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The most common reason people take maca root is to boost their energy, libido, and to balance emotions related to hormonal issues as well as a nutritional supplement. Maca root works with the hormonal system of your body to balance your testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

Why is maca root so powerful?

It is a superfood containing carotene, thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), ascorbic acid, niacin, and other vitamins. It has high levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and, potassium, as well as minor levels of copper, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium, and boron. It also has 11% per gram of protein and fatty acids. Because of its 18 amino acids, it is a complete form of protein for vegans and raw-foodists.

Peruvians do not need any scientific studies to prove the powerful effects of maca as it has been one of their traditional food for thousands of years. This root is consumed in various ways in Peru and ingrained deeply in the culture. It is used in baking, smoothies, and various other foods.

Maca can be taken in capsule form (with the powder in the capsule) or as a powder or as a concentrated extract. The capsules generally contain 500 mg of powder. Most people take it in powder form by blending it in smoothies or simply taking it by dissolving in water. I recommend in powder form so that your body absorbs it immediately. It does have a unique nutty flavor, a bit of an aftertaste but it’s not strong and OK for most people. If you are sensitive to the taste then taking it in capsule form would be a better option for benefits of maca root powder

How much maca powder should you take?

It is different for everyone. I suggest if you take capsule form, try starting with 2 capsules per day, and do it consistently for a few days and then adjust from there. If taken in powder form, start with 2 teaspoons a day and adjust from there. Each individual is uniquely different and since this is a natural medicinal plant product, each person will need different amounts. I also suggest taking it in the middle of the afternoon around 2 pm when your hormones tend to be the lowest.

You should take a little precaution when you start taking maca. Some people have reported experiencing elevated heartbeat and insomnia from having excess energy (similar to taking too much caffeine). As mentioned before, take the recommended dosage of 1-3 teaspoons of powder daily and listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Just as in any other medicinal plants, quality does matter. Make sure you buy organic and from a company that is committed to bringing the best organic fair-traded, sustainably produced Maca root product.

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Bananas are such an amazing fruit. These bright yellow fruits are also packed with some great vitamins and nutrients .

health benefits of bananas Bananas are elliptically shaped fruits “prepackaged” by Nature, featuring a firm, creamy flesh gift-wrapped inside a thick inedible peel. Banana is the ultimate symbol of a sweet fruity  snack  .I used to find bananas tasteless and bland, but that was because I was so hooked up on sugar and cakes. Now to me banana is a sweet tasty treat. It is amazing how being vegan transforms they way you see  even a banana. So I sometimes do go bananas about banana. :-) What makes bananas so tempting is the fact that they consist mainly of sugars(glucose, fructose and sucrose). But this is not what makes them so great . Here are a few reasons to go bananas about bananas.

Bananas contain tryptophan, an amino acid that can be converted to serotonin, leading to improved mood.

Bananas are very high on fiber. They help restore a normal bowel function. In
addition, diarrhea usually depletes your body of important electrolytes (of which the
most important is potassium, contained in high amounts in bananas). They also contain
pectin, a soluble fiber (hydro-colloid) that can help normalize movement through the
digestive tract.Potassium helps normalize the hearth beat and regulate the body’s water balance. During periods of high stress, our body’s potassium levels tend to be rapidly depleted: eating bananas is a healthy way to re balance them without using benefits of bananas

They also contain
pectin, a soluble fiber (hydro colloid) that can help normalize movement through the
digestive tract.

Bananas are an exceptionally rich source of fructooligosaccharide, a compound
that nourishes pro-biotic (friendly) bacteria in the colon. These beneficial bacteria
produce enzymes that increase our digestive ability and protect us from unhealthy
bacteria infections. Thanks to fructooligosaccharides, pro biotic bacteria can increase
both in number and functionality, increasing our body’s ability to absorb calcium.

In addition, green bananas contain indigestible short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that are
very nutrient to the cells that make up the mucosa of the stomach. These cells, when
healthy, absorb calcium much more efficientlyhealth benefits of bananas

Bananas are high in B vitamins that have been shows to improve nerve function.

I love putting a banana or two in our morning smoothie-the riper the better. Recently I also learned from a very inspired friends at the beach house kitchen , that if you put a banana near fruits or vegetables, that you to become ripe , the banana will speed up the process.

