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Breakthrough Migraine Escape To Help Millions of Sufferers Worldwide

Global patent focused on relief for migraine sufferers

Sydney, AUSTRALIA, January 2015 – A global patent has been secured for a breakthrough topical treatment to bring relief to millions of people globally that suffer regularly from migraines.  Migraines generally affect 20% of women and 10% of men, mainly aged from 20 to 40. migraine escape

Developed over the past three years in collaboration with research institutes in South America and Australia, Migraine Escape is an effective natural treatment with its breakthrough formula developed from a ginger root extract.  It is designed to deliver the treatment through topical application and not orally, potentially replacing chemical treatment through injection or pills. It has already won regulatory approval for use in Australia and its FDA approval is in progress.

Ken Macleod, CEO of Migraine Escape, says, “Results from various surveys and studies show that the majority of migraine sufferers use powerful painkillers with some chemical compounds that can result in severe side effects. 81 percent of sufferers are dissatisfied with their treatment and are searching for an alternative.”

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Research trials conducted by Migraine Escape showed amazing results, promising relief for millions of sufferers. A complete package to empower people to better understand the condition and maximize the benefits of treatment is an important strategy for Migraine Escape.

“Anyone can suffer from an attack of migraine, even an otherwise healthy person,” says Ken Macleod.  “In most cases the prescribed treatment involves the use of chemical medicines and medical intervention.  Migraine Escape provides a natural, effective, alternative remedy for migraine sufferers.”

Crowd funding support to raise the necessary capital to bring Migraine Escape to the Global community has been successfully launched on Indiegogo.


Ken MacleodKen Macleod is a passionate Scotsman with a zest for healthy living and an abundance of  knowledge about natural health care, Ken wakes every day with an uncompromising drive to share the benefits of Migraine Escape with sufferers worldwide. As a compassionate family man and advocate of natural health Ken is driven to make a difference in the world and making a positive impact on the lives of migraine sufferers. As an experienced business professional he has the vision for how to make it happen.

For more information get in touch with  Ken and him team. 

Address: Suite 106 Blg A 20 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, Australia 2153


Phone:  +61 4 24158933


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Revolutionary natural formula to provide relief to millions of migraine suffers worldwide

Global patented migraine treatment offers compelling alternative to conventional migraine treatments

migraine escape

Australian company, Innovative Herbal Products has developed a new treatment that is could change the lives of millions who suffer from migraine headaches. Migraine Escape is a topical treatment that was formulated after 3 years of research into the use of traditional medicine to treat migraine. The team has harnessed the power of elements of the ginger root, which has been used in pain management in a number of traditional medicines for centuries.

With its unique ginger extract, Migraine Escape is applied topically at a pre-determined time during the path of a migraine instead of ingested. This allows the active ingredients to reach their intended destination more effectively, rather than if they were ingested. Avoiding the digestive tract is seen as being part of the reason the company has been getting such good results.

Migraine headaches affect anyone around 10% of the Western world’s populous and thought to affect over 500 M globally, with twice as many women as men suffering on average over 2 migraine attacks per month. Research shows that more than 81 percent of persons who use these types of treatments are dissatisfied with the outcome and are searching for an alternative.

migraine escape

Pilots were conducted with patients in Sydney, Australia in conjunction with researchers in Brazil and have shown promising results. Whilst most of those treated reported some benefit from the treatment, results were especially positive with women who experience visual disturbances before the onset of migraine, sometimes referred to as aura. With the results of these trials, the team has refined the product and developed individual treatment protocols.

The goal of the team at Migraine Escape is to help millions migraine sufferers around the world to manage the condition, by providing them with a natural alternative to injections or pharmaceutical approaches. While the company awaits the approval of a global patent, the formula has already won regulatory approval for use in Australia with FDA approval underway.


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Elderberry: Nature’s Secret To Good Health by Tiffany Corkern 

For thousands of years, ever since man began to understand the nutritional and medicinal benefits of certain fruits and herbs, the traditional medicine has helped cure many diseases with natural remedies. One of such natural nutritious, as well as a medicinal remedy, is Elderberry. Throughout the regions of Europe, North America, North Africa and West Asia, Elderberries have been considered a Holy tree, owing to its enriching ability to improve health and longevity. Astonishingly positive impact on health along Elderberry nutrition values, these dark blue or purplish berries are rich in color as well as nutrients.

A high amount of polyphenol anthocyanin is present in the Elderberries, which gives them the iconic dark bluish color. Anthocyanin is a clinically proven antioxidant which allows the berries to strive through long periods of ultra-violet radiation from the Sun rays. These antioxidant properties can be passed onto their consumers which has immense benefits and advantages including anti-carcinogenic properties.

