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What is the Worldwide Womb Blessing ?

Would you like to join the Womb Blessing Worldwide in August 10th? 

How does it work? The Womb Blessing is an ‘attunement’ – it can also be called a synchronisation, a harmonisation, an alignment or an initiation. It is a powerful and transformational energy technique which connects you deeply to the Divine Feminine and aligns you with Her energy to heal and transform your vibration and awareness.

The Womb Blessing is FREE to all women, regardless of age – including pregnant women. On registering, you will receive a link to a download page containing PDF documents on how to take part. This information is now available online in 16 different languages!womb blessing worldwide

The Womb Blessing will take about half an hour. You do not need to be online to take part. Simply find a quiet place and time where you can join in the meditation at your chosen time. 

Click here to register and receive your free blessing 


The Womb Blessing is a gift that:

– awakens our female energies, bringing joy and a freer expression of who we are
– brings profound and transformational healing to all aspects of our femininity
– creates with each Blessing a deepening awareness of the beauty, strength and gifts of our authentic female nature
– connects us more deeply to the mystery that is the Divine Feminine.

The Womb Blessing is for all women, whatever their age, and whether or not they have a menstrual cycle or a womb, because we all embody the energies of authentic femininity.

Here is a shot story, that Miranda Gray shared in her recent e-mail.I hope you enjoy it ,too.

‘First Woman sat outside her hut when Turtle Woman came to visit. First Woman had been busy all morning. She was tired and still had a long list of things she had to do. Turtle Woman looked at her, puzzled.

‘Why are you so tired?’ she asked.

‘I have so much to do,’ said First Woman, ‘and I am so overwhelmed I just can’t get everything done.’ 

‘Oh’ said Turtle Woman wisely, ‘you haven’t found out yet.’ 

Turtle Woman sat down slowly next to First Woman. 

You need to let go and float’ she explained. ‘Flow with the ocean currents, and a small flick of a flipper will carry you thousands of miles.’ 

‘How can I float?’ said First Woman, puzzled. ‘I am a creature of the land!’ 

The flow is all around us’ said Turtle Woman, gesturing to the hills and the trees, ‘and your heart and pleasure are your flippers. Feel where your pleasure flows, feel where your heart opens, and your joy will carry you to your desire.You are never far from your abundance.’ She smiled. ’You just have to float there.’ 

So First Woman dropped her list of tasks and expectations and lay on her back and filled her heart with pleasure.’ 

Learn how to flow with a flick of flipper in the Enchantress year.

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