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Autumn Equinox-wild, beautiful and abundant

The only sure thing in life is change.
The summer is over, but there are these beautiful and most colourful days ahead that only an autumn wind, rain and sun can create.
The Autumn Equinox is the beginning of the coming into darker days and also the preparation for the winter cold. After the almost perfect balance on the 23-rd of September the days will nicely become shorter and shorter.


Simple chilli beans-easy comfort food

As a woman, who feels very connected to the amount of sun light I feel already the coming autumn, probably you, too.

I am making plans for cooking and lots of baking in the next few weeks. Yesterday I made broccoli and potato soup and also ratatouille in my clay dish in the oven. I had it cooked slowly for about 4 hours. 
The changes of the seasons always fascinates me. The circles of life never stop, no matter what. The wheel keeps going and I am so grateful to be here to be a part of this amazing and mystical ride, called life. It is crazy, weird and beautiful all at once.
You are not the same person as you were yesterday, your mind is constantly changing it’s mind and your body is constantly renewing itself till your last breath.

autumn equinox
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Every season is nice in it’s own way. But autumn is where everything is so colourful and it is also time for comforting nostalgia and cosy blankets.

I love the evenings in autumn in dusk. When it’s still early in the evening, but it’s a bit dark and I am sitting in the living room surrounded by my favourite people, sipping tea and chopping apples and pears. 

Today is also a day for balance. Balance between dark and light. I do believe in balance even I don’t try to achieve it. I believe in the invisible balance of things and non things and my role is simply to give love and share my wisdom daily.
Today I want to wish you a Happy Equinox and may wonderful beauty surround you. May the abundance of the season fill not just your homes, but your hearts, too. May you find comfort, warmth and love in the caring presence of the ones you love.

Lots of love, 

Be well and enjoy the ride, 


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