Vegan Pregnancy-Week 11

Hello beautiful mamas,

I am half way through of week 11 of my first vegan pregnancy. I have been pregnant before and I have three amazing boys but this is my first vegan pregnancy.


I am starting to really show now as you can see on this photo. Non of my trousers fit me so wearing tights and a dress seems like a great option for now. I read that you have been pregnant before you are very likely to show a lot earlier as your uterus “knows” what is happening.

At times I look more fat, than pregnant, but these are the joys of my changing body.

My appetite has changed a bit as well. Instead of my usual waves of hunger I go from a light hunger to feeling starving. These days I have been craving fried bread. But not any kind of bread. White bread fried in olive oil and lemon juice. Then I overloaded with hummus and salad and eat lots of it. I would tell any pregnant mama out there that if you want to eat something you should have it.


This week I don’t like as much the taste of any tea, so I have been drinking lots of water and diluted grape or orange juice. I like when the water has a light hint of some kind of fruit.

Also my mum sent me some nice Bulgarian sweet with camomile, mint and thyme oil and they perfectly satisfy my sugar intakes as well. Not that I recommend sugary things to anybody, but if you want some have some

I find house work these days a bit demanding at times, so I have been “on strike” a few times as well. I am very lucky as I have great team to help me. My man does all the shopping and school runs, My eldest boy Ari is great at tiding the living room and organizing things in the morning. My middle boy Stellios helps me with cooking and taking out the rubbish.And my youngest son Sotiris gives me hundreds of hugs and kisses all the time. The times when I did feel like doing work around the house I managed to sort out my clothes and separate the ones that would fit me in the next few months and I will be doing some maternity clothes shopping in the next few days.

I still feel quite a bit of morning sickness but nothing major, that I can not cope with. The best remedy for me has been drinking water, taking deep breaths and eating.

Eating some kind of beans every day is the best way to feel full and know that you have taken enough protein. I eat green leafy vegetables every day nicely swimming in lemon juice or iron absorption and take my Vitamin B12 every 2-3 days.

I have mention before that i am having blood test in two weeks and I am hopeful that all would be in the norm.

I am hoping that toward the next week my morning sickness would be almost over so I am looking forward to it.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.
Be well,
Lots of love,
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