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If you want to go vegan one of the best ways to start transitioning into it is by learning from people, who have been vegan for some time.Connecting with like minded people has never been easier. In my opinion Facebook is one big word of mouth party where you get invited and you also naturally lean towards what and who you relate to. 

This is how I got to know Ivana-an amazing girl from Serbia, where she used to be a teacher.Ivana is a girl after my own heart.She is also a yoga enthusiast and a lover of vegan food.The last one is quite easy to spot as Ivana has a real nice touch when it comes to creating delicious and nutritious vegan dishes. 

Flexible vegan
Ivana doing yoga

Here is the interview I did with Ivana.

1.How long have you been vegan for?
Ivana:I have been vegan for about 5 years now. Before that I was a vegetarian for 6.
2.What made you go vegan?
Ivana:Ethical reasons at first but what made me stay on track were the health benefits and delicious vegan food.
3.Do you take any supplements?
Ivana:No, but I use fortified plant-based milks and marmite and I plan my meals carefully.
4.What are your favourite vegan dishes?
Ivana:Lettuce wraps! I could eat them every day. I also love bean burgers, tortillas, risotto, anything with mushrooms…

Serbian pie-Vegan-ized
Serbian pie-Vegan-ized

5.What is your advice to new vegans?
Ivana:Inform yourself well. Read, join forums, ask a fellow vegan for advice and don’t worry if you don’t get everything right from the start. Just always bear in mind why you started this vegan journey. That worked for me.
6. What books would you recommend to new vegans?
Ivana:“China Study” is probably a must for every (new) vegan. As for the cooking side of the story, all vegan cookbooks are great.
7.If you had a magic wand what would be the one thing, that you would change in the world?
Ivana:Make this world cruelty-free for both humans and animals.

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