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I am not ready for the “designer babies”.Are you?

You know how it’s like these days. You don’t have to look for any news or headlines. The news simply find you, especially when you actively try to avoid them. I simply couldn’t help myself to share my outrage with you about “designer babies”.

Designer babies
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As I was flipping through my news feeder on  Flip-board I saw this picture of these adorable human babies  and the headline simply shocked me.

‘Designer babies’ debate should start, scientists say” 

If you read the article you will find out, that they are asking for a public debate and a new legislation in order to make a reality of the “designer babies”. What makes matters worst in my eyes is the  fact, that the journalist said “Rapid progress in genetics is making “designer babies” more likely and society needs to be prepared, leading scientists have told the BBC.” (source

I am not against any progress or improvement of one’s life, but playing with the human DNA and cloning is  a step too far. 

I believe, that everything, that Nature created is beautiful and everything that Nature makes or destroys serves it’s purpose in the bigger picture of the balance of life. I don’t have all the answers, but I don’t want to even imagine, that one day people will have the power to “custom design their own kids”. This scares me. 

What scares me even more is that there is a talk for making babies from 3 people. Hello, hello? 

My concern is mainly when things go wrong. How can anyone possibly know what can happen with those living beings. It’s very easy for me to blame the plastic surgery industry where everyone comes out with a perfect bum and nicely done nose job, but those are individuals who have made that choice in their own. How can anyone think, that playing with Nature and cloning human beings is OK? 

Instead of wondering how to play and force natural laws of creation may be the scientific energy and resources can be used to reduce the toxic environment that most babies are born  into,to clean the  poisoned water from herbicides and pesticides and  gradually  eliminated them  for good, to clean the  polluted air from  emissions and all else toxic.

Nearly half of the population of the world lives below a £1 a day.That is half of all the kids in the world are living in poverty and extreme conditions. There’s got to be a way to feed those kids and help them instead of playing dangerous games with Nature. 

We can may be break many rules, but the laws of Nature work on us all the time. We are setting the future generations a horrific example, instead of growing trees and clearing up rivers we will be poisoning their own souls. I do hope that the people who are behind all this talks realize the bigger picture and leave Nature to work it’s own magic.

Thank you for reading my post.I would love to hear from you. Do you think, that the society has to be prepared for “designer babies” ? 


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