So next time you are wondering what to have as a snack reach out for the banana and go bananas about banana 😉

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Yesterday I was waiting at the bank to get served and there was  woman in front of me with  her two kids. We started a small talk. You know how it’s like in these situations .Its very easy for as a  mother in me to relate to another mother and start to chat about the kids and everything , that goes with it.

One of them was in a pram , even if she has passed the age to be in a pram  a few years ago and was possibly un-developed for her age. So I looked at her and saw in her hands a drink . In that moment I felt very strong urge to say something to the mother about the drink, as I know it contains aspartame in it. This was a drink, that I would never give to my boys . Its one of them cleverly colored orange or purple and for the so called “healthy” options stated “no added sugar”.According to Wikipedia this is the best selling children’s drink since their launch in the year 2000. food labeling

So we talked about the weekend , then about how good the kids are and her older douther showed me her toy and we all smiled .side effects of aspartame

So after we both got served I approached her again and said ” Hope you don’t mind saying me this, but look into aspartame, I wouldn’t give it to my kids because its really toxic. ” Well, at this moment I realize I’ve  crossed the line. The lady didn’t say a word and just walked off, so I knew it wasn’t appropriate, but at the same time I couldn’t help myself wanting to help her .

I know how important is as a mother to know when people mean well. I am still guilty of taking some advice or constructive criticism  very personally when people want to help because they mean good, but I  take it as a personal insult.modern parenting

So again I related to that and in as she was walking of I sent her love. This experience, took not more than 5 minutes, but it was a great lesson. Modern parenting also means that you have to make sure you keep your sanity while everything is falling apart around you.

It is so true when they say, that everything and everyone is  your teacher if you want to learn. So my lesson is to stop giving strangers advice, unless they bring it up first, which is highly unlikely.


side effects of aspartame  My first step now is to share with you the dangers of aspartame and why it is so toxic.

Aspartame is a synthetic chemical combination which is comprised of approximately 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid, and 10% methanol. Aspartame is found in thousands of foods, drinks, sweets , gum, vitamins, health supplements and even pharmaceutical drugs. Research has linked the sweetener to diabetes, fibromyalgia and certain forms of cancer. Here are some of the dangers of excessive aspartame consumption.side effects of aspartame


Studies have found a dangerous connection between aspartame consumption and the development of brain tumors. When aspartame breaks down it produces a substance called DKP. As your stomach digests DKP, it produces a chemical that induces the growth of brain tumors.

 Similar to the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis, Aspartame’s  side effects long list includes dizziness, headaches, behavioral changes, hallucinations, depression, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight gain, rashes, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss of taste, tinnitus, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain. Also, many illnesses can be worsened by ingesting Aspartame, including chronic fatigue syndrome, brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, mental retardation, and especially diabetes.

Aspartame consumption is extremely harmful to people with diabetes.It makes it more difficult to control sugar levels and aggravate diabetes-related conditions such as retinopathy, cataracts, neuropathy and gastroparesis. The sweetener also has been known to cause convulsions often mistaken for insulin reactions.

Emotional and mood disorders have been linked to aspartame. Studies suggest that people with certain emotional problems are more sensitive to aspartame.  High levels of aspartame cause changes in the serotonin levels which can lead to behavioral problems, depression and other emotional disorders. In some cases, the side effects were so dangerous that doctors were forced to put an end to the studies.

Research indicates that the sweetener increases your hunger and can actually impede your weight loss. Phenylalanine and aspartic acid can cause spikes in insulin levels and force your body to remove the glucose from your blood stream and store it as fat. Aspartame also inhibits the production of serotonin and prevents your brain from signalling to your body that you are full. This can lead to food cravings and make it more difficult for you to lose weight.

Aspartame can change the chemistry of the brain. Formaldehyde, a product of methanol, gathers in certain areas of the brain causing degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s . Aspartame consumption can also trigger seizures in both epileptics and other individuals without a history of epilepsy.

side effects of aspartame As few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women, and for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men, according to new results from the longest-ever running study on aspartame as a carcinogen in humans.You can read the details of this study here . 

Regardless of all the scientific evidence and research aspartame is still present in most snacks and nearly every so called diet drink.Please read the label and stay away from Aspartame.Aspartame is a poison. Do not consume! 

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