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In 1999 there were just 23 blogs. Today there are over 1.5 billion and this number continues to grow. There are 2 blogs created every second.

So let that sink. 2 blogs per second are created.So the blog-o-sphere is totally overpopulated. That means that there is a blog for nearly every Facebook user.

You have to get noticed. No matter how loud your voice is, if there is no one to hear you you are wasting your time.

It is nice to know that people are reading your articles and that you are making a difference.

I want to give you a list with 11 blogging prompts that you can use in any niche. I know that the best content is evergreen and authentic.

1.Find a popular trend in your niche and argue against or for it. This will give you an edge and help you create an audience. In my other blog I have written many blog posts in a very un bias manner. It is time to speak my mind.

2.Write a list related to your niche. I love lists. Not everyone has mastered the mind-mapping technique, including myself. I find the whole main mapping very chaotic and totally useless. Lists on the other hand simply get me excited about getting things into order.

3.How to’s posts. Writing posts about how something can be done are some of the most valuable posts that I will be creating for you. If you have a blog or a website I strongly encourage you to share as many how to’s as you want. Simple useful help is also easy to write and very practical.

4.Book recommendations/reviews .I love reading. I do also understand that most people take their literacy for granted. Knowledge will not necessary make you wiser, but it will open your mind and feed your imagination. If you have read books that you loved and are suitable for your audience do share the experience. There are so many books to choose from and reading a genuine review/recommendation is a wonderful piece of content.

Sometimes you will be taking a walk and a blog idea will pop into your mind and you will not have a way of recording it. This happens to me daily.I have bits of paper in my hand bag and I keep fining bits of paper inside books and notebooks.I will keep writing nevertheless.

Thank you for reading this far.

Enjoy the ride,



 I will be a better blogger when I  give myself a permission to freely and openly share what I really think.

What is a blogger? What is the difference between a blogger and a writer.

blogger vs writer

She pours herself another cup of coffee.

There are differences between a writer and a blogger.

Here are 4 distinguishing attributes that bloggers and writers have.

1.Them verses I
When you are a writer you will write everything in second or third person, which will make it sound more professional.

As a blogger though, I will write everything from my point of view as I am talking to my best friend.It is more conversational and easy on the eye in most cases.

2.Keywords verses dictionary

Writers have mastered the use of language and have an extensive dictionary that goes beyond the use of common words in my opinion. As a blogger keywords are more important than remarkable use of the dictionary.

Blogging is about finding the trendy way to express yourself . While doing that if you do a good keyword research you will get the love from the search engines. The longer posts you write the better.

3.Paragraphs and sentences 

Blogging is about short sentences and even shorter paragraphs. Bloggers like to skim over an article and not stretch a sentence beyond its means. It makes it easy to read and most people will read the highlighted words and also very likely will skip parts.

4.Size matters 

As a writer I will have to write a well researched and properly punctuated article with over 500 or more words.There will be little or no space for my opinion, unless I have the credabilities to share what I know.

As a blogger on the other hand I can write as short blog posts as I like. It can be done in a form of poem if I feel inspired to do so.

I am a blogger, as I feel that writing is for knowledgeable people. This blog matter to me because I want to share more personal stuff and my own experiences as well as helpful information.

Thank you for reading this far.
Enjoy the ride and drink nice coffee!
Be sweet and spicy,

And yes, I hope my title will not put you off of my productivity tips. I know that the world is run by go getters, but I like to think of myself as a go-getter when it suits. It does sound a bit lazy and it is very comforting to know that I can do that. I am very grateful to the 30 Day Blogging challenge, otherwise I would still be putting off writing yet another blog post. 

Today’s prompt is to share productivity tips from a master of any kind. I did think what am I really good at? The truth is-I am really good at procrastinating and putting things off, but somehow I manage to get things done. What can I say? If pushing yourself to meet deadlines and closing dates it’s your thing you are better off reading someone else’s post.

My productivity tips will help you if you avoid discipline and discomfort at almost any costs.

Over the years I have developed a system that nevertheless helps me to get things done. I value purpose and priority more than efficiency so that probably shows in my results as well. 

productivity tips


So here are my simple 5 productivity tips, that I hope, will help you in some way

1.Create a structure. This means to pre plan as much as possible your actions without having to think about them once you have to do it. It may sounds silly in a way, but I managed to get 100 day of Video Blogging called Authentic Transformation a few summers ago because I had pre written the titles of my videos and it worked like magic. On the other hand if I had to think up a title daily I feel I would lose the momentum of getting it done. So in a nutshell prethink your actions and enjoy the process.

2.Do the work in batches of 20-30 minutes of pure undisturbed focus. There are quite few ways to achieve that. You can use a simple kitchen timer and set it up, you can download some of the productivity apps on your phone but it all starts with you making the decision, that you will work 20-30 minutes without any distractions. This time scale is very easy to achieve plus you have no chance of getting bored either. 

3.Keep going. No matter how long of a break you take, don’t give up on your goals and dreams.Time is a special force and you can use it while you can.

The most important thing is not to beat yourself up no matter what. Taking action, even small action towards your goals and dreams is part of the journey called life. Everyone is on a different stage of their path and sometimes results take time, but as long as you are learning and growing as a person you will enjoy the journey.

4.Accept the way you are. Sounds simple.One of the most important converstions that you have in your daily life are the conversations that you have with yourself.Be kind to yourself, be gentle and honest, be confident and above all believe that you are enough and that what you do is enough.

Always do your best, even if your best changes from moment to moment accept it. As it simple as this sounds I have had times in my life when I would beat myself up for not getting everything the way I had it in my head, or the way I sometimes disappoint other people. I am a chronic people pleaser and I am still learning how to  show my love and care without loosing myself in the process.


Here is a video where I share with you a simple reminder that everything that you do matter. Please press play to watch it.



5.Find an accountability support system, that works for you. Some people thrive when they have a personal mentor, others love joining communities, that offer support and accountability like myself. If you need a boost in your blogging skills I would recommend you the 30 day Blogging Challenge Group where as well as blogging ideas you get to connect with other bloggers. I enjoy this kind of improving my blogging skills simply because even if I stretch the 30 days I find the daily information very valuable.

Thank you once again for visiting my blog and I appreciate your endless love and support. 

Please leave me a comment below if you want to share any of your productivity tips. I would love to hear from you. 

Lots of love,