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Drug and alcohol addiction- facts you should know

Drug and alcohol addiction is never an easy subject as sometimes the people who need it the most ignore the facts.drug addiction hotline

Nevertheless help is always available and sometimes all it takes is taking that first step on calling an alcohol or drug hotline and talking to someone who will understand and help you to stop your addiction.

 CALL the Addiction Hotline (855) YES-REHAB

The big picture is, that everyone gets affected-teens,parents,husbands, wives, fiends and family.There is help available for anyone affected.

There are countless reasons why people turn to alcohol or drugs.It is  socially accepted,promoted and encouraged as a form of relaxation,recreation and fun.But the big issue with most drugs and alcohol  is that they are highly addictive and before you know it you or someone you know have become dependant on them.

Always keep in mind, that not everyone who is using alcohol or drugs is addicted to it.It becomes a problem when the person is willing to put at risk other parts of their life.Those are the times when relationships, jobs and health issues arise.It is hard to watch people in this kind of situation.


The time when you need to look for help is when using alcohol or drugs has become a way for you, or someone you know to cope with everyday life.Here are 5 facts, that you need to know.

1.Alcohol and drug abuse impact over 50% of all  suicides and violent crimes

2.Alcohol and drug addiction problems can be solved.Help is available and you can receive treatment at any time CALL the Addiction Hotline (855) YES-REHAB



3.Many, who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs want to stop, but they find it almost impossible to do it on their own.taking the first step towards getting clean takes courage and you can contact the alcohol and drug hotline anytime 

4.Alcohol and drugs are highly toxic and long term use and chronic abuse may cause many health problems, including heart disease, increased risk of some cancers,psychiatric and social problems, liver diseases.It is advisable to prevent these as early as possible and give your body a chance to recover.

Addiction Hotline

What is the Next Step?

If you or a loved one has decided to become clean and sober you can contact the drug and addiction hotline right NOW.There are many treatment options available and you or your loved one can get care of.It is vital to make that first step, because this journey could potentially save a life and affect many others in the process.


Overcoming addiction is not just a matter of a willpower and self discipline.there is a lot more going into it. Your body and your brain would need a professional support nad treatment and the recovery process sometimes may involve setbacks.

Different kind of drugs and alcohol effects vary from person to person. The symptoms of addiction are very similar.Beware of the warning sings-you start your day with an alcohol or a drug, you neglect your relationships, you have no interest in your job or business, you are aware of the health complications, but continue to use them.

 CALL the Addiction Hotline (855) YES-REHAB

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