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You will find really a lot more than 10 explanations why yoga is really healthy for you, as well as the physical, psychological, and subtle advantages of this practice could fill books. But following is really a brief highlight of a few of the reasons you should think about adding yoga for your world.

health benefits of yoga

Listed here are 10 health advantages of yoga.


  1. Strength, Agility and adaptability are increased


Many sports will provide you with strength. Others will provide you with more agility, but few practices increases strength, agility, and adaptability at one time. Within my many years of teaching I’ve seen professional athletes overcome injury by increasing their flexibility with yoga, and victims of the double masectomy regain full mobility after debilitating surgeries that left plenty of scar tissue within their bodies. Nothing really compares for repairing your body and ensuring that the ligaments and connective tissues are simply as strong and pliable because the muscles themselves.


  1. Yoga Enhances Memory & Cognitive Functioning


It might appear strange that the practice that involves breathing and stretching can improve your cognitive functioning, but yogis could be better at learning, have risen memory capacity, and retain high degrees of concentration. A number of these benefits are related to meditation – arguably the aim of all yogic practice, but it may also assist you to in school or at work by enhancing your brain functioning.


  1. Bodyweight Normalizes – More Health Advantages of Yoga


While doing one hour of hatha yoga, as well as power yoga won’t likely burn as much calories as performing a intense interval workout, yoga features a method of normalizing bodyweight by restoring hormonal balance within the body.


By lowering degrees of cortisol and our nervous system’s constant fight or flight response, not just are we not as likely to overeat, or eat to suppress unpleasant emotions, we train our minds to feel satiated easier because we aren’t constantly in panic mode. Stress may cause obesity and fuel practically all disease, and yoga is an ideal countermeasure.


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  1. Yoga Naturally Reduces Pain


There are numerous studies proving that yoga can be quite efficient at relieving pain. It doesn’t matter should you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or migraine headaches, yoga has been shown to effectively reduce pain coming from all these ailments. And when you are among the huge numbers of people who are suffering from lower back pain – yoga could make that pain practically disappear. Meditation has been proven to be much better than morphine at reducing pain.


  1. Respiratory Efficiency Increases


Further adding to the health advantages of yoga, yoga is among the few practices that utilizes pranayama – the cultivation of life force or chi through breathing. Even though many people practice pranayama as a way to acquire higher states of awareness, additionally they wind up having some serious side benefits including increased lung capacity, more tidal volume (the entire quantity of air your lungs can take at any time), as well as an capability to decrease the pace of the breathing that has been directly associated with an extended lifespan.



  1. Blood Pressure Level is Normalized

Yoga has specific benefits in blood pressure level. For all those struggling with hypertension, yoga is shown to be much more effective than dietary changes for improving blood pressure level.



  1. Mental Health is Greatly Enhanced

Yoga offers numerous benefits within the psychological department it is not easy to mention all of them inside a brief overview, but one of them are an improved overall mood and feeling of well-being, more connectedness with other people, lowered depressive states, less hostility toward the self as well as others, less anxiety, feelings of self-actualization increase, motivation increases, and much more.


  1. Yoga Prevents Degenerative Diseases

The ways that yoga prevents disease are astounding. Whenever you really know how, it may be more evidence than you will ever have to take towards the yoga mat, stat! Here a few of the causes yoga helps you to help you stay young and healthy longer:


    Glucose decreases


    Sodium decreases


    Total cholesterol decreases


    Triglycerides decrease


    HDL cholesterol increases


    Hematocrit increases


    Hemoglobin increases


    Lymphocyte count increases


  1. The Parasympathetic Central Nervous System Takes over in Yoga

The reason why this the best thing? Both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems try to keep us stabilized within the face of stress. These systems are connected just like a see-saw. When one increases another falls. Once the sympathetic central nervous system is active, it always means we have been on ‘high-alert’ either addressing stress or attempting to minimize it.


This is actually the a part of our nervous systems that is frequently triggered – from flashing lights, traffic noises, emails from your co-workers or boss, family responsibilities, etc. Yoga strengthens the action from the parasympathetic central nervous system that is primarily accountable for the ‘relaxation response.’


Obviously you wouldn’t wish to constantly be zoned out or lethargic, nor perpetually on high-alert, so yoga helps you to place the circular motion, the total amount, into the two nervous system’s dance.


  1. That You Can Do Yoga everywhere


Perhaps probably the most convenient health advantages of yoga is you can experience them almost anyplace. I’ve done yoga in studios, in the airport, within my home, in a friend’s home, in rooms in hotels, outdoors in parks and forests, even on the top of rocks, or around the rooftops of tall buildings inside a busy city. You don’t need anything (except perhaps a yoga mat) but even that isn’t really essential to do yoga. You will find no gym memberships required, with no expensive gear. You don’t need to be fit to begin, and will also still challenge you even when you are fit. Yoga is timeless and can be achieved almost anywhere without having a great inconvenience.

Even for more good reasons to practice yoga, go to a class in your town and learn personally what it really can perform for you personally.

health benefits of yoga


Dream of doing yoga on the beach in Thailand?


Learn Yoga in Thailand can help you perfect your yoga practice, through asana clinics and workshops as well as deepening yourself into the spiritual aspects of yoga. Numerous scientific papers have been written and published in world renowned journals documenting the vast mental and physical benefits of yoga.

It is not just the practice but also the place, Thailand is a spiritually awakened and conscious country and Koh Phangan is the island for your next yoga retreat.


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What is bikram yoga and what are its benefits?

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga that’s been featured on various media outlets and it is famous for it’s healing ability. It is a series of 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises done in 105-degree heat for a period of 90 minutes. Each posture is a challenge and addresses a certain area of the body, providing specific and powerful health benefits. Bikram yoga can also be performed by amateurs. Bikram yoga postures are done in a heated room so that heat can relax muscles and postures can be done without causing any injury. Each posture sequence of postures is done in specific order, preparing the body for the next posture, resulting in powerful healing and miraculous results.

By the end of Bikram yoga session you will have worked every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, internal organ, and gland while systematically moving fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. These postures provide a balanced work out for all organs of your body. Bikram Yoga systematically builds strength, and flexibility by stretching and massaging the spine, muscles, tendons, joints, and all other organs of the body. Your lung capacity is expanded, leading to greater vitality, bones are strengthened and joints are opened and lubricated. Through regular practice of Bikram yoga postures(Here is a complete list pdf & a youtube video) you could repair injuries and recover from illnesses, reduce weight, and gain peace of mind.

bikram yoga
Here is the list of top 5 benefits of Bikram Yoga.

  • Increased vitality – the heat combined with the postures is great for the lungs, circulatory system, muscles and joints.
  • Weight loss – There is an immediate weight loss because of enormous sweating . Over time you tend to lose weight by practicing Bikram Yoga because of both detox and rigorous exercise.
  • Detoxification – Doing workouts in a hot room is great for cleansing every pore of your body. People soon become addicted to Bikram yoga because of the amazing cleansing affect resulting from heavy sweating.
  • Increased mental clarity – doing a lot of forward bends (as in the Bikram sequence) sends oxygen rich blood to the brain; combined with the meditative aspect of the practice brings one increased mental clarity
  • Reduced stress – This benefit is common across all forms of yoga. Practicing most forms of yoga automatically reduces stress for a variety of reasons, including but limited to reduction in cholesterol levels