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How to Stop Chronic Diarrhea

How to Stop Chronic Diarrhea
Diarrhea is a disease that leads to the victim having three of more loose or liquid bowel movements in a day. It is known to suck all the water literally out of the human body! Chronic diarrhea causes massive dehydration that can prove to be fatal. There are two forms of diarrhea, acute and chronic. Diarrhea that lasts for a span less than two weeks is called acute diarrhea. When an individual suffers from diarrhea for a time span exceeding two weeks, he/she is said to have fallen prey to chronic diarrhea. The symptoms that show that the individual has been infected with diarrhea are nausea, abdominal pain, cramping, dehydration, fever and a frequent urge to empty one’s bowels.

How to Stop Chronic Diarrhea
Surely, none of us would like to feel the wrath of this disease. Listed below are a few ways that will give you an insight on how to stop chronic diarrhea.
• Diet: Certain food items have a tendency to act as a catalyst for diarrhea. Food items abundant in fibre content are notoriously famous for being the cause of this disease. Fatty foods and junk foods are on the top of the list of food one must not eat. Some people incur symptoms that indicate diarrhea when they have dairy products while other feel the same on consuming spicy food. Caffeinedelicious beverages and alcohol are known to trigger diarrhea. Therefore, one must control the type of food they ingest. Green vegetables and plenty of water are always a good way of staying a foot away from chronic diarrhea.
• Infections: Untreated bacteria or viruses in an individual’s body are often blamed for being the culprits of diarrhea. The way to prevent these bacteria from gaining access to your stomach is by washing your hands at regular intervals. Washing hands kills these meddlesome creatures and prevents them from contaminating whatever you touch.
• Medications: It is not very wise to listen to whatever the doctor says. A small amount of research on the medicines you have been prescribed goes a long way to ensuring your safety. Antibiotics are strong drugs and hence have many side effects. One of them is to provide a base for the diarrhea virus to grown on. Hence, use the internet, do a little research about what goes in your mouth to stop chronic diarrhea from infecting.
• Stress and anxiety: You would have read tons of articles telling you ‘do not get stressed as it does more harm than what you can imagine.’ Stress and anxiety are what one can call ‘silent killers.’ Different people react in different ways to stress. Physical reactions to stress are known to cause diarrhea. So, keeping a check on your levels of stress will help stay clear of this disease.

As scary as the idea of falling a victim to chronic diarrhea may sound, this article would helped you understand that it is possible to stop or prevent chronic diarrhea.

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