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SleepCogni could finally signal the end of sleeping pills

Visionary new health device offers hope for global insomnia epidemic

Monday 9 November sees the launch on Kickstarter of SleepCogni – a revolutionary new product designed to give insomniacs everywhere what they have been looking for – a good night’s sleep induced naturally without the risk of drug dependency. Finally, SleepCogni offers an answer to sleep deprivation – something the Center of Disease & Control (CDC) describes as a global health epidemic.



Developed by award winning3 medical device inventor Richard Mills (in response to his own battles with sleepless nights), SleepCogni is a unique bedside sleep device that is backed by some very clever technology and supported by Sheffield Hallam University4 and international sleep expert and founder of the London Sleep Centre, Dr Irshaad Ebrahim.

“I became convinced it wasn’t just the hour before bed that explained why I couldn’t fall asleep, it was the whole modern lifestyle,” said SleepCogni inventor Richard Mills. “the stress and over-stimulus in daily life is contributing to the inability to fall sleep and stay asleep. SleepCogni has proved successful in clinical trials and endorsed by those who have seen it in action.”

The approach is so groundbreaking that when Dr Irshaad Ebrahim first met Richard, he gave SleepCogni his backing within minutes, while clinical studies of the pilot trial at Sheffield Hallam University confirmed SleepCogni is effective in treating patients with insomnia: 50% of those trialed reporting an improvement in quality of sleep and 40% reporting an increase in sleep duration, with the remainder of patients showing no change thus indicating a substantial improvement.


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“I have been waiting for someone to come to me with something tangible that patients could use themselves to treat their insomnia,” said Dr Irshaad Ebrahim of the London Sleep Centre. “SleepCogni is an integrated piece of scientifically validated research based treatment for insomnia. With devices like SleepCogni I see a trend to provide the patient with the tools to treat their own insomnia rather than relying on seeing professionals and leaving only the more serious insomnia to be treated one-to-one”.

SleepCogni monitors heart rate, mental alertness, skin temperature and movement. It is a non-invasive, and as simple to use as pressing a button. Personalised to the user, SleepCogni interacts with the patient to produce a program of audio, visual and tactile cues to help induce sleep. The device also trains the brain with its programs, which means the more it’s used, the more effective it becomes.

We are all hyper-aroused and over-stimulated from the moment we awaken; triggering our ‘fight or flight’ mode. For many, winding down before bed involves films, phones, browsing the internet and devices that emit blue light are suppressing melatonin – delaying natural cues to sleep. SleepCogni reverses the ill effects of all of this with a revolutionary technology that doesn’t stimulate. NASA have recently used the same LED technology on the international space station, which helps astronauts differentiate between day and night.

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“SleepCogni is providing a means to switch off today’s busy active minds, by combining environmental and personal data into an interactive sensory experience and the gold standard insomnia treatment,” added Richard. “It’s a modern means of counting sheep and clinically proven to help.”

SleepCogni is available on Kickstarter from Tuesday 10 November. The first 850 ‘early birds’ will receive the device for a 50% discounted price of £99 ($149) and delivered in June 2016. The device will go on sale to the wider public in September 2016.

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Top 6 Tips For Improved Sleep Habits


Teenagers are in need of between 8.5 and 9 hours of shuteye every day. Did you know that approximately 25 percent of teens have issues when it comes to sleep? Not getting enough sleep can cause all kinds of problems, such as hindering ability to focus, whether doing school work or driving, and emotional issues. It can have an effect on a person’s ability to play sports, it can weaken the immune system and with some people, it is possibly related to weight gain.

Top 6 tips for improved sleep habits


How do you go about getting enough sleep? The following are some great tips:


Get Active Daily You have surely noticed how active the little kids are as they run around all day and then pass out, sound asleep. That “toddler tip” can apply to your own life, as you make sure you get your 60 minutes of running around, or exercise of some kind will do. Getting enough daily activity helps reduce stress, which can help you relax more at the end of the night. What you don’t want to do, however, is get that exercise in right before bedtime, as this will make you not be able to sleep.


No Drugs Or Alcohol People often have the misconception that drugs or alcohol can help relax them, causing them to fall asleep easier and sleep well, but that isn’t true. In fact, your sleep is disrupted when you use these substances, and there’s also a greater chance you wake up during the night.

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Avoiding snoring with the help of a range of these great tips. Snoring can be a problem in terms of your own sleep quality and for those around you. An anti snoring mouthpiece can help also and is well worth consideration.


Push Electronics Aside According to the experts, a bedroom should be only about sleeping. This means the bedroom should be technology free, and if this isn’t possible or you don’t wish to do that, then at the very least, have everything shut off about an hour prior to you going to bed. You know there’s something going on when you hear that buzz or ping from your cellphone, and that is going to get you or keep you up every time.


Sleep Habits You definitely want to focus on a maintaining a sleep schedule as best as possible, as this keeps the body in the right mode, expecting sleep at the right times. Not to mention, it helps you get relaxed prior to bed. To help you get unwound, you can listen to music, play with a pet, write down your thoughts in a journal, play a game of cards or any activity you enjoy doing that doesn’t involve electronics or jumping up and down.


Sleep Expectations Stress only intensifies those sleepless nights, causing symptoms of insomnia where thinking about sleeping only keeps you up even more. Don’t fret about getting to sleep, but instead positively tell yourself that you are going to sleep well. Tell yourself that throughout the day as well, since the schedule of your entire day affects your sleep pattern. And, it helps to be reminded. Another helpful tactic is breathing exercises performed right before you go to bed.


Sleepless nights are going to happen from time to time. However, if you have discovered you’re having problems sleeping on a regular basis, and it’s affecting your life in negative ways, use this advice in conjunction with making a doctor’s appointment.


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Have you ever lay awake at night wondering why on earth you can’t get to sleep? There are multiple reasons why you might not be able to nod off, but one of them that many of us forget to consider is the space in which we sleep with? Better interior design can actually help you have that better nights’ sleep.

According to the latest infographic from MADE, 45% of the world’s population suffers from sleep disorders (which works out at around 3.15 billion of us!). It seems that most of us have some kind of ritual that we go through before we go to sleep; maybe it’s watching TV or reading a book. Sometimes it’s as easy as removing clutter and using low-wattage light bulbs.

Check out the infographic below if you find yourself struggling to sleep at night and see if any of our suggestions will help you get that perfect night’s sleep.


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