I was a vegetarian for a while, not that long really -just over a year or so. During that time I have been actively researching the role of nutrition in our life , health and well being in general. It felt natural to become vegan. To me is as plain as day , that this is the optimal human diet. I believe in the connectivity of all things-seen and unseen. So here is a video series from the Vegan society, that looks into all aspects of why vegan.
Why vegan? Our journey starts – as every journey should – with something to satisfy our hunger, as well as delight our senses. Why are gourmet food connoisseurs from around the UK and beyond flocking to East London?

Go for a run with Fiona Oakes, smashing myths and personal bests!

How we can stay healthy eating plants?

Our food choices have wide consequences for the planet

What would a world of sustainable plant-based agriculture look like? Take a tour around Tolhurst Organic Farm.

Raising animals for food uses lots of resources and creates much waste.

Animals are exploited and caused to suffer to produce things that we don’t need in the first place!

The presenters from the previous chapters give their conclusions.

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