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listen to your gut Everybody has it. It is that feeling inside , that you know what to do, but the mind is programmed to sabotage you. Don’t buy the story , that your mind is trying to tell you. What you have learned is not always the way you think things should be. Last year I went to an Eckhart Toole talk at the RDS in Dublin. Although I have been to many seminars and events his talk and his presence is staying with me like a blessing and light in my life.

One of the things, that I learned from that talk is ” how to make a choice and have no choice , but the choice I have made” . He said, that when you are making a decision the best way to do it is to become still and wait for the answer. Then sleep.Then you can hear your inner voice-your intuition, your gut feeling….If in the next morning and the morning after you hear the same answer , then your choice is to have no choice, but to listen to your gut. It becomes easy and everything falls naturally into place. Go with it and it is the most amazing part of the journey. Then you don’t  need to give yourself excuses or make up stories to keep yourself convinced, that is the choice for you. You become unstoppable , abundant and charged . I  love it  when people  listen to their gut and do only what feels wright for them. This is pure freedom and real happiness, because it comes from within. And that is real living.
listen to your gut
So next time when you have to make a decision or just have to deal with a challenge let your mind be silent and let your gut feeling and intuition guide you. Somehow it always turns out all right.

“How to make a choice and have no choice, but the one you’ve made” 🙂 Answer : “Listen to your gut” .

Here is a free un-course from Eckhart Tolle website HERE-to help you will find a true source of peace and freedom within yourself.

Sending blessings and love

P.S This is day 23 of  Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 216 days left of 2012.

As a matter of fact I love “loosing my mind”.

Today was one of them days when just I couldn’t stop for  a moment.I didn’t really need to stop because I was already stopped, I only looked busy 😉

First to get up in the house I made the sandwiches for the boys and the snacks, filtered some water , then everybody was dressed and ready to go. It is great now the boys are so independent, apart from the youngest one Raki who loves my attention I am so happy to give it. Sometimes I feel that I over do things for them and spoil them a bit, but I like to think that this is a part of being a Mother.

So anyway the moment I came back from the school run I started to sort out clothes and put them away, then emptied the dishwasher and got the kitchen worktops nice and clean. Then I continued with putting some more clothes away and hoovering the house and so on. house work and meditation

I felt like some kind of urge to get things done takes over me sometimes.It is like being in a flow of work and it’s an absolute pleasure to do things when you are there. It is like nearly loosing your mind .  I am here, but I am not really thinking.It is like an autopilot mode and still everything runs smoothly.

Most people meditate when they are siting or lying and listening to some music, but I meditate while I am doing house work. This is a great realisation for me as now I know why I am feeling so relaxed after a house work session. If I haven’t been on the mood to do house work and done it I feel drained. I love doing things when I feel like it.

Sending blessings and Love


P.S This is day 17 of  Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 222 days left of 2012.