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Have you ever thought what is the most effective way to boycott anything? 

The answer may surprise you, but it’s very simple. Don’t buy into it! 

Money is a powerful tool, that you have and you support everything that you buy into. Buy, use, eat and drink things that are worthy in your eyes.

In this day we are constantly bombarded with marketing, promotional, educational and  moralistic refers. Is almost impossible to not hear them.According to the statistics we get exposed to 5000 marketing messages a day. That is an enormous amount of marketing clutter.

 It makes no difference what you think or what your opinion is, what really matters is what you buy into. 

Every time you spend money for something or for a certain cause you are supporting it. That matters more than anything that you do about it. 

As a vegan I have come across many people who believe, that activism and holding a flag with graphic images can change what people eat for Christmas. In my opinion, this is more likely to irritate them. I remember the days before I went vegan and all moralistic and conservative messages, that are used to emotionally play on guilt never did anything towards becoming vegan.Taking people on a guilt trip is a useless path. What made a difference was a simple explanation of how healthily you can live on vegan food and it all made sense to me, as a bonus I feel great and have lots of energy. 

most effective way to boycott

At work I hear a lot of my friends talking about buying and stuffing their turkeys for Christmas, I don’t like hearing it, but I do. As I don’t have a fully vegan kitchen yet I also will be surrounded by my friends and family who will be enjoying their traditional Christmas dinner. I am also looking forward to the vegan Christmas dinner, which will not include any animal products. 

The most effective way for me to boycott eating turkey at Christmas is when I stop eating it myself. The bottom line is that I can only control myself and I am at peace with that. I am a vegan who wants to include everybody at the table. Being vegan is about being loving towards life. It will be a form of violence in my situation if I start making people feel guilty because of their food choices. 

I did have a stage in my vegan journey when all I wanted to do is scream at everyone about the suffering and the pain that the animals go through. I don’t want this to happen. I think we are smart and intelligent human beings to understand, that to kill a living being for a pleasure it is a cruel practice.

So whether you are on a vegan journey or not, you can explore the vegan path at any time. I am here to support you every step of the way no matter on what stage you are.

As I am cooking my third vegan Christmas feast I am looking forward in celebrating life. I will be making Moussaka (a traditional Mediterranean/Balkan dish with layers of aubergines, potatoes and vegetables nicely topped with creamy sauce;bread swirls with mushrooms and leeks, also lots of nibbles including olives, stuffed vine leaves, red roasted peppers, artichokes. I am also making chocolate and hazelnut truffles with a dash of Amaretto). . 

Thank you for being here and reading my posts. 

Be well, be wild and enjoy the ride. 

P.S I am writing a post a day for 365 days. This is day 4. 

Hello, my friends

its Sunday today and everything is happening on slow motion. Today is the day when I will dedicate some hours of my day to watch at least one full movie or a documentary , that I believe will inform and educate me. Here is one of the full movies, that I watched today -this is a very informative and thought provoking subject and I hope you would like it. Its called :

The Superior Human? 

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Lots of love ,

Murder and love

Ivelina  —  December 15, 2012

In today’s post I want to write about murder  and love.  Is murder opposite of love.? They say that the light exists because there is the dark……nurture life There is no words on how important life is and grateful I am to All -this place less, timeless ,no body , no soul creation that surround us all .  ( I am always conscious of using   the word “God” , because  God is everything and everyone -all the seen and unseen things and non things ) .Today a very close family member was involved in a car accident . The car is on its way to the scrap yard , but our loved one is well .When somebody so close has been in a life treating situation you realize how nothing else matters, but life . Every day is a gift and every moment we are here is precious and special. I do believe in angels , to me they are also part of the One .I believe in miracles as well. Everything happens for a reason they say -I believe that , too. Its part of the journey -as much painful as it feels I know that wars and murder are also part of the journey to peace or distinguish. Unless the whole of the humanity starts to appreciate and nurture life , I am sure the only way would be to self destruction Only time will tell . I always choose  love and compassion. Its so hard and it  nearly feels impossible to love a person who would go and start shooting innocent  kids -how can you justify that in words.Today twenty children and six adults have been killed in a shooting attack at a primary school in the US state of Connecticut. Not so long ago drones weapons killed over 100 children in Palestine . Its a despicable horror and immense pain caused to other humans.Every day hundreds of children die of hunger and others are used , sold in a arranged marriages or stolen in a human trafficking chain…..the list goes on…….I am sending a prayer to those families . No violence is ever right.  I feel so much anger and frustration when I know that this kind of behavior is happening . Prayer helps me , but its not enough for those who suffer and feel pain. Humanity has some serious choices to make if we want to survive as species. Until every single human being understands treats life as a sacred and cherished treasure there will be wars and murder. And this can only go on for so long . There 2 ways out of it -world peace or no more humans. I hope and pray , that world peace is possible and more and more people will choose love and heal the world. When I was a little girl I saw many chickens and lambs and pigs being killed. And that was OK at the time .It was even celebrated .  One of the reasons I find it so easy to be vegan is because  the videos of the factory farms reminded me of those ,moments when I saw the chicken’s heads being chopped off and so on. At the time that was acceptable and still is in most households not just in Bulgaria , but all over the world. nurture life

will tuttle world peace diet

Will Tuttle

The strong tradition to eat meat and kill other living creatures is deeply ingrained in people’s lives and touches some  very sensitive parts of people’s hearts. In his book “The world Peace Diet”   Dr, Will Turner makes a very clear connection between the violence among humans and how animals are killed in factory farms .Killing another living creature becomes acceptable , that then leads to the mutual understanding and programming that war and murder is OK and its just a part of life. Them this violence becomes just a part of what happens .It really does not have to be this way.“As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.” ~ Pythagoras 






For those who’s lives have been destroyed by murder I am sending a sincere prayer -no matter where you are and who you are I pray for you to find peace and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I love life. I feel so privileged to be able to nurture life and be a part of this living miracle called life.Love one another, cherish every day and be grateful.Let go and let it be.     

 Sending Blessings and Love