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We live in an entrepreneurial times and yes, women do have different outlook than men. 

Most women will agree with me, that we as women like to do things differently in many different areas.

1.Women connect in different levels

As well as being interested in the marketing side of promoting a blog and an on-line business most women also like to share personal things. Simple thing like what they made for dinner last night and how everybody in the family loved it. Women also like to share information about parenting, fitness and fashion. Most blogs, that are written by women include different niches and provide a great variety of information. If you are looking a place to connect with other like minded women who are running a business from home click here to connect with them. 

by women, for women

2.Women are natural networkers 

Most women are natural at nurturing and looking after the family setting. Women like to see other women succeeded. Learning from each other and supporting every step of creating your business with encouragement from people on the same path as you makes every challenge easier to overcome and tackle. If you are just starting your blog at the Women Talk you will also find some blogging tips. 

3.Women take multitasking seriously 

According to research done by Business News Daily 58% of women consider themselves strong at multitasking vs only 27% of men. To some people multitasking is a myth. If you are running an online business from home, do most(or all) of the house work, keep up with all the family happening and you are looking after yourself you are very likely to answer e-mails while the dinner is in the oven. Sometimes having a list of tasks gets them done faster as nothing motivates better than a dead line. 

 Yes, women do have different entrepreneurial outlooks than men in my opinion but we do want the same things security, liberty, equity, and peace. People want to be considered, to belong, and to contribute.

More and more women are working from their home office. More and more women understand the incredible flexibility and productivity, that comes from working your own hours. Blogging is one of the greatest ways to create an on-line presence and communicate with your readers and followers. But women do blogging differently than men.

A statistic searches done by the New York Times states, that women are more likely to have a blog and a Facebook account than men. It manes sense. Instead of working from an office women choose to work when it suits them, juggling house work, answering phone calls, taking kids to school and writing some amazing healthy recipes along the way. You can join a community created for women by women. 

In this virtual world of blogging and healthy food recipes you have an opportunity to connect with other like minded women.






Is there a secret to happiness?

Ivelina  —  December 14, 2014

I have written about happiness in the past and declaring, that I don’t want to be happy any more.

Today I want to share with you my personal secret to happiness. This is possibly a well known truth written in many of the wise books, that we read and said by many public speakers in any of those personal development seminars. 

To me to be happy means to do things with purpose, even the smallest of things like making a cup of tea for someone can bring happiness. Purpose is a form of loving. Loving of being, loving of doing and loving of living. 

Purpose is a tricky thing for many as a lot people think, that you need to fill up some kind of a test and along psychological intervention in order to find purpose. 

But what is purpose anyway. 

According to Oxford dictionary purpose is “The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”

Only the human mind can find the reason to do anything. It is all in the mind as they say, so that also means that you create your own happiness and no one can make you happy. ONLY YOU! 

So it is that simple. You have to create your own purpose and if in the beginning you don’t see any purpose just pretend that you are looking at yourself through the eyes of someone who really loves you. What would they say to you? Will they be critical and obstructive or they simply and gently help you dig deep into your soul and rediscover the beauty of everything that you are and everything that you do. 

No matter how much books on purpose you read and how many mantras on self love you learn the key and the secret to happiness is your own inner voice. As humans we spent many hours in our days shutting down that voice, watching TV or just doing what is expected from us. If you are watching TV do it with purpose, enjoy it. If you are cleaning or doing dishes-do it with purpose and enjoy it. It is the only way , in my opinion to feel empowered by your own life. Not by just doing what has to be done, but do it with gusto.

the secret to happiness

To live on purpose is simply to be present in your life. It all truly depends on you.

So here are three simple steps to find purpose. You can still continue reading and listening and expanding your knowledge, but those steps will help you to feel on purpose no matter what.  

1.Do what gets you excited. I know that there are plenty of things, that has to be done, but make sure you find the time every day to do something, that brings you joy and excites you. 

2.Carry a seed of gratitude in everything that you do. You could be cleaning the bathroom but in that action find in your own mind something, that brings gratitude to you. Being grateful is a sure way to feel purpose as this alone brings content

3.Trust your intuition. Somehow your heart and soul knows what the purpose of living is. Just go with it and be present in your day. When you are present you are living on purpose. You are not stressed about the future or regretting the past. You are here now. That is all that is to it.

Enjoy the ride and be well, authentic and wild! 


Would you like to join the Womb Blessing Worldwide in August 10th? 

How does it work? The Womb Blessing is an ‘attunement’ – it can also be called a synchronisation, a harmonisation, an alignment or an initiation. It is a powerful and transformational energy technique which connects you deeply to the Divine Feminine and aligns you with Her energy to heal and transform your vibration and awareness.

The Womb Blessing is FREE to all women, regardless of age – including pregnant women. On registering, you will receive a link to a download page containing PDF documents on how to take part. This information is now available online in 16 different languages!womb blessing worldwide

The Womb Blessing will take about half an hour. You do not need to be online to take part. Simply find a quiet place and time where you can join in the meditation at your chosen time. 

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The Womb Blessing is a gift that:

– awakens our female energies, bringing joy and a freer expression of who we are
– brings profound and transformational healing to all aspects of our femininity
– creates with each Blessing a deepening awareness of the beauty, strength and gifts of our authentic female nature
– connects us more deeply to the mystery that is the Divine Feminine.

The Womb Blessing is for all women, whatever their age, and whether or not they have a menstrual cycle or a womb, because we all embody the energies of authentic femininity.

Here is a shot story, that Miranda Gray shared in her recent e-mail.I hope you enjoy it ,too.

‘First Woman sat outside her hut when Turtle Woman came to visit. First Woman had been busy all morning. She was tired and still had a long list of things she had to do. Turtle Woman looked at her, puzzled.

Flow with a flick of flipper‘Why are you so tired?’ she asked.

‘I have so much to do,’ said First Woman, ‘and I am so overwhelmed I just can’t get everything done.’ 

‘Oh’ said Turtle Woman wisely, ‘you haven’t found out yet.’ 

Turtle Woman sat down slowly next to First Woman. 

You need to let go and float’ she explained. ‘Flow with the ocean currents, and a small flick of a flipper will carry you thousands of miles.’ 

‘How can I float?’ said First Woman, puzzled. ‘I am a creature of the land!’ 

The flow is all around us’ said Turtle Woman, gesturing to the hills and the trees, ‘and your heart and pleasure are your flippers. Feel where your pleasure flows, feel where your heart opens, and your joy will carry you to your desire.You are never far from your abundance.’ She smiled. ’You just have to float there.’ 

So First Woman dropped her list of tasks and expectations and lay on her back and filled her heart with pleasure.’ 

Learn how to flow with a flick of flipper in the Enchantress year.