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Curzon Home Cinema App Announced For Virgin Media TiVo

 Great news for the Virgin Media TiVo subscribers in the UK, as they announce their partnership with one of the most esteemed names in British Cinema, Curzon Cinema. The deal between the two companies is marked with the launch of the independent Curzon Home Cinema App for all the Virgin Media TiVo subscribers in the UK. For those who don’t know much about Curzon Cinema, they are the oldest chain of cinema halls and theaters in the UK, with most of their buildings based in London. Since the opening of their first theater in 1934, Curzon cinema became a household name for showcasing Art House films.


Curzon Cinemas have 10 Cinema halls across several places in the UK and 9 franchised locations. In its new deal, Curzon has agreed to offer its video on demand service to Virgin Media TiVo subscribers. This would allow all viewers to enjoy a complete list of independent films, as soon they are released in the theaters. Apart from the latest movies, the viewers can also watch an extensive collection of classics as compiled by Curzon Cinemas.


As the customer’s growing reliance of the Video on demand platform is becoming more and more evident, several broadband TV and DHT service providers in the UK are partnering up with VOD services. The latest merger between Vodafone and Netflix in Spain has also exemplified the demand for the VOD platform. With its collaboration with Curzon Cinemas, Virgin certainly seeks to explore this new market demand in the UK. (For more information about Virgin TiVo or Virgin Media call 0844 324 0466).


The move by Virgin has been described by analysts as its attempt to retain control in the UK markets against its competitors. This will not only seek to enhance the viewer’s experience but also to gain new customers through providing the latest releases. The service will be available as ‘watch as you pay’ and once the payment for the video is made, the movie can be viewed simultaneously on different platforms and devices. Pause and resume on another device feature also aims to enhance the viewing experience.

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