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People do not always need a great advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand…You want the best for your loved ones, regardless where you live. You are doing your best for your health and well being .When you look after your body , your body looks after you and you shine. 

natural nutrition

negative energy will do more damage to your health, than not having enough green leafy vegetables in your diet

At the weekend I spoke with my dad on the phone. He has been very unhealthy with his eating and drinking habits for as long as I can remember .I was talking to him and I could hear his chest over the phone-very heavy breathing.His lungs as a heavy smoker and drinker are not having a very good time. One part of me was ready to give him a lecture.He has been going like that for years. But now he is actually started taking medications for high blood pressure. I wished I could make him better by telling him what to do.Even worst, I would have him eating raw vegan food until he gets better. That is not how you treat people at all.Just let him be and love him for who he is. Then I thought to myself.What is that gonna do? Will that make him love himself more, so he will look after himself as I want him to. But even that , what is my advice gonna do anyway?  Being a GP he knows exactly how the body works. All I can do is tell him how glad I am to catch up with him and spend time, even if it over the phone. I am glad that at least my parents garden is full with vegetables -organic, local and fresh.I am also glad he goes fishing so spending time with Mother Nature helps.

boys gardening

My boys helping to water the tomatoes last summer

My point is this do not let yourself become overly obsessed with health especially towards other people . The only way to show them that you care is Love and let them be as they are. It is not always about what you eat is the way you eat it. Do you enjoy every part of it and put good energy to it, feeling that the food is nourishing you. Loving the way people are is pure bliss and heaven. Yes you can eat the certified organic locally grown and freshly cut spinach, but if your best friend orders a large margarita pizza make sure you have a good time. That what life is about. Life is a gift!