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Design your bedroom for a good night’s sleep-infographic from MADE

Have you ever lay awake at night wondering why on earth you can’t get to sleep? There are multiple reasons why you might not be able to nod off, but one of them that many of us forget to consider is the space in which we sleep with? Better interior design can actually help you have that better nights’ sleep.

Design your bedroom for a good night’s sleep visit

According to the latest infographic from MADE, 45% of the world’s population suffers from sleep disorders (which works out at around 3.15 billion of us!). It seems that most of us have some kind of ritual that we go through before we go to sleep; maybe it’s watching TV or reading a book. Sometimes it’s as easy as removing clutter and using low-wattage light bulbs.

Check out the infographic below if you find yourself struggling to sleep at night and see if any of our suggestions will help you get that perfect night’s sleep.


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MADE offer high quality designer products straight from the designers and manufacturers, cutting out the middle men in between so they can offer their products without the high street price tag. Offering everything you would need from your home including sofas, armchairs, tables and beds – MADE are your go-to destination for any of your design needs. Visit

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