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With summer’s warmer weather, we use different consumer products to help us beat the heat and enjoy outdoor activities. But despite the assumption of product safety, new and existing studies point out that common ingredients still used today may not be the best for our health.

Before you take advantage of everything summer has to offer, take stock of the products you’re using and make a conscious effort to avoid these three ingredients.

  • Check your bathroom/bedroom for talc-based products.

Baby powder, deodorants, and other hygiene products become necessities when you’re outside in hot weather. Even though they’re great options for wicking away sweat and keeping you dry, be sure to double-check the ingredients. Johnson & Johnson is enmeshed in thousands of legal claims after its talc-based Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower Powder was linked to ovarian cancer. 22 of 36 studies undertaken over the past five decades have shown a possible link between the mineral and cancer, yet the FDA does not currently regulate talcum powder in our cosmetic products.   


If you check your health and beauty aids and discover that talc is a listed ingredient, don’t panic. Consider switching instead to talc-free options that are now being offered by many brands.

  • Check your medications for phthalates.

Phthalates can be found in products such as food containers, shower curtains, and children’s toys. Used to make plastic more flexible, the chemical is also present in medications as polymer barriers to prevent early disintegration of the drug in our stomachs. Antidepressants, aspirin, and even dietary supplements may use phthalates during production.


Studies link phthalate exposure to birth defects in children, cancer, and hormone disruption, which in turn has sparked legislative efforts to ban the inclusion of the chemical in children’s toys. However, there is no such ban in place for phthalates in medications. Regulatory information only recommends, rather than enforces, that phthalates be avoided as inactive ingredients.


If you’re taking medications that are “enteric coated” or “time release,” ask your pharmacist if the drug contains phthalates. They may be able to suggest a phthalate-free option. For over-the-counter drugs, check the label for any listing of “phthalates” as an inactive ingredient.

  • Check your sunscreen for oxybenzone.

Did you know that more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined? By the age of 70, one out of five Americans will be diagnosed, so preventative efforts are now more important than ever. Wearing sunscreen should be a major part of your daily routine all year round. Before you lather up, check to see if oxybenzone is listed as an ingredient.


Oxybenzone is an organic compound used as an active ingredient in sunscreens because of its effectiveness at blocking harmful UV rays. Although it’s still used in a majority of non-mineral sunscreens, the Environmental Working Group highlights the ingredient as the most worrisome. Studies associate oxybenzone exposure to infertility, allergic reactions, and newborn developmental concerns.


Hawaii recently passed legislation banning the use of oxybenzone in sunscreens because of its role in destroying coral reefs. According to a 2015 study, just one drop of sunscreen is enough to damage the corals.


Although you shouldn’t skip sunscreen altogether, check its ingredients for oxybenzone and make the switch to a safer alternative.


Because indoor fountains are not popular in many cultures, many people do not consider using them as a part of their home decor. However, many people do not realize that an indoor fountain can provide many positive effects on their health and well-being. Indoor and wall mounted water fountains increase the beauty of your home and are very relaxing. People around the world understand that an indoor fountain can help to bring the outdoors inside their homes or offices. In the last ten years, there has been a large increase in the number of an indoor water fountain and wall water fountain installations because of the health benefits and the aesthetic appeal of water fountains.


What do Health Benefits Do Indoor Fountains offer?


Relaxing Sounds to Help You De-Stress


Science has proven that the sound of running water produces a relaxing and almost zen atmosphere. The sounds of water movement help to relax and soothe the soul. Flowing water can affect the subconscious, which is why running water helps to calm body, mind and spirit. There are numerous indoor water fountains that can produce a sound that is loud enough to be heard throughout your home or your office. These fountains typically contain a control valve that helps you control the flow of water and the amount of sound produced from the water fountain.


Life is stressful. You may be inundated with loud noises like noisy traffic, dogs barking, loud music and people talking. Unless your home or your office is soundproofed, you will be subjected to these loud noises. Loud noises can interfere with your sleep as well as make concentrating on work difficult. An indoor water fountain can provide white noise to help drown out background noise so that you can sleep better and work efficiently. In addition to masking noise, an indoor fountain can help calm you.


Running water reduces stress level and can help lower stress hormones. When you have an indoor fountain in your home or office, your joints and muscles tend to relax. If you have one in your bedroom, your sleep quality and mood can improve dramatically. Most people live a very busy and stressful life, which is why adding an indoor fountain into your life is so important to help you relax and decompress.



Clean Air and Improved Humidity


Indoor fountains from Indoor Fountain Pros can help to improve your physical health. First, an indoor fountain helps to clean and purify the air in your office or home. Studies have reported that the negative ions that are emitted as water evaporate from your indoor fountain can help cleanse the air. When your home or office is filled with clean air, your health and concentration levels will improve. Finally, an indoor fountain helps to remove irritants and dust from the air, which will improve the quality of the air.


Indoor fountains can also increase the humidity in your home or office. During the winter, the air can become dry and cause nosebleeds, irritation and a number of health issues. As the water from your fountain evaporates, the humidity in your home increases. Additionally, an indoor fountain helps to purify and cleanse the air. Adding an indoor fountain can help bring balance and harmony to your home or office and act as a natural prevention for illness. Furthermore, the soothing sounds are better than humidifiers and help to complement your home’s or office’s decor.


The health benefits that an indoor fountain provides is the perfect reason to invest in an indoor fountain. In addition to the health benefits, an indoor fountain helps to improve the beauty of your home or office by creating a relaxing environment.


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