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Nostalgia is good for you , play a game to boost it

Nostalgia can take many forms. It can be smells, tastes, and how a fabric feels. It can be a piece of furniture, a board game that you played with people you love, or a movie you saw many times as a child.

The holiday season is upon us and so as the bittersweet memories from the past. According to Matthew Hutson, a scientific researcher in New York, this bittersweet feeling can increase your sense of vitality.

Nostalgia feels good because it makes you focus on the positive side of your past.  It helps us understand how much we have changed over the years. It is a wonderful emotion that helps you understand yourself better.

It can help towards having deep meaningful experiences, shared with the favorite people in your life.

Nostalgia is a powerful comforting phenomenon that is especially helpful when you are dealing with some form of change in your life. Change is an inevitable part of living and you can deal with it in a healthy way. You can integrate nostalgia into your life.

The mental health benefit of nostalgia is that it reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoying a cup of your favorite tea, eating a piece of cinnamon bun, or playing a game can brighten up your day very quickly.

Nostalgia is can be tricky.  It can make you idolize or romanticize the past. It is your personal interpretation of how things were.  It is cherry-picked feelings, memories, and experiences, that bring us that wonderful sweet feeling.

You can cook a meal, go to a place or simply play a game that brings you back to a place that you loved and felt cherished.

How about a game of “LUDO”?

When you are a child you had a different zest for life and an looked for countless ways to have fun, one of which is playing board games. If you like the minimalist lifestyle you might prefer not to keep all of your board games. This is where the digital version of them becomes super handy and enjoyable.

I played as a young girl countless games of Ludo with my grandpa. He also thought me how to play chess. To this day I have clear vivid memories of sunny afternoons spent positioning the chess figures and winning games with him. It is hard to explain that mixture of bittersweet nostalgia sense. Every time I play a game of chess or Ludo I think of him.

Sometimes you can’t help yourself and want to think about the past. It’s rewarding to connect with your roots and feel connected. This gives you the strength to move forward and gives you fresh energy to live every day.

If you are like me and enjoy board games maybe you can take a look at this collection of interactive and family-friendly computer board games.

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