 hours of Group per day, Monday-Friday: Dialectical Behavioural Therapy ,Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy ,12-step Relapse-Prevention , Amen Brain Health, Boundaries and Emotional Blackmail. As well as that every client will also receive a nutrition and spiritual counselling, fitness club membership and massage/acupuncture treatment. 

The newest addition to the amazing list of treatments, classes and activities is  the Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program  It is based on a research and extensive work by Dr.Amen and is based on the fact, that by looking at the brain image of the patient the therapist can provide a more extensive and individualized treatment.

 Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program looks very deeply into each individual until it gets to the bottom of the problem. It looks in all aspects of our life-biological, social, phychological and spiritual. Skilled team will be with you all the way and taking every step to make sure you get specific targeted treatment with the best outcome possible.

Using the least toxic and most targeted treatment can be achieved in the loving caring environment at the Meehl house. 

One treatment will never work for anyone who is depressed, stressed , inattentive or addictive and that is why the Amen therapy is a crustal way of treating Borderline Personality Disorder.

At the Meehl House they really want to understand you, rather than just look at your symptoms and give you a label. Dealing with emotional problems and disorders puts a lot of strain on any individual and the team at Meehl house understand that very well. Click here for more information and on line free assessment.

 Here is a short video where you can see Debra Meehl explaining what does the Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment is about. Please click play to watch it. 


 Debra Meehl, DD, MSW Pastoral Counsellor,DBT Therapist & Skills Trainer , Board Certified Hypnotist & President, Meehl Foundation

At the Meehl House there is a strong focus on helping you live healthy and happy lives.

Everyone in the team has set a priority to find the holistic approach to care and working towards wellness of mind, body and spirit.
The work done with each individual will help them learn to meditate and practice control over their actions and thoughts.
Taking care of your body is a vital part of achieving wellness. As well as Nutrition counselling during your stay you will also learn and establish healthy eating habits. Eating more whole foods and taking care of your body is a part of looking after your brain heath.
There is also an extensive library of books, videos and tapes on self help, personal development and spirituality. 


 Mark & Debra Meehl“As a couple, and based upon our own experiences, we believe that hope and healing are not just a possibility but a realistic possibility;and with proper treatment for your loved one and conscientious attention from you and others who are concerned, your relationship with your loved one can do more than survive – it can thrive!”
Mark & Debra Meehl


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 How To Use Flower And Nature For Your Own Stress Reliever And Peace of Mind?



You can relieve stress and bring happiness into your life with the power of two words. What are these two words? They are no other than flower and nature.

superb flower

Cosmos Flower: The Perfect Flower for the Brown Thumb

What can flower and nature do for you from a total take away stress and bring smiles/peace of mind aspect? The answer is a very easy one to give and will be given here. You need to get in touch with nature and the natural part of yourself that can relate to nature.  Flowers are a big part of nature and nature a part of very pretty flowers that are in the garden at home or elsewhere. Each of us do have our own defining flower personality too. So, with this said, let your flower personality find you and define your life for more contentment, down time, and awesome health presence. 
When you bring yourself to a much calmer environment, actually it will not only make you calmer, but it will free your mind, body, and spirit of all the ills and worries that may be plaguing it overall. Getting the power of the flower and nature is easily within your grasp. First of all, the flower is an awesome way to feel love, and this love is a love that involves everyone. It is love of self, of others, of wonderful flowers that give us so much, and love of nature and environment as a whole. If you can open your heart to the world of flowers without any questions asked. You have already come half of the distance on your own. What can flowers give you? They can give you an endless source of beauty to look at, to interact with, and also to make a forever part of your own special environment to promote anti-stress and lots of happiness.


superb flower

The Echinacea: A Gorgeous, Functional and Versatile Addition to Your Garden

The flower is something that does constantly amaze man. This is because not only are they God’s creation, they are part of imagination, and they offer a limitless array of beautiful colors that are all their own. They also have a very natural allure when it comes to an irresistible fragrance that is distinctly theirs. Another big asset of theirs is their ability to promote smiles, brighten mood, and heal the body.
It is also no big secret that flowers can boost morale and make for better mood. A collection of sunny-faced blooms is the very thing to brighten up a room or anywhere you do put them. They have a captivating fragrance that know how to catch us with a drift of their one of a kind scent. Flowers, plants, and other natural outdoor life are botanicals. They have special phytochemicals that can also produce awesome pharmacological effects on the human body. Therefore, when you do plant your own garden, you can plant a garden with flowers that do possess the ability to heal you. Some great plant choices in this area do include lavender, st. john’s wort, chamomile, hawthorn, calendula, and echinacea.

When you plant your own garden or decide to create your own natural place to commute with nature. You are actually doing yourself a big favor by getting away from anything stressful or that is negative in nature. The power of the flower and nature can take you to your inner space and away from anything that is not positive. Strength, energy, and vitality can be yours by locating your inner self and going on the journey of you. You have the power to overcome anything with the help of the flower and nature. Give yourself over to them willingly. Find peace and start living the life that you deserve to live. Please go to the link of to get the power of the superbflower and natural experiences.

They are there to help and guide you to personal solace and happiness too.

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We work a lot. Sometimes it consumes our thoughts. It is important to relax every once and a while.



That is why I created a list of 7 Ways to Relax After a Long Day of Work.

The work- life balance is what we all strive for. This list should help you jumpstart your relaxation process after a long day.

I created this list from personal experiences and a handful of website resources. Personally putting on comfortable clothes is my favorite step. What’s yours?
7 Ways to Relax After a Long Day of Work

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