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There is a cure for addiction and you can be healed. The Holistic Sanctuary empowers you to take part in a true holistic healing process and cure from addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a one of a kind addiction rehab. It is the only one in the world that is licensed to use ibogaine treatment and offers a safe Ayahuasca retreat for it’s clients. This unique rehabilitation centre combines century old therapies, modern science and nurturing care to cure PTSD, Trauma, Depression and Drug Addiction (Crack, Meth, Heroin, Benzos, Oxycontin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Suboxone, Methadone).

The Holistic Sanctuary open its doors in 2011 in a breathtaking location of Los Angeles, California. This is an exclusive, world class luxurious rehabilitation centre where you can find measurable, effective and comprehensive solution.This unique place has the code to healing and hold the keys to the art of healing.

Here are the 4 keys to break the code and master the art of healing.

Key Number One – Choose a place committed to cure your addiction. The founder Johnny the Healer is also the creator of the Pouyan Method. This is an effective all-natural and exclusive program which is a result of his personal journey. Johnny healed his 20 year addiction and also eating disorder, depression and constant thoughts of suicide. After 5 years of research, testing and consistent feedback from clients Johnny the Healer has found the key to help you recover from the pain. He is committed to cure your addiction completely by using cutting edge methods, removing any underlying causes followed by a complete lifestyle change to prevent relapse. 

Key Number Two – Focus on full body recovery. Addiction affects every aspect of you as a human being. Your body is under extreme pressure, your mind is overwhelmed and you possibly feel lost. By rebuilding your immune system and helping you to feel alive again you are giving your body a chance to experience full recovery. Full body recovery is achieved through reprogramming the brain to a pre-addictive state. According to some clients of The Holistic Sanctuary they felt even better than the pre-addictive times. Here is a video with a few testimonials and what to expect at the centre.

Please click Play to watch it. 

Key Number Three – Experience the Ayahuasca treatment and/or the ibogaine treatment in the safest possible way. 

The Holistic Sanctuary offer a patented proprietary protocol for ibogaine treatment. As part of the 14 day Pouyan Method the ibogaine treatment can significantly end the withdrawal symptoms. In addition to that, it can also eliminate cravings for drugs. The plant is incredibly effective when combined with diet and lifestyle changes and it’s non toxic non addictive nature prevents any further complications.

The Holistic Sanctuary offers one of the safest Ayahuasca retreats in the world. The therapy does not only heal the body but also restores hope in it’s patient’s hearts. The place confidently offers healing of the body, mind and spirit. That can only happen when the brain’s health is restored. Restoring the brain is how you can bring health and wellness back to your life. The strict protocol of Ayahuasca treatment includes exceptional safety precautions and a full medical team available. 


Key Number Four – Choose non addictive and non toxic treatment . The medical establishment at present is determent to make as much profit as possible from everyone who has an addiction by prescribing medications. All of these medications are highly addictive and have cruel side effects. The Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t prescribe any medications to its clients and it has a 80%-90% success rate. You will receive hours of personalised holistic treatment ,no group meetings and your addiction will be cured. True healing can only happen when you experience true wellness of the mind, the body and the spirit. Let the Holistic Sanctuary be the place where you can do that.



“We Heal You Naturally, Holistically, Effectively and Permanently Without Pain. That’s what you can expect from The Holistic Sanctuary”– Johnny The Holistic Healer

.Get Healed now. For more information look at the Treatment Options at The Holistic Sanctuary

Detoxing from any type of drug is not a pleasant experience, however is necessary when overcoming an addiction. Heroin is known for it’s low-cost and easy accessibility, making it an extremely popular opioid replacement for Oxycodone and Vicodin. In fact, opioid abusers are at a much higher risk for abusing heroin than alcohol users.

Although a heroin overdose can be extremely dangerous and even deadly, surprisingly enough detoxing from heroin is not life-threatening. For this reason, many heroin users opt to self-detox at home or otherwise known as going “cold turkey.” A natural detox from heroin is certainly possible, but will not be very comfortable for a few days and sometimes are less effective for this reason. The good thing is that there are numerous natural and medical ways to detox for someone trying to overcome a heroin addiction.

Healthy and Nutritious Diet

During a withdrawal from heroin, the person will feel extremely ill, achy and tired. Maintaining a proper diet can help the body regain strength from the shock of the withdrawal period. Common symptoms of heroin withdrawals are muscle and body aches, paranoia and anxiousness, diarrhoea, a combination of hot and cold sweats, and flu-like symptoms. Despite feeling terrible, it’s important for the person to remain hydrated and to consume nutritious and protein dense foods. A few popular foods that are recommended to consume during a detox are bananas, yoghurt, protein bars and shakes, due to the boost in protein and potassium they provide to the body. Raw food diets are also commonly used in detox programs due to the high amount of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, which help the body eliminate toxins caused by excessive drug use.

