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The most important choice of your life? Take a study choice test

The most important choice of your life? Take a study choice test

A study choice test is, especially with the endless list of studies and possibilities in HBO and WO, an indispensable tool. The cliché is true; the possibilities are endless, and you can become anything you want. But what?


We all have to work longer and longer before we can retire, so it is more important than ever to have a job that you enjoy and that you can develop in. And a nice job that suits you starts with a suitable study.

What are the different studies? How do you choose the study that suits you? And how do you make that one important choice? The study choice test of The Bridge provides answers.


Take a look at the professional study choice test of The Bridge Career and find out which study suits you best.


How can a study choice test help?

A study choice test gives you insight into what is important to you in a study. Choosing the right study is very important. If you are not happy in your job, you are more likely to burn out. The right job gives you energy!

With the help of a study choice test, you can choose the job and/or study that suits you best.

Besides the best choices for a study or profession for you, the test gives you eight career anchors. These are things you find important in a study or job. These career anchors give you, in addition to the study choice test result, insight and guidance.


What is a study choice test?

A study choice test measures your interests in different areas and the extensive questionnaire makes it clear what your energy level is and which studies suit you. Testgroup has an extensive and professional study choice test of The Bridge Career.


Within 30 minutes after placing your order you will receive your questionnaire and you can start right away. The questionnaire consists of 318 questions, which gives you a very accurate picture. Immediately after completing it, you will receive your report.

The report describes your preferences for over 200 studies and professions at the college and university level. This list will be sent to you in a ranking. The best matching professions and studies are therefore at the top. Are you more of a thinker or a doer? Where do your interests lie? You will receive answers to various questions about your career and study needs.

A study choice test is not expensive and is a good investment in your future.

The reliability of the study choice test

Many people tend to give the desired answer when taking the study choice test. Because the test is extensive and consists of 318 questions, the consistency of your answers is measured while taking the test.

The result of this is also in your report. A result as reliable as possible is essential. The choice of study is perhaps the most important choice of your life.

Do not think too much when answering the questions and stay close to your feelings; this generally leads to the best result.

Use The Bridge Career study choice test to discover your possibilities and all the studies on HBO and WO levels that match your wishes for the future.


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact TestGroup.




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