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5 Reasons to Buy a Used car

The average time that people will keep their car is 6 years. That menats that every 5-6 years you will be changing your car. In your lifetime you might get to drive about 10 different cars. You can use a car calculator depending on your budget and work out how much your next car will cost.

Did you know that used Vauxhall Corsa is the most popular car in the UK. Last year the sales of used vehicles were 3 times more than new cars according to Department of Transport in the UK.

There is a number of surprising benefits of buying a used car.

1.It’s cheaper 

This is the biggest attraction about used cars, especially if you buy an older model. The range varies though, depending on the specifications of your vehicle. Car makers don’t redesign their models every year. It means that even an older model will have the desired outlook and comfort for you.

You can calculate the different between new and old models by using a car payment calculator. This is a simple and easy way to know your options and see how far your money can go.


2. It has been tried/driven and tested

There are articles and reviews written about your chosen car. You can find out what can potentially  go wrong with it.

Knowing the history of the car is an advantage. The availability of this information can help you make a decision.

Most car owners keep track of any improvements or repairs that has been done to the vehicle. Being able to have access to this valuable information can help you make a decision which car is for you.


3. There is the certified pre-owned option

Car dealerships offer  approved pre-owned vehicles. You can buy an almost new car without paying the brand new car prices. This will remove the worry of potential problems and give you confidence in your purchase. The cars normally meet the car established standards and they also come with additional warranties and guaranties.


4. You are spoiled for choice 

Millions of used cars are bought and sold each year. You have an access to thousands of them in your area depending on your needs and budget. Your options are literally countless, compared to brand new car options.From the comfort of your sofa you can browse thousands of models and narrow the ones, that you would like to take o a test drive.


5. It will depreciate in value a lot less

A used vehicle will depreciate in value much slower than a new one. The moment a new car leaves the shop it losses 20% of its value. Further more an addition 10% of value are lost in the first year of use. With a used car you will notice, that some models even can keep their price for 3-4 years and some exceptional makes will go up in value too. It is worth spending the time to shop around and choose a model that will serve you well.

Overall buying a used car makes sense in many ways. When it comes to financing it you can check all your options using a car payment calculator and make and make a decision for your next car buy.

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