Becoming Vegan

Benefits of going plant-based

Transitioning to a vegan or more plant-based diet will reward you and your body in countless ways. There are incredible benefits of eating more whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains even if you do not go fully vegan right away. Consuming less animal products may be difficult at first if you are used to eating meat and dairy, but there …

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Self Love

3 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Awesomeness

There’s no doubt about it – you have a lot to offer the world, whether it’s your witty sense of humor, your way of caring for others, your outgoing personality, or another characteristic that just makes you, you. Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize just how awesome you really are. With the new year in full swing, it’s the …

Vegan Nutrition

The Astonishing Affordability of Living a Vegan Lifestyle

When wanting to make drastic lifestyle changes such as becoming vegan, one of the first questions asked is, “but is it affordable”?  There is a great misconception that being vegan, especially in a family context, is extremely expensive when the exact opposite is true. It isn’t cheap living in Ireland according to The Irish Times, making it a necessity to …

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Select Chemical Peels for Radiant Skin

You might have heard of a chemical peel; it is all about a technique that is used to enhance and smooth the overall texture of the skin. It is also helpful in treating scarring on the skin. It is intended to eliminate the outermost layers of the skin. To accomplish this, the chosen peel solution induces a minimal injury to …

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Why Dry Needing is so popular and effective?

Why Dry needling is so popular and effective? It is a well-established fact that dry needling is a technique for the treatment of pain as well as movement impairments. It is advanced for treatment that is specifically designed to ease muscular pain of patients. Its popularity is growing like never before and accepted by people all across the world. All …

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Modern Parenting

Positive parenting doesn’t work, and what to do about it

My girls are playing in their room, laughing and combing their dolls hair. They must be having a good time; I think to myself as I work. Suddenly, one of the girls screams calling for me. I rush to their room and find my eldest towering over her little sister, guns ablaze, eyes wide, fists folded as she refrains herself. …