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Are humans designed to eat meat?

There are parts of the world where the only way to survive is to eat meat.But for the rest of the population eating meat is a choice that we have been programmed to make. There is meat in most baby foods and when to wean a baby to a meat is a popular subject of many cooking books for toddlers. We are designed to smoke as well. Does that mean that we should all smoke cigarettes? Are humans meat eaters?

Let’s look at  the physiology of the animals and compare the meat and non-meat eaters. We have little mouth compare to the rest of the head like the non-meat eaters, We do not have the teeth to rip flesh and swallow it right away like the meat eaters-we chew it in our mouth, which is more like a mill.And most meat eaters do not need to swallow their food, because there are no enzymes in the mouth. As for non-meat eaters digestion starts in the mouth. Another fact is that a meat eater can consume 30-40 % of its body weight in food, but I dare say that any of us trying to do this for breakfast could easily choke.are humans design to eat meat

The meat eaters are designed to eat as much meat as possible when they catch some. As it for the non meat eaters they need to eat 3-4 times a day, small amounts so they can digest it. Meat eaters have highly acidic stomach, so they can digest the meat.And that is why people have to cook meat to they can digest it, but even then a lot it remains undigested and clogs the internal organs , especially the kidneys are highly poisoned by the presence of animal protein. Also, non-meat eaters have very long intestines , as the meat eaters have a short intestines. You would never find a dog , that suffers from high cholesterol.

There are a few very clear similarities between non-meat eaters and humans -they both have carbohydrates digesting enzyme in their saliva.We also have appendix, like the non meat -eaters and appendix plays an important role in  the GI immune system .Here is a video that explains all the evidence into detail . You can watch it here .

Meat -eaters never worry about fat and cholesterol no matter how much fat and cholesterol they are fed. They never get a gallstone because of a special ingredient in their bile.

Animal fat and protein have been liked to a long list of conditions and the evidence is very convincing. Consuming animal products is linked to heart disease, obesity, cancers of the breasts, colon, pancreas , lung, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, osteoporosis, cataracts.

The conclusion is that people are not designed to eat meat. You can take responsibility for your health at any time and prevent most of the so called modern dieses. You have all the power and all the intelligence to make the choice, that will serve you best.

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