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Spring is a perfect time for thinking about your garden, whether you’re planning a big remodel or just a spruce up. 74 percent of US families engage in gardening in their spare time, ranging from carefully mowed lawns to beautifully planned floral displays. Your garden tends to reflect you and your family’s lifestyle, including space to play, a deck for summer barbeques, or a vegetable patch for fresh greens. But with many native species of wildlife under threat from reduced habitats and environmental pollution, making a space for nature as well as your family in your backyard is a great way to do something great for the planet.

Planning the space

If you’re considering a bigger change in your garden, then organizing it into zones for different uses is a good idea. The area closest to the house should be the safest, suitable for kids to play, probably including your lawn. Steeper sections, those with hazards, or more delicate areas (new vegetable shoots, for example), should be fenced off or separated by a hedge. A water feature such as a fountain or pond is a great wildlife-friendly addition, providing drinking and bathing water for birds, and a great habitat for creatures like frogs, dragonflies, and any number of bugs and beetles. When adding a pond to a family garden it’s important to make sure that it cannot be accessed by unsupervised children, as well as considering how much sun the area will get. Too much may encourage algae but not enough will mean your plants won’t grow well.

Planting up

When considering your choice of plants, there are several things to think about.

  • Pick plants which compliment your natural climate so they are easy maintenance and don’t need lots of watering and attention.

  • Choose traditional native species which are attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects. Many ‘hybridized’ plants designed for looks do not have much pollen or nectar.

  • A mixture of plants which flower all around the year will also help to encourage wildlife and keep your garden looking good for longer.

  • Pick sturdy and tough plants for areas around the lawn which may be frequently attacked by ball games or chase and tag.

  • Check your plant choices against a list of poisonous or irritating plants and make sure they will be safe for children and pets.


Going Wild: Creating a Nature-Friendly Garden for the Whole Family

Enjoying your garden

Your garden doesn’t necessarily need to be “wild” to attract wildlife; a well-kept lawn is attractive for birds to forage for grubs. Keeping hedges and bushes neatly trimmed is fine too, just wait until winter to make sure you don’t disturb nesting birds or hibernating insects. Encouraging small bugs and insects will in turn attract larger animals and birds, so don’t worry if they don’t arrive overnight. Above all, making sure that your garden is safe and family friendly while also providing a home for wildlife will give your kids a great chance to learn about helping nature in their own backyard.

Paleo Grubs Book – Your Nutrition Guide to Healthy Food and Dieting

Paleo Grubs Book is a nutrition guide that is designed by none other than Catherine Ebeling and Mike Gear. The best thing about this guide is that it helps you throw away those old and self-limiting beliefs. Even the myths are disregarded regarding the nutrition and dieting. Thus, this helps you in achieving your optimum goal to having a leaner and healthier body. 

in eliminating all of your cravings. And thus, this helps you control your appetite in a permanent basis.

One more thing about this book is that it reveals certain facts about the polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3’s and omega-6’s. You will also be guided about the energy bars or protein bars that are disguised in candy bars. These are truly proven to be helpful for your body.




What Really Is Paleo Grubs Book?

Paleo Grubs Book is a twenty-four hour diet that makes the body a burning machine. The fats stored in your body are eliminated. Thus, there is no need to worry about diet foods, food pyramid, calorie counting, misleading healthy foods and more. Especially those foods that are promoted by companies, they can be out of the system.

This is a formatted ebook that contains more valuable and richer information about the foods that you need to eat. These foods are needed in boosting your metabolism process. Your stubborn fats are melted and your joints are helped in their complete healing. And thus, the process of ageing is prevented for a natural and glowing you.

The truth is unveiled in this book regarding the wheat products such as vegetable oil and whole wheat. These are deemed as healthy foods, but, these are even more dangerous. This also reveals the twenty-three healthy foods that cause weight gain. You will also get an idea about the plant foods that actually do harm to the body. Even the truth about the trans fats is also revealed in this program.