The nutritional and medicinal value of Elderberries have been known for thousands of years and was a well known medicinal and culinary item. Hippocrates, the famous writer and philosopher in 400 B.C. referred to Elderberries as his “medicinal chest”. The Egyptians were known to use the paste of Elderberries as treatment against skin darkening and improving the texture.

Such wide use of Elderberries since the ancient time is accredited to its rich source of immunologic nutrients, which makes the immune system strong against diseases. As we have progressed into the modern era, our lifestyles have become sedimentary, and all we consume today are processed foods. In order to release these toxins and harmful buildups in the body, a medicinal shrub such as Elderberry is the perfect neutralizer that the immune system requires.

Benefits of Elderberries – as explained on

health benefits of Elderberries

Boosts Immune System

The Elderberry shrub usually grows to about 10 feet tall and blooms flowers that are yellow and white in the early summers. Around September, dark blue or purple Elderberries ripen and are ready for picking. These berries are the epicenter of medical qualities and have been commercially in use for various nutritional and medicinal requirements since the time of the Roman Empire.

Elderberries are a rich source of flavonoids, which are organic compounds with enriching antioxidant qualities. These antioxidants are effective in safeguarding cells against pathogens and diseases, which boosts the body’s immunological strength. Elderberries an abundant source of vitamin A, vitamin B, and a considerable amount of vitamin C as well as essential amino acids. All of these vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants help in the formation of a stronger and quick acting immune system.

Fights Influenza

Elderberries have been used in the form of tonic to treat influenza, known as the common cold and flu. By lowering the bronchial congestion and making you sweat more, the Elderberries have been magically effective. Standardized Elderberry extract called Sambucol can shorten the incubation period of influenza by three times, according to studies. The tonic Sambucol is comprised of other herbs and vitamin C besides Elderberry; hence it is inconclusive whether Elderberries have the same medicinal impact.

Promotes Weight Loss

Research based on Elderberry and its effects as a weight loss catalyst were conducted in the University of Freiburg in Germany. The research included 80 individuals who daily consumed Elderberry juice composed of Elderberry blossom and berry powder extracts, in addition to extracts of asparagus. The liquid formula was found to be a substantial weight regulator not only in terms of fat percentage reduction, but also a beneficiary in lowering blood pressure, their physical, as well as mental condition.

Curing Sinus Infections

A proprietary product called Sinupret, which is comprised of flowers of Elderberry plant, was analysed for its utilization to fight Sinus infections. The medicine is used to not only treat bacterial sinusitis, but is also used as a decongestant as well as an antibiotic. The patients who were treated with the blend of Sinupret showed significant speed of recovery over the others. It needs further research to conclude that Elderberries nutritional values can sure Sinus infections by themselves since Sinupret is comprised of other herbs as well.

Elderberries Potential Side Effects

Although Elderberries nutritional values and medicinal benefits are ground breaking, you must treat Elderberries with the appropriate amount of safety since they may have a certain amount of side effects too. When medically prescribed, the recommended dose of Elderberries is usually five days or less. Although Elderberries are safe to eat raw and clinically approved by Medical and Research Departments all over the world, you must take precaution at a certain level.

Toxic Effects

Elderberries get its ripe color from substances that are associated with a hazardous chemical called cyanide hence black elderberries should not be consumed. The leaves, seeds and bark of the Elderberry tree may have a toxic effect on the body when they are not cooked properly or have not been ripened. The consumption of such unripe products could lead to gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting, according to the NIH.

Diuretic Effects

It has been found by extensive study that Elderberries nutritional values comprise of substances that can act as diuretics that are used for removal over extra fluid in the body. However, if you are under a diuretic medication already, it is advised that people who take diuretic medicines avoid Elderberries and consult their doctors. As Elderberry also has a laxative effect, people who take laxative medicines should avoid Elderberries.

Allergic Reaction

Just like all other berries, fruits and vegetables, Elderberry may have an allergic reaction to some people’s skin or digestive tract. According to research by the NIH (National Institute of Health), black Elderberries are more prone to cause allergic reactions. However, Elderberries have been consumed by millions of people for thousands of years, and only a handful of severe allergic reaction cases have been found.

Elderberry is among the most widely used and consumed shrub that dates back its medicinal relevance to the ancient tribes. Health related problems related to skin; influenza, obesity, and bronchial conditions such as immunodeficiency has received medicinal support from this natural medicinal shrub. Today, Elderberries are widely available in the form of berries, tonics, herbal extracts, powders and well as tablets and extracts. So use this natural remedy to boost your immunity and overall health with a necessary amount of caution.

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