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Ask a Vegan is a collection of interviews with vegans. Here they share their experience and tips of vegan lifestyle . Please feel free to post any questions in the comment area.


Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a gym enthusiast who loves to cook if I’m not working out I’m usually either eating or thinking of food to eat.
Like most gym goers also spend a lot of time doing the boring stuff like tracking and logging by macros.

A lot of people struggle to understand were vegan get their protein sources from, so on a Sunday ill make a meal prep detailing the macros breakdown so you have visualized what this should look like because training isn’t just the key part of your transformation your diet will play a huge part in that.

Here is an example of some of what my meals include:

-150g quinoa & bulgur wheat mix -1 vegetable stock cube
-1/2 butternut 
-100g edamame soya beans
-100g garden peas
-100g trimmed beans
-480g chickpeas
-150g watercress, spinach & rocket
-280g vegan Quorn bbq strips
-200g mini Portobello mushrooms

Don’t worry I’m not just gym and macros, I create cheat meal alternatives or post actual vegan cheat meals I would be eating because let’s face it sometimes you have to treat yourself!

I invite you to visit my website where I share some of my meal ideas.

I love being inspired and inspiring others so hopefully, we can connect. DM on Instagram

If you want to go vegan one of the best ways to start transitioning into it is by learning from people, who have been vegan for some time.Connecting with like minded people has never been easier. In my opinion Facebook is one big word of mouth party where you get invited and you also naturally lean towards what and who you relate to. 

This is how I got to know Ivana-an amazing girl from Serbia, where she used to be a teacher.Ivana is a girl after my own heart.She is also a yoga enthusiast and a lover of vegan food.The last one is quite easy to spot as Ivana has a real nice touch when it comes to creating delicious and nutritious vegan dishes. 

Flexible vegan

Ivana doing yoga

Here is the interview I did with Ivana.

1.How long have you been vegan for?
Ivana:I have been vegan for about 5 years now. Before that I was a vegetarian for 6.
2.What made you go vegan?
Ivana:Ethical reasons at first but what made me stay on track were the health benefits and delicious vegan food.
3.Do you take any supplements?
Ivana:No, but I use fortified plant-based milks and marmite and I plan my meals carefully.
4.What are your favourite vegan dishes?
Ivana:Lettuce wraps! I could eat them every day. I also love bean burgers, tortillas, risotto, anything with mushrooms…

Serbian pie-Vegan-ized

Serbian pie-Vegan-ized

5.What is your advice to new vegans?
Ivana:Inform yourself well. Read, join forums, ask a fellow vegan for advice and don’t worry if you don’t get everything right from the start. Just always bear in mind why you started this vegan journey. That worked for me.
6. What books would you recommend to new vegans?
Ivana:“China Study” is probably a must for every (new) vegan. As for the cooking side of the story, all vegan cookbooks are great.
7.If you had a magic wand what would be the one thing, that you would change in the world?
Ivana:Make this world cruelty-free for both humans and animals.

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Hello, my friends 

ask a vegan

Maria Matthews- passionate chef and amazing woman


I am more than delighted to introduce you to an amazing vegan chef and mama of 4 children  Maria Matthews.Maria has the magic touch and passion and turns every dish into a delicious and beautiful experience. Having owned an award winning vegetarian/vegan restaurant for 6 years she now cooks for private dinner parties and shares some of her amazing recipes on her blog. 

During the time  she owned the restaurant called “The Coven” in Wigan , Maria achieved Healthy Food  Award for providing the most healthy delicious food,Restaurant of the Year Award 2012,Trip advisor 5* Award for maintains a 5.00 score and top position against over 1,500 other restaurants across the Greater Manchester Region.

ask a vegan

Maria in her element -cooking happy real food


Maria lives in the north west of England on a 80 year old canal barge with her husband, two of her four children, and her dog Zimba.

Maria’s style of cooking and presenting the food is nothing short of outstanding and full of goodness. Maria has also run hundreds of cooking workshops, sharing her food design principles with many others.

Her mission is to “To add excitement to vegan wheat/GF free food and to help non-vegans enjoy the ethical and health benefits of cruelty-free food.”

I am so inspired by Maria’s cooking creations and I am very happy to share with you the interview with her.

1.How long have you been vegan for? Maria .I have been vegan for 2 years….went straight from meat eater to vegan. I also don’t eat wheat, because of an intolerance.”

why vegan

Picnic Maria’s style


2.What made you go vegan? Maria “In the end it was for the health benefits, and the fear of what was being pumped into the meat and dairy…… it is also to do with animal rights, but I am now ashamed to say that this was not what brought me here:( x……I was always a fan of veggie cooking though….and have a real love of vegetables…..I think most chefs are lazy, and put no real effort into cooking them, and that was why I opened a veggie restaurant 6 years ago, even though I was a meat eater at the time!

3.Do you take any supplements?Maria ” I  take no supplements….my body now craves what it needs…..last month it was rocket, this week it’s avocado.

4.What are your favourite vegan dishes? Maria OMG ! That’s like asking me which is my favourite child out of the 4 I have given birth to!…..I love all my dishes…for lots of different reasons.


why vegan

One of Maria’s creations

5.What is your advice to new vegans? Maria “
 Don’t get too reliant on vegan processed food…learn to cook and just use fresh vegetables, pluses, fruit,nuts and seeds.”

why vegan
6. What books would you recommend to new vegans?Maria “This is really bad, but to be honest, I haven’t got any vegan books I have read…..I read all the time, but I read novels….I get my vegan education from,talking to others and the Internet.ask a vegan

7.If you had a magic wand what would be the one thing, that you would change in the world?Maria “That all junk and processed food disappeared…..and everyone had to learn to cook with lovely natural ingredients again!


ask a vegan

Beautiful Maria

I highly recommend you to visit Maria’s blog , where you will find amazing recipes and inspiration . Just go to


Visit and Like Maria’s Facebook Fan Page Here! 

You can also see some of Maria’s recent amazing creations on the event’s page here.

You can also connect with Maria on Facebook!


P.S On a personal level I admire Maria’s work and her cooking inspires me . She has completely transformed the page on Facebook, where the Vegan Blogging Challenge is happening. I am so happy and grateful to know Maria and be able to learn from her outstanding experience and passion. Everything , that she touches turns into vegan magic on a plate.

Thank you once again for your support and love .

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below .I would love to hear from you .

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