More Reasons of Buying this Program

There are simply a lot of reasons of buying this program and they are as follow:

  • The real secret in making the process of counting obsolete. The use of the same technique helps you in stopping your cravings.
  • Tasty and nutritious meal ideas that help feed off your appetite. Thus, dangerous cravings are stopped at once. Your belly fats are burned out and the aging process is also stopped.
  • The excellent sources of foods that help in the safest and fastest process of burning.

Healthy animal fats are a vital part of the Paleo diet. Use meat is a primary source of protein. Have a look at  Cutlery Advisor-a leading brand in quality knives to help you cut your meat with persicion. 

There are many secrets that can be obtained from reading this book. You can instantly have an access to these secrets. After you have downloaded the program, you are already guaranteed with weight loss. There is no need to spend more on unrealistic investments and sacrifices!

As long as you follow the complete guide, you are on your way to getting a fully and transformed body. Thus, you can enjoy a good weight, attractive shape and overall health and well-being!


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Dusting your house is probably one of your least favourite chores. Or maybe it’s your favourite chore. No judging here!


Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got do it. If you don’t dust your home, you’re going to be looking at tons of dirt and grime collecting over time that’s no good for the aesthetics of your house or any allergies you have.


The good news is that there are tons of dusting ideas out there to make sure you can keep your home dust free all the time. With these tips, you’re going to be getting your home as clean as refresh carpet and upholstery care could! Read on to discover more.


Move clockwise around your kitchen as you clean.


Dusting is all about organization. If you’re not organized in how you dust rooms, you’re most likely going to miss plenty of spots that’ll give you headaches later on. When you’re cleaning the kitchen (or any other room, really!), be sure you’re moving in a clockwise motion. That way, you’ll hit every single spot in the room.


If you’re in the kitchen, the best way to do this is to start on the right side of the stove and move around the room until you’re back and cleaning the left-hand side of the stove.


Be sure to use microfiber clothes and nothing else!


If you’re using paper towels or an old cloth to dust your house, that’s a no-go. These materials are not going to pick up nearly as much dust as a microfiber cloth will. These kinds of clothes are pretty magical in that they’ll pick up all of the dust in one fowl swoop.


So put away that paper towel in your hand and go buy some microfiber cloths!


Clean as you go – don’t wait.


Most of us will have one day of cleaning per week. Even though that may seem less stressful than cleaning throughout the week, it’s actually going to be much less frustrating for you when you dust throughout the week. After dinner, take some time and dust the kitchen counters and appliances. You could even assign a different room for every day of the week!


Make sure you’re using the right broom.


When you get down to the floor, that’s where tons of dust can accumulate over time. You’re going to want to make sure you’re using a high-quality broom and not that old one in the closet to clean it all up. If you do, you’re going to be picking up much more of the dust on the floor when compared to the broom you’ve been using for years.


Always dust from top to bottom.


If you haven’t been dusting from top to bottom of your rooms, you’ve been doing it wrong! This is the best way to dust as any dirt that you don’t pick up will fall to the floor, only to be sucked up by your vacuum or brushed away by your broom. So, clean!


Don’t forget to clean the backs of appliances in the kitchen.


Most people will do this. You should be sure that you’re not forgetting the backs of your appliances in the kitchen. These areas of your house will definitely pick up tons of dust over time and it’s the best idea to clean those as often as possible.


Be aware of the “hot spots” around your home.


Where are, the kids playing the most? Where are the spots in your house that are never really cleaned? While you’re cleaning keep these hot spots in your mind so you never forget them and leave the dust to settle.


Make sure to dust the fans before turning them on.


The tops of fans absolutely love to gather dust over time. And when you turn on the fan, this dust can go flying around the room, which is no good. Always remember to get a ladder or high chair to clean the tops and sides of the fan before you turn it on.


Use commercial times to do some quick dusting.


If you like to watch TV, why should you waste your time sitting in front of those boring commercials? Use that time to a little bit of dusting to get the most out of your time.


Get your family involved!