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Pests can infest and multiply literally anywhere is they get the required nutrition and atmospheric conditions. Therefore, it does not matter if you like in a duplex flat, a posh bungalow or a lavish apartment, the chances of pest infestations are high if proper preventive measures are not taken. Similar to humans, pests to need some basic conditions to survive like a proper temperature conditions, adequate water and food supply. Entering your house is also not a big problem because they can find multiple entrance options that even you might not know about! If you are confused about how can you prevent these pesky creatures from invading your house, the answer is very simple—take the necessary precautions.

Pests can be of many types and each of them might differ drastically in habits, shapes and sizes but some traits are common in all of them. They are all disease carriers, unhygienic and destructive towards house property. Some common pests  


that you must know about are termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, fleas and rodents. If any of the aforementioned enters your house and if you do happen to spot even one of them, call pest control to prevent a full blown infestation problem. Some of the ways that you can prevent these conditions in your house are given below:

1. Clean the House on a Regular Basis

Cleaning your house on a regular basis will reduce the chances of infestation by a great amount. Most pests look for dirty and unclean places to breed and therefore cleanliness is the key to prevent pest infestation. You should sweep, vacuum clean and even mop on a regular basis to keep your house clean. This way pest won’t be able to enter or breed in unsuspecting places.

Also, give special attention to neglected places like the corners of your house while cleaning. Pests like rodents are attracted more if you have opened food packages lying around in the house. Therefore, ensure that food items are not exposed or scattered around the house as this might attract pests. The general rule is that pests feel comfortable and safe in dirty environment and therefore is the house is cleaned properly, they won’t stay in your house. However, if you still face a problem or spot any pest then don’t forget to call Pest Control Services to get rid of the problem early.

2. Don’t Forget To Keep Your Garbage Can Empty

Another mistake that most people make is that they leave their trash can full and forget to dispose of the garbage that they have accumulated. This should be prevented and you should always be extra careful to not leave trash lying around your garbage can for too long. This is because it is extremely unhealthy as the trash will be a breeding ground for many tiny microorganisms and this will further attract pest in your house. All your efforts in keeping your house clean will be for naught if there are creatures breeding in your garbage can.

It does not matter in the waste is organic or inorganic because both of them will attract pests and if they start poking around your garbage box, the next destination on their list will be your home itself. This is even true if you keep your house spotlessly clean. Therefore, dispose the garbage on a regular basis and keep the environment around your house clean to prevent any pest from invading your house.

3. Keep Some Specific Plants Around

Believe it or not, but there are some plants, that can repel away pests and certain disease carrying insects. You can plant some of them in your garden or keep potted plants in your balcony to repel away pests. Some of them are lavender, marigolds, mint, neem, eucalyptus and tulsi. Keeping them indoors can work too if you don’t have much space outside. Try to keep them near the windows because they are one of the entrances from which pests can enter easily. The other thing that you can do is use the extracts of the aforementioned plant leaves or flowers and spray them around your house as you see fit. You can even store the contents in a spray bottle and apply them regularly to keep pests away from your house. For people trying this tip for the first time, go for things that are easily available and will also not cost too much, like mint extracts or lavender extracts to keep the pests away.

4. Remove All the Weeds

If you live near a heavily forested area or happen to have a dense garden, make sure to regularly remove any weeds around the house. Weeds are not only bad for your grass, but they also are a good place for pests to stay securely. Some pests that can accumulate in a densely forested or abundant grass area are snakes, rats and poisonous lizards. Therefore, don’t neglect your garden and keep it well barricaded if you live near a forested area. Harmful creatures tend to frequent with dense vegetation and therefore it is always to keep your lawn grass trimmed and neat.

5. Do Not Keep Food Uncovered

The smell of exposed, open food will attract all sorts of creatures like ants, cockroaches, lizards and other insects. Cockroaches as you know are disease carriers and will make your whole family sick if they get near your food. Also, throw away any spoiled food items like rotten vegetables; extra soft fruits because they too will attract pests in your house. Try to use air tight sealed containers to store dry food items like pulses. Leaving food exposed is unhygienic as it will attract pests and therefore opened food packages should be stored in proper containers to keep pests away.

The above were some preventive ways that can help you keep pests away from your house. Use them and keep your house hygienic by removing even the possibility of any pest infestation. We hope the above article helped and do comment to share your thoughts.

There are many known factors that have contributed to causing damage to our skin. A few of these factors include long time exposure to sun, too much of stress, unhealthy lifestyle amidst others.

These factors cause certain damages to our skin such as wrinkles, change in complexion and so on.

However, there is diverse skin rejuvenation treatment in existence that can help you correct skin problems when you visit cosmetic dermatologists or professional skin care specialists.

What is Skin Rejuvenation?


Skin rejuvenation is a form of skin treatment carried out for the purpose of ensuring the reversal of skin aging (making the sagging areas of the skin firmer), wrinkles and also to restore youthful complexion of your skin.

In this post, we will be discussing 5 ways skin rejuvenation treatment will help you.

1.Enhanced Collagen Production

As you grow older, there are certain changes you experience on your skin such as wrinkles, development of saggy skin, spot. These can occur as a result of sun exposure or reduction of collagen.

Skin rejuvenation processes such as the use of Laser treatments and tightening treatment enhance collagen production.

