Easy Vegan Recipes- 30 Day Vegan Blogging Challenge,Start a Food Blog

Easy Vegan Recipes -30 Day Vegan Blogging Challenge-reasons to have a food blog

Hello my friends ,
by now you all know that I love blogging about vegan food and everything that goes with it. Today I want to give you a few reasons why having a food blog is one of the best niches in the blogging community.reasons to start a food blog

I believe, that everybody with a passion for food and cooking should have a food blog and here are a few reasons why.

1. Everybody eats -no matter what, we all have to eat to live. There are times in our lives when everything revolves around food -think about it. Every morning you have breakfast,in a few hours is lunch time and so on. How about all the celebrations in the family and all the other holidays, that we all have. Food food food. In my opinion food has a lot bigger impact on our overall well being , than ever before-simply because we buy everything, that we eat, regardless if its fresh fruits and vegetables or something in a packet.Looking into food , where it comes from , how is produced has made to become vegan.

start a food blog

2.You will always find people , that love the food you love .By sharing your opinions and thoughts about food , flavours and texture, thanks to blogging and social media you will discover, that there are abundance of people who love what you love.On the other hand you can broad your spectrum of dishes and combinations. Blogging about food is about being honest and sharing .

3.You can help people -Many blogs are out there to help you as many know and believe, that food is your medicine. By learning about the health benefits of all the amazing foods you can help others improve their diet, get healthier, feel better and enjoy the process.I have found an immense pleasure in blogging about food , not just by sharing my recipes , but also sharing some of the health benefits of all the fruits , vegetables, nuts and seeds provided to your body and easy ways to have more of them in your diet.

4.You can learn more in the process-As they say –practice is the best teacher. By blogging about food and your recipes you will simply become a master in it. If you are passionate about food and love cooking blogging might be your first step in order to share that passion with others.If you are a parent think long term regarding your children , being able to have all that information stored for them when they grow up, not just all the sweet home recipes , but all the other things , that you will write inside your blog posts.

easy vegan recipes

5.Its so easy to start. Writing a blog post is like sending an email and its so much fun. There are a plenty of free options if you don’t want to invest in it yet. You can use Blogger, WordPress , Typepad, Tumplr …the list goes on. Take the pictures with your phone while you are making the food and there you have it. Your first blog post can be ready literally in minutes.

I have been blogging since 2008.I found my ever-growing passion for food , cooking with compassion and love for all living beings and being vegan. I can not  imagine myself being in any other way. I love and respect all living creatures and we must find a way to live in peace and I believe my contribution to that is to be vegan and share my passion for vegan food with you.

I have met some amazing people and this vegan journey is getting better and better. I am currently looking into studying Vegan Nutrition and looking into all of the possibilities, but in the mean time I will keep cooking vegan and share with love my recipes and knowledge here with you. start a food blog

If you ever thought about blogging about food don’t hesitate to share your unique presence online. We are all so so different and even if two people cook exactly the same recipe you will never find two of them to taste the same.

P.S.If you have any questions I would love to help you start your blog. Please use the contact me button on the side and lets get started.

Lots of love,


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  1. Ivelina/Vegan Food Blogger says:

    Thank you so much. I love blogging about vegan food and I am glad to share he experience. Nearly every dish can be vegan-ized and its fun. Whats your favourate?

  2. BurntApple says:

    love your blog. Vegan cooking is so easy to do, and I love that you posted about vegan blogging specifically. I always try to adapt most of my recipes for vegans too since my parents are vegan.

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