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Alternative Wellness In The Modern Age


Heartgrain.com – A new platform that connects holistic health seekers to trusted practitioners across the globe


  Have you ever wanted to try an alternative medical procedure such as a detox or seek a holistic approach to your wellbeing and beauty?

Heartgrain.com – the world’s biggest alternative health & wellness platform connects holistic health seekers with alternative professionals around the world.

            The platform offers direct advice and procedures on spiritual and emotional wellness, detox diets & nutritional consultation. All of these services can now be found in one, trusted place by trusted professionals.

You can visit a nutritionist without ever leaving the comfort of your own home as the health portal offers only remote health services!

            Heartgrain.com connects the alternative wellness community worldwide, as services are available for people in the United States, Europe, Asia and many more locations.

Joining is extremely easy and safe. All you have to do is search for the service that you’re interested in and you will be connected to wellness practitioners that can help. Let your advisor know what your health conditions or goals are and be guided to your wellbeing. You pay securely on the platform and once the service has been delivered the transaction is complete! You can also leave feedback and recommend your practitioner to family and friends. For a more detailed explanation on how to register click here

            The remote consultation can be whatever you feel most comfortable with and may depend on the service. Skype consultations are offered the most, but you’ll find also telephone or email and whatsapp support. The practitioners are all experts with experience in their field.

Heartgrain has its own rating system to ensure transparency, so every alternative health seeker can rely on the community’s opinion and experience.

            It offers a number of alternative wellness consultations and procedures, to be more specific – over 11 different remote detox options, consultations for women’s health, emotional wellness & nutritional advice.  Those interested in meditation and natural beauty can expect a wide range of professional health offers that enable you to promote your inner balance. A healthy body & mind are always more beautiful!

If you are a holistic health practitioner, then feel free to sign up and offer your unique health service for free.  

The website was created for those who truly believe in holistic health and alternative wellness as a way of life.

Creating balance in today’s fast living is necessary in order to feel well and be successful.

We can achieve this balance but sometimes need someone, we trust and that has the expertise to teach, guide and support us on our journey.

This can now come true on a global scale with heartgrain.com! The alternative wellness community has a place to grow. Join us! Be part of a naturally healthy, strong and beautiful community!



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