Natural and Medical Ways to Detox From A Heroin Addiction

Holistic and Medical Detox Programs

A medical detox can help a heroin user detox in the shortest amount of time. Not all heroin detox programs are created equal and some programs will use holistic approaches instead of medicine. These types of holistic detox treatments are typically in the form of vitamins, exercise, massage therapy, hot baths and detox cleanses. Medical detox programs will use the intervention of medicine to help the patient manage their withdrawal symptoms and keep them as comfortable as possible. Medicine is typically administered intravenously or orally, with intravenous injection being the most effective. Typical length of stay in a medical detox for heroin addiction is 7 to 10 days. Some detox programs offer recovery programs at the same site and others will recommend a drug treatment program to their patient for after-care.

Vitamins for Heroin Detox

Vitamins can often help manage symptoms during a heroin withdrawal. While they will not take away the sickness or body ache, vitamins can help restore the body of nutrients the substance user has been lacking from prolonged heroin use, helping restore balance in the body. While a nutritious diet is key, opiate users sometimes lose their appetite during a detox and will have no desire to eat. Vitamins can help fill the void of the lacking nutrients the body needs to function properly. Popular vitamins used during detox range from Vitamin E, Vitamin C, B-complex to a standard multivitamin.

Regardless of the type, detox is only the first part of overcoming a heroin addiction. The recovery journey will not happen overnight and will take time, patience and determination. The person must want to stay clean more than they want to get high to have true success.

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Vital Facts About Holistic Alcohol Rehab
The 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most popular alcoholism treatment options. But it is not the only alternative treatment option. Today, alcohol addicts are adopting holistic alcohol rehab as an alternative to traditional programs because it has a much stronger impact on them.
This kind of program consists of a combination of alternative techniques and traditional methods. This mixture of therapies is tailored to suit the peculiar needs of the individual. Effective treatment covers the psychological, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the addiction. In this article, we will be looking at the how the holistic alcohol rehab program works and the techniques used in type of alcoholism treatment.

alcohol rehabHow Holistic Alcohol Rehab Works
Holistic alcohol treatment starts with a thorough assessment of the patient and the nature of the alcohol abuse or addiction. This is vital because every holistic alcohol therapy must be individualized and customized to meet the specific needs of each person. During the initial interview, medical professionals will work with the patient to create a well-tailored rehabilitation program. This program could involve various alcoholism therapies, treatment techniques, and the use of medication.
The treatment techniques are applied simultaneously. And the treatment plan can be modified or altered during the course of the program if it is discovered that some of the therapies work much better than other ones for a particular individual. Group counseling and support methods may also be included in the program.
Alcohol rehab treatment is usually performed in a residential inpatient setting because it provides a suitable environment for an intensive and focused program devoid of distractions and stress inducing conditions. The duration of most programs is about 45 to 90 days depending on the severity of each individual’s case and other co-occurring factors that are associated with it. That is why in addition to alcohol rehab therapy, disorders such as depression may also be need to be treated to enable the patient to have full recovery.

alcohol rehab

Holistic Alcohol Rehab Techniques
The first stage after the initial assessment involves a technique known as motivational interviewing. This is a special counseling technique used to help alcoholics overcome their resistance to change. In actual fact, the alcohol rehab program can only start when the patient accepts that he must stop drinking. He must also believe that alcoholism can be cured and have a strong motivation to change.

There are the three main stages of alcohol rehab treatment:
a. Detoxification: All treatment centers forbid the use of alcohol or any form of narcotics. So immediately after the patient has been admitted he will stop taking alcohol. This can lead to a lot of withdrawal symptoms, strong cravings, shaking, and hallucinations. At this point, medication assisted recovery techniques are employed where necessary. This medication will help the patient to overcome withdrawal problems and disruption of sleep. It will also enhance recovery and reduce the risk of experiencing a relapse.
b. Rehabilitation: This involves the use of counseling techniques to give the patient the strength and skills required to maintain sobriety. During this stage, several techniques are used including: cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.
c. Maintenance of Sobriety: At this point, the patient must become self-motivated. Group support enhances the maintenance of sobriety. The 12-step treatment procedure of Alcoholics Anonymous can be very useful at this stage. The patient may also join other support forums and skill groups to ensure that he receives enough support to sustain the sobriety.
During each stage of the alcohol rehab program, therapeutic recreation is used to provide exciting leisure activities that can rebuild the health of the patients. Their recovery process will be enhanced when they discover that they can have fun and enjoy sports and games without using alcohol. Examples of recreational activities that are available in most treatment centers include: art, music, tennis, swimming, meditation, and yoga. Gyms and fitness facilities are also provided to help residents practice aerobics and other exercises that promote sound health. After the residents are discharged, they will be able to continue with the healthy habits they have developed during their stay in the treatment facility.

Holistic alcohol rehab works very well with most alcoholics because it utilizes several approaches instead of a single method. It is very adaptable; and it can take on any form depending on the unique needs of the patient. If one type of treatment does not work, it will be quickly replaced with a more effective one.