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Fresh new day and a brand new month.Great opportunity to detox your body before the cold wind of autumn starts blowing and all we want to do is snuggle up and read or eat yummy baked goodies.

I am doing a 21 day Raw Food Detox, starting today and in this post I want to give you a few guide lines on how to detox safely and naturally.I am quite new to doing a 21 day raw food detox, as so far I have done only one last spring.

Your body is unique and by getting to know your body and listen to it you can gently and naturally choose to detox a way that suits you.
The main organs of elimination are

  • skin
  • lungs
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • colon

Some people take the time to cleanse the individually.In my opinion everything in your body connects to everything in your body.You can not possibly separate an organ and treat it without affecting the rest of the body.

If you are a beginner like me you can simply do a raw food detox, which is simple and natural.The best part of it is that there is no restriction on how much vegetables you can eat, or how many cups of herbal tea you can drink.It is an abundant way to reset your body and feel even better.




raw food detoxHow do you know that you might benefit from a detox?Here are a few reasons you might want to do one.

  • excess weight, especially around your middle
  • digestive problems
  • unexplained fatigue
  • food cravings that are hard to ignore
  • dry skin
  • dull, brittle hair
  • white coated tongue
  • weird rashes
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • difficulty concentrating
  • allergies
  • poor memory
  • bad breath
  • a general sense of feeling unhealthy

All these are simply symptoms, that your immune system needs a boost and the best way to do it is to remove anything that prevent it from working properly.

There many ways to detox but I truly love and recommend a raw food detox with lots of water, herbal teas, lots of rest and sleep and a bit of sweat.

Start your day with a smoothie -a simple and tasty one would be a mix of    kale., apple, banana, parsley,  and 2 1/4 cups water in a blender; blend until smooth and enjoy. You can replace the kale with celery or spinach.Also add an avocado one day and another day add some milled flax seeds. The choices are endless and your main goal here is to eat fresh vegetables , drink nice smoothies and enjoy herbal teas. 

raw vegan detox

easy raw pesto -spinach, kale, pine nuts, lemon juice and and fresh basil

Enjoy a big salad for lunch with a nice dressing.Use lemon juice, lime juice fresh herbs and cold pressed oils to make a nice dressing.Chop leafy greens, a bit of pepper, some cucumber and celery and enjoy.The nutrients in this simple combination are amazing and you feel truly energized after eating it.  


Your dinner can be another bowl of salad or a smoothie if you prefer.I recommend you choosing fiber rich vegetables like cabbage-white, purple, green add some carrots and an aple , a bit of  fennel and season with lemon juice and parsley.Serve that with a raw tomato salsa made from avocado, tomato and 1/2 cucumber-you can season it with pinch of cayenne pepper and cumin.Enjoy! 

You snacks during the day can be any fruit that you love, a handful of nuts or a dried berries.When you are buying dried fruits please make sure, that there is no added sugar or any other ingredients as this simply defeats the purpose of your detox.

You will be giving your digestion a break  from fried and baked foods, from sugar and caffeine.You might experience different detox symptoms like feeling cold, irritable, skin rash, possibly cold and flu symptoms as well , but all that is normal and expected as your elimination organs are  working on removing the toxins from your body in every possible way.  

Click here to see the list with all the foods you can eat on a raw food detox.

So if you feel up to it I invite you to join me in my 21 day yaw food detox-Boost your immune system and feel amazing.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the box below or connect with me on Facebook. 

Lots of Love, 





Most people associate doing a detox as a result of binge eating , drinking or as a tool to lose weight. In my opinion having a detox is a gift to your body, that you can give yourself. After doing a spring raw food detox last year, this year  I am gearing up to do a raw food detox before the Autumn.

The aim of any detox is clear your gut, liver, skin and purify your blood.Doing a detox before the colder weather starts, with the help of all the harvest produce, will also

  • boost your immune system
  • give you even more energy 
  • help you adapt easier to the darker evenings and colder weather

    raw vegan detox

    Energy sweet boost-mango,banana smoothie with turmeric,coconut butter, macaroot and cinnamon.Sweet, rich and lovely.

Why should you consider doing a detox? 

Not so long ago Natural medicine was all there was and every family had their own secrets on how to cure anything from a sore throat to insomnia.Nowadays a lot of people rely on strangers to know what is wrong with their body.The truth is , that anything that is manifested in your body is connected to anything that is you-your body is connected to your mind and soul.True healing is holistic healing and starts with you knowing yourself and loving yourself.

No body knows your body better than you and nobody knows how you feel apart from you.Doing a detox is empowering and it is also a gift, that you give your body.

So here is how doing a detox can help you.