Collagen is useful in skin tightening, thus stimulating collagen formation will prevent or correct various skin problems.

This treatment is known to effectively improve your skin texture.

2.Goodbye to Blemishes and Acne Scars

Skin rejuvenation options such as chemical peel treatments and dermabrasion are effective when it comes to removing different forms of skin blemishes, acne scars, and pigmentation imperfections.

These treatment options are also used for exfoliation of the top skin layer, to cause the formation of new cells.

This in return enhances the texture of the skin and a reduction in the scars and blemishes.

3.It Boosts Your Blood Circulation


Another type of rejuvenation therapy is micro needling. It helps you get a balanced physique by enhancing blood circulation to your brain and other vital organs of the body.

If you have an effective blood circulatory system, it is not only useful in preventing premature aging, it also has different ways to benefit the body as a whole.

Also, you have to ensure that you only allow a specialist to perform this therapy on you as much care needs to be taken during this treatment.

4.Say Hello To Smooth Skin

Botox injection is another option for rejuvenation treatment. A good idea it can be if you seek enhancement of your skin texture.

It is believed to make you look years younger than your usual age just a few minutes after you take the injection.

However, there are side defects to this injection which include skin tautness which wears off within few months.

Also, skin rejuvenation treatment such as Facelift, eyelid lift, and eyebrow lift is mostly used for facial rejuvenation.

The type of treatment to do depends on the condition of the patient involved.

Consulting with a skin care specialist will make you know beforehand the type of surgery to expect.

5.Skin Toning

Ultrasound therapy is another treatment used for skin rejuvenation. It is a non-surgical method used to tone the skin and make sagging skin firmer.

This rejuvenation therapy would give you the kind of toned look you desire. This is achieved by lowering the appearance of wrinkles and lines.


Nonetheless, if you are planning to go for any of the skin rejuvenation options, the first thing you should do is to visit a professional cosmetologist or a professional dermatologist. Doing that will make you get the full details about what each treatment entails.

Also, you should note that the skin rejuvenation treatment recommended by the dermatologist will depend on different factors.

Factors to consider when recommending treatment options should include your desired recovery time, skin condition, your age, and the type of defects you want to correct.

There are also rare instances that can warrant you to take a combination of treatment options to so you can get a better result.


Do you have oily skin or dry skin? Now that it’s winter, your skin especially on your face and hands is more likely to be stripped of its moisture and lead to cracked, rough skin. Or, perhaps you have perpetually oily skin that no matter how much you scrub, it doesn’t go away? Believe it or not, what you eat definitely has an effect on your skin quality. To avoid the harsh winter weather or future breakouts, there are certain healthy water-rich foods you can eat or use as moisturizers.

Avocados: Rich in Omega-3

Avocados help dry skin and oily skin types because of their omega-3 content. Omega-3 fatty acids provide many health benefits, especially for your skin. It helps dry out and relieve itching if you suffer from acne or eczema, as well as help skin retain moisture during the harsh winter weather. However, most people do not eat enough avocados or other omega-3 rich foods in general. Taking a supplement may be more effective. In order to figure out which type of supplement is best for you, check out websites like to compare different supplement products. Look for a supplement that contains at least 1,500 mg omega-3 in each serving. If you’re not into supplements or like the taste of avocados, you can also mash some up and use them as a face mask. Your skin will soak in the nutrients and you can relieve tight or itchy skin symptoms.

Milk & Honey: Great Natural Moisturizers

If you are interested in looking up homemade skin masks, you’ll find that a lot of them contain milk and honey. Both of these ingredients are gentle on your skin so they are perfect for sensitive skin types. We admit that it does sound kind of gross to rub honey on your face, but it really does work. Honey seals in moisture to keep your skin plump and healthy looking, as well as giving your skin a natural glow. Milk’s natural acidity helps remove dead skin cells that may be blocking moisturizers from deeply penetrating your skin. You can add sugar to make a more exfoliating scrub for your face if it is overly oily, or add coconut oil or shea butter for a better moisturizing face mask.

Melons and Cucumbers: Hydrating Powers

It’s important to moisturize your skin daily, especially during the winter if it is dry. However, you can moisturize from the inside out by eating foods that are high in water content. These foods maintain the elasticity of your skin as well as keep your skin cells healthy. You can avoid unpleasant breakouts and redness by keeping up with a clean, fresh diet.

Foods with a high water content are:

  • grapes
  • melons like watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew
  • cucumber
  • oranges
  • berries

Eat a few servings of these fruits and vegetables a day to keep your skin’s appearance nice and dewy.

It’s All About The Moisture

Who knew that what you ate directly affected your skin? Although we didn’t go into the famous debate of whether chocolate causes acne, you can definitely get rid of oily, pimply skin by eating right and using natural moisturizers. Fresh, watery fruits and vegetables are healthy for all skin types, so make sure to load up your plate with melons, cucumbers and berries. You can make your own personalized face masks depending on your skin condition: add avocadoes to reduce itching, and add milk and sugar to exfoliate dry skin. In fact, avocados have so many health benefits, including being a great source for omega-3. Omega-3 is great for your skin and can even reduce redness and itching from acne or eczema. Your skin absorbs whatever you put into your body, so make it count.