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You are a living electromagnetic field so as every feeling and every thought that you have.

If you are not growing, you are dying.

Emotionally, financially, spiritually,mentally, physically you must grow in order to feel fully alive. The energy of growth is vital for your well being. Not just to learn, do and create for the sake of it, but because it will bring more wellness to you and your life. 

Is there something , that you have been wanting to do for quote some time, but have been prolonging and procrastinating? 

May be you want to start eating healthier, quit smoking, climb the Kilimanjaro mountain, swim with the dolphins, write a book, leave your job and set up a coffee shop, start a blog, volunteer at a homeless shelter? You can actually do all these things. 

Doing them will help you grow as a person and will give you more energy to do the routine things, too. 

But there is only one problem with growth. Growth is hard.Can you imagine a grain of wheat nicely tucked under the ground, warmed by the soil, watered by the rain and when the spring comes this seed has to burst. It looks more like a destruction . It is a motion, that creates incredibly powerful change for that seed,but that is growth. Growth uses energy,but it also creates new possibilities. The energy of growth is destructive for the seed,but it is rejuvenating for the plant itself. 

if you are not growing you are dying

To grow means to be uncomfortable and avoid too much time in your comfort zone. I know how easy it is to do it. As human beings you have the natural ability to avoid pain and look for pleasure and comfort. But most times the magic happens when you go outside of your comfort zone. 

Be the person, that sings the songs from your heart, feel the rain on your skin and kisses everyone, that you love every time you see them. 

Be the person, that takes change and growth as a life lasting activity and almost always finds something else to do, to learn, to improve, no matter the pain , no matter the challenges and the so called failuries. It is just a ride! 

Be well, be wild and enjoy the ride! 

Thank you fro being here! I love you!