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I am not a religious person, whatever that may mean to you.I was brought up in Bulgaria in a very traditional family, followed all the national and traditional  holidays throughout the years. In my hometown right across the road from the orthodox church there was a mosque  and every year my Muslim friends were off school during the celebration  of  Ramadan. It was all good, whenever my family was invited to celebrate with them and it was the same when they were in our house to celebrate Easter.bulgarian easter

It never occur to me to call myself a  Christian or a  Muslim or a Pagan.I remember asking my mother what am I? She said ” You are You”. To this day I don’t know  what I am, but I do know for sure, that I have faith. I have faith in the goodness of life, I have faith  in love, I have faith  in the freedom of choice and I have faith  in you and I honor your presence here.

I am not a religious person .I have faith.I feel, that the moment I say to you’I am a christian” or “I am a muslim” I would build a wall around myself and  I really do not want to. I believe in Life and its abundant flow of energy. Its always with you.

So now Easter is approaching.Wow, what a big advertising campaign for a chocolate factory. Did you know that  according to “waste connect”, approximately 80 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK at Easter which generates around 4,370 tonnes of card and 160 tonnes of foil waste. That is still fine, but what about the lamb? I know its traditional, I know it’s a symbol and I know that “Jesus is a lamb of God”………

I used to have a lamb as a child, done on the spit-very traditional way to celebrate Easter.Easter in Bulgaria is a strongly celebrated holiday.Pagan mysticism still exists in Bulgarian culture even today, but this is a subject for another post.

I remember the lamb before being killed standing in my  granny’s garden.Easter celebrations lamp                                When I think of it now I am horrified of the thought , that you have to kill an animal to celebrate Life.

What does any celebration involves? Table with an abundance of food and drinks and your close family and friends. Regardless what you are celebrating, could be Easter or your birthday it involves the same things.This Easter I won’t be having lamb , if ever….

To me Easter and any other holiday celebrations are all about Life itself. Celebrate that you are here.You are alive and you are in heaven, because you are with people , that you love.