1.Remove toxins from your body -this is by far number one reason.In every area of our lives there are toxic elements.On a daily basis we consume pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated and fluoridated water, meals pumped with hormones and antibiotics, and other synthetic substances disguises as food.It is in the water, in the air in the food we eat .It is virtually everwhere.Unless you choose to live in a very natural house, away from electricity and very little if any air pollution the only solution you have is to detox your body regularly and boost its immune system to protect it. 

2.Boost Your Immune Systeman optimal immune system is a serious protection to almost any stress that your body gets exposed to.As well as the normal changes, that happen every day your body is exposed to different foods, weather changes, emotions , sleep patterns ,the list goes on.The stronger the immune system is , the easier for your body to adapt and the better you will feel no matter what is going on.When you feel well you also tend to deal well with emotional challenges.

3.Mental and emotional clarity and physical energyall the systems in your body are designed to work together in a perfect balance and removing the toxins from your body will that balance to it’s optimal state or at least closer to it.The main thing is to truly listen to your body and be gentle and kind to yourself.Remember, that like anything it will take a bit of effort to get going and self discipline. Your body is yours for the rest of your life and by doing a detox you will help every cell to regenerate and buzz with energy.


This time as well as all the foods, that you can eat on the raw vegan detox I will be using a green clay, which I am hoping will boost the benefits of detoxing. Fine clay has the ability to collect toxins and contains an abundance of minerals including  magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, silicon, selenium, iron, copper, and cobalt

“Clay contains the minerals and energy that the defense mechanism needs; it improves bowel function and detoxifies the body of pollutants.” – John Tilden, M.D

The only way to see the true benefits of something is to try it and experience it, so I am looking forward to that, too. 


In the meantime take a look at the list of foods, that you can eat on a raw food detox and feel free to ask me any questions.


Vegan Detox nutrition: What you need to know, plus a few delicious recipes

A vegan way of life is about so much more than fruits and vegetables for every meal and in actual fact, many vegan followers go so far as to call a vegan diet a diet of indulgence. People hear the word ‘vegan’ and automatically picture a lean, toned, fit, health enthusiast with not an ounce of fat on their body. In reality however, not all vegan foods are necessarily healthy and nutritious for the body, which is why vegans often follow detoxifications like everybody else. Some people follow vegan diets for personal and/or ethical reasons, whilst others follow them with the intention of getting fitter and healthier. Whatever their reasons for following the diet may be, one thing’s for sure, and that is that some vegan foods, and indeed recipes for that matter, are far healthier than others.

Detox Your Mind & Body in Phuket, Thailand

Detox Your Mind & Body in Phuket, Thailand

When I was in Thailand I did this raw food detox at PhuketFit (it was really good!) and ever since I’ve tried to do my own detoxification at home. In this article I will show you what I learned and how you can do this at home, too.

Why follow a vegan detox nutrition plan? – A vegan diet plan basically excludes any form of animal-derived food or drink, meaning that not only do vegans not eat meat, fish, or seafood, they also exclude eggs and dairy as well. However, there are still some vegan foods that are considered unhealthy and so vegan detox diet plans may still be called for. The idea behind these detoxes is to flush harmful toxins from the body that may have built up over time. These toxins not only come from unhealthy foods, they’re also in the air we breathe thanks to pollution, and in certain products we use such as aerosol or roll on deodorants. The foods consumed on a vegan detox diet plan will be all natural, low in unhealthy fats, and jam-packed full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and other nutrients that the body thrives upon. On top of healthy meals, vegan detox followers must also drink plenty of fresh water each day, as that is how the toxins will leave their bodies, in their urine once filtered out via the liver and kidneys.

Vegan detox meal ideas – Now let’s take a look at some simple, yet delicious, vegan detox meal ideas.

Flaked almond “tuna” salad. This is a delicious salad that is rich in protein and vitamins, and couldn’t be simpler to make. The base is made up of almonds that have been soaked and then blended until they form a flake-like texture, just like tune flakes from a can. Diced celery, garlic, cucumber, and red onion is then mixed to add a little texture. Finally, a little melted organic coconut oil is mixed with Dijon mustard, and drizzled over the top.

Pecan and cranberry kale salad

Pecan and cranberry kale salad – Another salad but this one simply has to be tasted to be believed. The kale leaves are very finely chopped and then added to a bowl. The pecan nuts are toasted and then blended into small clumps and mixed with sea salt and a little olive oil. They are then scattered over the kale leaves. A simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, salt, and pepper is then drizzled over the top. Finally, a few dried cranberries are scattered on the dish.

Pink power detox smoothie – Beverages can also play an important role in any detox plan and this smoothie is no exception. Fresh beet, strawberries, avocado, and fresh lemon make up this smoothie with all of the ingredients basically being blended together with a splash of coconut water. Not only is this beverage rich in vitamins and antioxidants, the avocados also provide healthy omega 3 fatty acids.