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Despite current treatments and medicines available to improve joint health, many individuals still live a life filled with pain and disability in their joints. Which is why many victims of joint pain turn to herbal remedies to get long-term relief. Using the right herbal supplements can cleanse the body from metabolic waste products and toxins that can cause tension or disability in the joint areas such as knees, knuckles or back. Herbal supplements are recognized by the body and therefore can be digested and distributed throughout the body rapidly.

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By circulating freely in the body, these herbs can fight off inflammation in the problem areas more quickly than most popular medicinal drugs. Not only do they help joint pains right away, but they prevent the pain from coming back by cleansing the body from any toxin that can cause future problems. Herbal supplements can work to support natural cleansing functions of the large intestines, kidneys, and can increase the blood flow to allow the natural remedies to travel faster to the joint areas. Although there isn’t a lot of information out there on alternative supplements, it has been shown time and time again that the body responds to natural ingredients better than artificial ones. Since the body recognizes the ingredients in herbal supplements, it can work faster to heal pain without getting addicted to the supplements. With minimal side-effects, herbal supplements are the best bet for anyone looking to improve their joint health, not only relieve the pain on the spot.

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Health benefits of top five herbs and spices
Herbs and spices are easily available in every kitchen. They are not only important ingredients for many recipes, but also, they are very useful for maintaining good health. However, they need to be carefully washed in best kitchen faucets and then dried before they are used. Following is a brief illustration of top five herbs and spices with their health benefits.


Turmeric, a well known spice in Indian kitchens belongs to the ginger family. It contains Curcumin, a compound which is very useful for eradicating cancer tissues. However, it is not a common spice in U.S kitchens but it is used as a medicine to improve joints and to reduce inflammation.

Curry powder

It is a very popular spice in Indian as well as Thai dishes however it is not so common in United States. It is a mixture of various other spices and herbs e.g. turmeric, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. This is added to make the dishes spicier.


It belongs to the mint family and is a good source of Thymol (a good potent antioxidant). It is a very popular ingredient in French and Italian recipes. It is also used in treatment of wounds. The water boiled with Thyme is used in curing vaginal yeast infections. The Thyme tea is used for fast recovery during illness.

It is a great alternative for treating osteoarthritis naturally. It is a multifaceted herb and can be added to anything you cook. Along with its versatility, it is a herb which has antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This is also being used in making medicines for curing digestive disorders and also studies are under progress to check anti-cancer properties of the herb.


It is a very popular spice for making sweet as well as savory dishes. A good antioxidant which is able to reduce blood sugar and triglyceride levels in the blood. It is also used as a good resource to alleviate nausea.

There are many more herbs and spices that we use in our kitchens every day. Being produced from natural objects they have a direct impact on our health. Also, most of the herbs or spices do not require any consultation from your doctor. Therefore, if you are under a treatment for any disease you can try these homemade as well as natural alternatives.


Fair Dinkum Seeds is a company who sells home grown, organic seeds of every plant you could need. Our love of gardening is what sparked their interest in starting the company. We are a couple who resides in Queensland, Australia, and we are working on their own personal garden and harvesting seeds every day of the year.

Our company, Fair Dinkum Seeds, has everything from flowers, herbs, vegetables, and everything in between. We wanted to start a business that sells organic and non-modified seeds to the public. When you purchase seeds from a store you never really know what you are getting. They use pesticides and genetically modify seeds, so think about the quality you are receiving when you purchase seeds from a local store. You can be sure that all seeds from Fair Dinkum Seeds are 100% home grown and no chemicals or pesticides are used.

We do all of the hard work themselves and by hand too. We do not use any machinery for sorting or anything else for that matter. We are truly a hard working couple who does what they love to do. We dig all holes by hand, and every plant is hand watered, pruned, picked, harvested, sun-dried, winnowed, sorted, packed up and shipped all by us. We do not sell old seeds and if there are any seeds that don’t sell within 12 months’ time, we just don’t sell them. We give them to friends, use them for compost, or feed them to the birds.

Some amazing Red Eggplants

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Here is a list of all the different categories that we offer on our website:
Aquatic, Swamp, and Moisture lovers
Beans, Peas, and other Legumes
Brassica lettuce and Asian greens
Chili Garlic and other Hotness
Edible roots and other Tuberous Vegetables
Ethno botanical or Medicinal plants
Flowers and Ornamentals
Herbs, Insecticides, and Herbal Extractions
Native Feral and Bush tucker Species
Tomato, Eggplant, and other Cool Solanum
The Mrs. Cool Cards and Crafts
Trees, Shrubs and Large Perennials
Vines and Climbers of every sort
As you can see we have a long list or every plant imaginable and better yet everything you will ever want.
We use blends of different herbs alongside companion planting to control insects, large companies use harsh chemical pesticides. We make our own fertilizer and it is a combination of grasses, legumes, unwanted seeds, mulch, compost, and our own free range chooks and guinea pig manure. As you can see we use only natural things for every step in the growing process. We also grow everything on a 3-6 month rotation all through the year.
Another thing we do differently is plant them during whatever time of the year we want too. Some plants like hot weather and some like cold, but we plant them no matter what they like. We of course have had plenty of losses, but this makes the plants tougher in the long run. So by the time the seeds are ready for selling you can bet they will be tough and should be hard to kill. We know of nobody else that sells seeds and does this method, so we consider our company very unique.
If you are looking for something in particular and you don’t see it in the store, this does not mean we don’t grow it. We may just not have any ready at the moment, but if you would like to request something feel free to contact us and we will try to help you out.
So now that you know the ins and outs of how we work, I am sure you are ready to buy some seeds. You can find us here-
Happy Planting——————————————–

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