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Educate before you vaccinate

There is a lot of people that believe in vaccinations .The social and market pressure to have them done can be overwhelming.  The reality of vaccinations is a very sensitive subject because it is a matter of life. The life of your children.  Do not believe everything that you are told about vaccinations- Educate before you vaccinate! I can not stress this any more than the facts and the evidence that you can see in the presentation. Once you understand how things got the way they are , the can be fixed. Modern parenting can be challenging, but remember knowledge is power.

For the full movie collection I would like to share with you a speech represented by Dr. Rebecca Carley.It’s called-“Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction”.

Sending Blessings and Love

P.S This is day 80 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 148 days left of 2012.

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