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There is a food for every mood , ever felt by a human being……

This evening I was feeling a bit tired. Is it because of the weather-it has been very cold and stormy? Is it because after my 3 boys had the chicken pox, I can finally say it is over and done with? Is it because I have taken a leap in my lifestyle choices when it comes to food and products around the house? Is it an after affect of stopping the caffeine. I don’t know and I don’t ¬†need to know. I like to analyze things, but I will keep this for another time ūüėČ

I spent about 2 hours reading a book earlier on, hoping that my lethargy will fade away. To my surprise it did not work as well as expected. I thought I needed a boost, so I went outside for literally 5 minutes in the gusty wind. It was fine for a while and then I was more than glad to get back in.Then i hugged my boys and made some tea. So what to do? What to do? There is a ¬†song by one of my favourite singers Van Morrison called” Days like this” …..”when you do not need an answer there will be days like this…..” Yes I do not need an answer why I feel a bit tired-I am. So have to embrace it. “Let it be”, as another song says. There is a song for every mood ever felt by a human being, but I say there is a food for every mood ever felt by a human being.

So feeling this way I came up with this salad.It is  spicy delicious and very good for you, like everything that comes from Mother Nature. So here  are the ingredients

2 celery sticks

2 cooked beetroots

some baby leaf salad including spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce and red leaf

1 tin of Cannellini Beans

1 pickled  jalapeno pepper


salt and pepper

olive oil

juice of a half of lemon

Just mix it all together and Enjoy!salad

It  was absolutely lovely and tasty. I will be making it again.

Life exists as a  perfect balance of  ups and downs and as long as you can keep yourself flowing through the changing river you can embrace it.Whatever it is let it be. Life is gift. I love it as it is.



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