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What are the best Vegan Protein sources for a gym enthusiast?


Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a gym enthusiast who loves to cook if I’m not working out I’m usually either eating or thinking of food to eat.
Like most gym goers also spend a lot of time doing the boring stuff like tracking and logging by macros.

A lot of people struggle to understand were vegan get their protein sources from, so on a Sunday ill make a meal prep detailing the macros breakdown so you have visualized what this should look like because training isn’t just the key part of your transformation your diet will play a huge part in that.

Here is an example of some of what my meals include:

-150g quinoa & bulgur wheat mix -1 vegetable stock cube
-1/2 butternut 
-100g edamame soya beans
-100g garden peas
-100g trimmed beans
-480g chickpeas
-150g watercress, spinach & rocket
-280g vegan Quorn bbq strips
-200g mini Portobello mushrooms

Don’t worry I’m not just gym and macros, I create cheat meal alternatives or post actual vegan cheat meals I would be eating because let’s face it sometimes you have to treat yourself!

I invite you to visit my website where I share some of my meal ideas.

I love being inspired and inspiring others so hopefully, we can connect. DM on Instagram

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