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People do not always need a great advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand…You want the best for your loved ones, regardless where you live. You are doing your best for your health and well being .When you look after your body , your body looks after you and you shine. 

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negative energy will do more damage to your health, than not having enough green leafy vegetables in your diet

At the weekend I spoke with my dad on the phone. He has been very unhealthy with his eating and drinking habits for as long as I can remember .I was talking to him and I could hear his chest over the phone-very heavy breathing.His lungs as a heavy smoker and drinker are not having a very good time. One part of me was ready to give him a lecture.He has been going like that for years. But now he is actually started taking medications for high blood pressure. I wished I could make him better by telling him what to do.Even worst, I would have him eating raw vegan food until he gets better. That is not how you treat people at all.Just let him be and love him for who he is. Then I thought to myself.What is that gonna do? Will that make him love himself more, so he will look after himself as I want him to. But even that , what is my advice gonna do anyway?  Being a GP he knows exactly how the body works. All I can do is tell him how glad I am to catch up with him and spend time, even if it over the phone. I am glad that at least my parents garden is full with vegetables -organic, local and fresh.I am also glad he goes fishing so spending time with Mother Nature helps.

boys gardening

My boys helping to water the tomatoes last summer

My point is this do not let yourself become overly obsessed with health especially towards other people . The only way to show them that you care is Love and let them be as they are. It is not always about what you eat is the way you eat it. Do you enjoy every part of it and put good energy to it, feeling that the food is nourishing you. Loving the way people are is pure bliss and heaven. Yes you can eat the certified organic locally grown and freshly cut spinach, but if your best friend orders a large margarita pizza make sure you have a good time. That what life is about. Life is a gift!

I got this uncomfortable pain in my shoulders and neck for days. I woke up with it on Thursday morning . I was in pain and it wasn’t showing sings , that will go away .For the next few days I tried everything to make myself feel better-massage, exercise, hot baths -nothing seemed to help. Then I started to look deep into it.It was time to face the dark side of me and become friends with it.

Everything happens for a reason. Your body is talking to you. Listen and stop  thinking-just be still and quiet and you will feel . So here it was. For years and years I have been stimulating my body with caffeine and sugar and refined wheat. I would get up in the morning and first drug I  would take would  be coffee and lots of it.I haven't had my coffeeThis would give me an instant boost , only for a few hours and then I would need another one. By then I would be hungry and eat something-I would normally say to myself-there is no calories in coffee, as I take it black it means I can eat a croissant . Very cosy, not ! But anyway. Only to discover , that I am still hungry so I have to find something else.The days will pass  from one thing to the other and I would be constantly keeping busy to make myself feel important…What a waste of energy. I can’t believe I did that.

The dark side of me feels insecure and want to control everybody and every thing around me. I want to tell people what to do and what they have done wrong and how smart I am. I want to hide when people do not like me, but I want even more attention when I am  feeling insecure. That is the time when I am hardly noticed and no matter what I ask people to do it wont’t be done. I am using the word”ask”, when the reality is that I was giving them a direct order. So the next phase of that madness was that I would start moaning how much I do and how much mess there is. So when I finish moaning I would start crying and feeling sorry for myself.  That would be a good excuse to make myself another coffee…. This whole scenario  used to happen on a very regular basis. It was fueled  by the ups and downs of the caffeine and sugar fixes.

The dark side of me is my friend now. When I am feeling unsecure or unworthy I just stop. What is it? It’s just a thought and it is not true. When you say to yourself “I am safe, I am worthy, I am loved ” is peace and pure bliss. You’ve got the power.beautiful woman

Changing the way I eat is only an expression of the healing and detoxifying , that is happening with me and it has helped a lot.Clean water, pure food and superfoods are doing amazing things to my body. Changing what I eat and drink has changed my life and it can only get better.

I still have an arrogant  super woman living with me, but we are friends now. I am powerful and feminine  and I am giving  love and care. I feel so much inspiration and I love sharing  an abundance of gratitude. I can understand , I trust my intuition and I love learning. I am increasingly filled with Love, Passion , Gratitude and Fun.  



Every morning I feel “reborn”. I open my eyes and I see the colour of the sky.This morning is bright blue with a few white clouds.I hear the birds singing. I love my morning rituals if they can be called like this. Stretch, then go downstairs and make myself my morning hot drink .It used to be coffee and lots of it.I have been caffeine free since 10 th of March and counting. Now I am having tea-at the moment I am taking Pukka “morning time”-organic rooibos, honeybush and red ginseng. The tea is the same but tastes different every morning.Its a way to say hello to my body. Then I would open the door to hear the birds and smell the air. I love the feeling of being here.morning view
Every morning I am so happy to get up out of bed well rested and happy to meet the day. I feel like a new person every morning. Its like I am overcoming something every morning.Some people say that the sleep is a mini death, may be it is. I do not know. All I know is that I love the morning.Its energy lifts me up. It is very important how you start your day.This is also a time when I feel creative and very inspired.
Sometimes one of the boys will come downstairs while I am having “my” morning time and will say “Mummy what can I eat”. My answer is “You can eat whatever you can find or you can wait until I finish my work”. It works, they will get a banana or an orange or sometimes a left over dinner from last night.
Most mornings I would wake up to a pile of dishes from last night,too. There was a time in my life when things like that used to cause me a great distress, but now I couldn’t care less.Dirty dishes means abundance of food in the house, we should be grateful. In an hour or two when I am ready and my helpers are up I will have the kitchen transformed in no tome. and most importantly I will do it with love. Yes this is the trick-when you do something with love you are flowing. Even doing house chores can be enjoyed. When you are flowing everything works and you have a magical touch. Regardless what you are doing you can at least enjoy it.If you are not enjoying it, the least you can do is accept it.
Mornings are filled with the energy of the refreshed mind and purified soul. Every day is a new beginning. You can feel whatever way you want and choose love.
If you have gone to bed with some unsolved issues they will eat you inside and suck up your energy.Your subconscious mind always works, even when you sleep.Recently I have become aware of how important are your dreams.This is one of the things , that I would like to do-next time when I remnember my dream I will write it down and see how it goes.
Do your best to sleep well. It is a vital component of feeling well and revitalized every morning.
Every morning you can start fresh, feel good and face your challenges with love and understanding, that life is a gift that you unwrap every day.
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