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4 Keys to Master the art of healing with The Holistic Sanctuary


There is a cure for addiction and you can be healed. The Holistic Sanctuary empowers you to take part in a true holistic healing process and cure from addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a one of a kind addiction rehab. It is the only one in the world that is licensed to use ibogaine treatment and offers a safe Ayahuasca retreat for it’s clients. This unique rehabilitation centre combines century old therapies, modern science and nurturing care to cure PTSD, Trauma, Depression and Drug Addiction (Crack, Meth, Heroin, Benzos, Oxycontin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Suboxone, Methadone).

The Holistic Sanctuary open its doors in 2011 in a breathtaking location of Los Angeles, California. This is an exclusive, world class luxurious rehabilitation centre where you can find measurable, effective and comprehensive solution.This unique place has the code to healing and hold the keys to the art of healing.

Here are the 4 keys to break the code and master the art of healing.

Key Number One – Choose a place committed to cure your addiction. The founder Johnny the Healer is also the creator of the Pouyan Method. This is an effective all-natural and exclusive program which is a result of his personal journey. Johnny healed his 20 year addiction and also eating disorder, depression and constant thoughts of suicide. After 5 years of research, testing and consistent feedback from clients Johnny the Healer has found the key to help you recover from the pain. He is committed to cure your addiction completely by using cutting edge methods, removing any underlying causes followed by a complete lifestyle change to prevent relapse. 

Key Number Two – Focus on full body recovery. Addiction affects every aspect of you as a human being. Your body is under extreme pressure, your mind is overwhelmed and you possibly feel lost. By rebuilding your immune system and helping you to feel alive again you are giving your body a chance to experience full recovery. Full body recovery is achieved through reprogramming the brain to a pre-addictive state. According to some clients of The Holistic Sanctuary they felt even better than the pre-addictive times. Here is a video with a few testimonials and what to expect at the centre.

Please click Play to watch it. 

Key Number Three – Experience the Ayahuasca treatment and/or the ibogaine treatment in the safest possible way. 

The Holistic Sanctuary offer a patented proprietary protocol for ibogaine treatment. As part of the 14 day Pouyan Method the ibogaine treatment can significantly end the withdrawal symptoms. In addition to that, it can also eliminate cravings for drugs. The plant is incredibly effective when combined with diet and lifestyle changes and it’s non toxic non addictive nature prevents any further complications.

The Holistic Sanctuary offers one of the safest Ayahuasca retreats in the world. The therapy does not only heal the body but also restores hope in it’s patient’s hearts. The place confidently offers healing of the body, mind and spirit. That can only happen when the brain’s health is restored. Restoring the brain is how you can bring health and wellness back to your life. The strict protocol of Ayahuasca treatment includes exceptional safety precautions and a full medical team available. 


Key Number Four – Choose non addictive and non toxic treatment . The medical establishment at present is determent to make as much profit as possible from everyone who has an addiction by prescribing medications. All of these medications are highly addictive and have cruel side effects. The Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t prescribe any medications to its clients and it has a 80%-90% success rate. You will receive hours of personalised holistic treatment ,no group meetings and your addiction will be cured. True healing can only happen when you experience true wellness of the mind, the body and the spirit. Let the Holistic Sanctuary be the place where you can do that.



“We Heal You Naturally, Holistically, Effectively and Permanently Without Pain. That’s what you can expect from The Holistic Sanctuary”– Johnny The Holistic Healer

.Get Healed now. For more information look at the Treatment Options at The Holistic Sanctuary

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