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Everything that comes from Mother nature is to help you grow and prosper. Pure water, clean food and fresh air.

Your body is talking to you all the time.

Are you listening to what signs your body is giving you? It is very easy to cover it up with a sweet snack or by watching a movie, but it does’t make it go away.

You body is a miracle machine, that knows exactly how to heal itself and make itself better.Most of the processes in your body are happening without you having to consciously think the individual steps. If you want to sit down-you just sit down. You do not say to yourself-now I am gonna bend my knees first and so on…


Say for an example you prick your finger on a rose thorn.You will feel a sharp pain for a second or two. This pain is just a signal, that your skin is broken.  This  message then is  send directly to your brain and that  instantly starts the process of healing.

You do not have to consciously  think about it. It just happens and within hours your finger is better and by the next day you have completely forgotten about it.You body has done all the work so you can get on with anything else.rose prick


What happens when there is a bigger pain, or as they call a condition in your body -a chronic diseases, which the conventional  medicine treats as incurable? It means you have ignored your body’s conversations with you for a very long time and possibly pretending  that you can not do anything about it.

You and your body have a special relationship. It is as special as the one with your heart, as your heart is a part of your body, but it also has a” true heart “in it.

Put it like this- your body has a  brain within, which talks to you . Look at your eyes if you haven’t got enoght sleep for a few nights on a row. Under your eyes  you will notice a different color. Now look at your eyes after a week of restfull sleep , look at the sparkle in your eyes. You know how it feels, don’t you.

I am sure you got my point by now. Listen to your body before it’s too late. If you ask me it is never too late , unless you are dead(I normaly do not use words like “dead”, but I am making an exeption here, just to make it clear how  important it is to listen to your body).
listen to your body
When you are just about to take a  bite of your next  meal :Ask yourself? “Am I really hungry or did I just tell myself that it’s time to eat?” What  am I avoiding to deal with ?  When you  feel ,like that there isn’t enough hours in the days ask yourself: “Can I take a day off?” .

The time is now. Listen to your body. It’s never too late.

You are given a body -this most wonderful perfect system. It is impossible to think the amount of processes , that are happening every second , regardless if you are awake or asleep.

It is my opinion , that there are 3 approaches in which people like to treat their body-there are those , that live only in the body and strive for perfection, there are those, that have forgotten they have a body and treat it like something, that they have to carry about with them , and there are also those that believe that to have a fulfilled life one has to find the mind , body and soul balance. When those 3 are in balance life is a  pure bliss. According to the Ayurveda medicine when this harmony is disturbed in any way your being is in dis-balance which is the root cause of all diseases. Long before any illness appear your body is giving you different signals, that you can sense with your heart and understand with your body. The main thing is not to ignore them , but listen to your body . When you are tired rest, when you are feeling unwell make yourself better, you wee has a color-drink more water, your tongue has a white coating -fast for a few days,….the list is endless. There is a reaction behind every action and prevention is priceless, but you can’t buy it when it’s too late. It is never too late, unless you re dead. So start now listening to your body, sense it with your heart and understand it with your mind.listen to your body

The magic of living is to optimize your body-soul-mind trinity. I would like to share a few tips from the Ayurveda medicine for optimal health and I would love to hear from you -what is your best tip for being healthy.

1.Rest before you are tired – a regular 20 minute break will benefit , not just your body but will also refresh your mind and make you more present . Always make time for it. It is really worth the effort.

2. Eat when you are hungry -this is a universal advice . Educate yourself about the differences between emotional and physical hunger and learn to respond to them accordingly . If it’s a real physical hunger it will come in stages and you can easily identify  and satisfy it with natural foods. Emotional hunger is sudden and it craves certain foods- when you know it is happening ask yourself why and let the answer come to you. Awareness is a powerful tool.

3. Ayurveda describes massage as one of the best ways to remain healthy – a nice foot, head or back massage can be very beneficial at any time and it can cure many discomforts and tensions in your body, it also calms your mind and soothes your soul.

4. Accept what is and learn to love what is .One of the biggest causes of any disease is the fact , that we sometimes try to change what we cannot control. Long term stress brings your immune system down so do your best to reduce and eliminate bad stress. Focus on what matters and do your best to use your energy on things , that you can actually change .

5. Move your body – you have been given legs to walk with, hand to lift with and body to dance with . Find your best way to move every day. Ayurveda recommends yoga as the ultimate mind-body -soul movement and I couldn’t agree more, but i also love to dance, love to cycle and love to walk and swim. Getting physical reduces stress, clears your head and makes you feel good.listen to your body

6. Cultivate and nourish your relationships– nothing gives your soul more meaning , than sharing it with others. Communications, connections and Love. This is pure medicine .Love, be loved and loving . It is the only truth.

7. Forgive . Forgiveness is the greatest gift known to man. Start with yourself and gradually extend that forgiveness to all. Do not be picky, take your time and explore the beauty of forgiving . This is a gift, that you owe to yourself .

8. Be grateful . Always , even for the stuff you did not want . There is a silver lining in every cloud and every disaster could be a blessing. The only attitude worth the effort is the attitude of gratitude . At the end all makes sense and you would be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned .

So over all other good Irish saying comes to mind-“a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”.I love going to bed in the evening . Since I cycle every day I feel this sweet tiredness , that I have missed for years .

Sending blessings and Love

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Air fresheners are a popular household object that we use every day to emit fragrance into our homes – but, it can be really difficult finding an air freshener product that comes without the use of chemicals which can evoke health symptoms and be unsafe for the environment.

It has even been widely reported that air fresheners may contain allergens and compound chemicals that can cause cancer. The need for closer monitoring of which chemicals are allowed to be used by manufacturers is massive, so until then what can we do about it ourselves?

Thankfully, Chadwicks have come up with 9 alternatives to air freshener products that are not only green and easy to use, but are effective and made using mostly household objects.

Many people enjoy the smell of coffee, for example. Did you know that coffee beans can be just as effective as an air freshener spray? The strong smell will spritz up the home and they’re easy to make. One tip is to place ground coffee in the bottom of your bin bang to counter the smell of rubbish.

It is also claimed that hiding little containers of vinegar around the hell will help to remove odours from the home. Mixing one part of vinegar with four parts of water into a spray bottle will become a powerful air freshener spray – but without all the nasty chemicals!

Have a look at the infographic below to find out some of the DIY air fresheners that you can use around the home to be green and eco-friendly. Be sure to add any of your own suggestions below!


natural airfresheners