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People do not always need a great advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand…You want the best for your loved ones, regardless where you live. You are doing your best for your health and well being .When you look after your body , your body looks after you and you shine. 

natural nutrition

In my world the biggest welath is living in a healthy body. The world that we live in promotes overworing and overatchiving in every possible level.

boys gardening

My boys helping to water the tomatoes in my parents garden a few summers ago.

My point is this do not let yourself become overly obsessed with health especially towards other people . The only way to show them that you care is Love and let them be as they are. It is not always about what you eat is the way you eat it. Do you enjoy every part of it and put good energy to it, feeling that the food is nourishing you. Loving the way people are is pure bliss and heaven. Yes you can eat the certified organic locally grown and freshly cut spinach, but if your best friend orders a large margarita pizza make sure you have a good time. That what life is about.

I am I living in the Now? Are you living in the Now?

That one consent makes thousands of profit in the so called personal development business.

This one idea to be present and to live in “the f*@&ing  Now” is a multi dollar business.

Look at all the over hyped advertising campaigns about the Festive season and your next holiday destination.  I also hate the idea that people “need to find their purpose”. There is no purpose. We humans made that up.

Life is totally pointless until you decide it’s not. 

Having a purpose is a decision, not a discovery to be made suddenly. The purpose of sleep is to help you rest and restore, then you get up and go to the toilet and wash your face.

As a morning person I know what they mean when they say that it is important to pick some morning routine or as the gurus call them “morning rituals”. This wonderful idea might work for some people but not everybody likes to be up with the daylight like myself.

I have also read that the morning time between 3 am and 5 am it’s some mystical time for writers, creative thinkers and all kind of arty people, which I am not. It feels painful if I have to get up and write at that time.

Let’s be present and live in the Now. Oh, what a feeling! To become aware of yourself and your presence.  Is it really possible to live only in “the Now”. “Welcome to the present moment. The only moment that there is……..”

Yesterday I was shopping at one of the supermarkets. They have a massive artificial Christmas tree that said 53 sleeps till Christmas. I do appreciate their shareholders want to get paid and everyone else involved in the business. I guess supermarkets are not a great place to practice being present. 

Life is just a combination of contrasts.

I am making plans while living in the present. I am making goals while I am accepting things.

I love being nostalgic and over sentimental about memories from my childhood, well aware that those days are long gone. I love dreaming about future events that I will be involved with.

I constantly see what is wrong in the world, how much pain, suffering and unjustice there is while looking for the good in people and how a wonderful of a place we live in. 

I have to take responsibility about my life leaving guilt and grudge behind and constantly striving to become a better human being.

Life is more than just being present and living in “the Now”. It is this constant awareness that nothing lasts and the present moment is always fleeting. No matter what you are feeling one moment the next you might be feeling totally different.

Embrace every day and everything that comes with everything. If you haven’t been sad how can you possibly appreciate your moments of happiness.

The concept of living in “the Now”is  only there to remind us how fleeting and changeable everything is. There is no better moment than the present, but while you are in it it is already gone. 

I will finish this post with one of my favourite quotes of all time. 

Life sucks.And then it’s great.And then it sucks again.And then it;s great one more time. Until it sucks some more.And becomes great.



Angie Ransome-Jones Earns Critic’s and Readers Praise For Her Latest Book

Businesswoman, philanthropist  and author, Angie Ransome-Jones’ first book entitled “Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a loved One” is receiving wide aclaim in the short time it has been on the shelves. The book chronicles her journey of finding peace after the devastating and sudden loss of her beloved father. Now she has made it her mission and ministry to help all those who going through the death of a loved one by providing emotional and as well as much needed financial advice, in order to cope.

After undergoing what she refers to as “the process” of laying a loved one to rest, Angie soon discovered that there is much more to death than laying a person to rest, and that not knowing how to handle financial matters on top of the grief can add stress and confusion.  With this in mind, Angie provides a comprehensive guide in Path to Peace, which yields advice from the professionals she worked with, including her attorney, financial advisor, and grief counselor. Path to Peace is one daughter’s story of reclaiming her life, realizing her purpose and finding inner peace along the way.

Despite its recent launch, the book has managed to draw praise and appreciation from early readers and critics. Critics have praised Angie for incorporating much needed financial guidance in the book to help those who have the responsibility of dealing with the affairs of the deceased.

      Click here to Look Inside the Path to Peace

The self-help book has been recognized as a “Good Read” by the Arkansas Times and featured in their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and is now in the Central AR Library System. Also, Angie has been listed as a featured author in many prestigious platforms. Furthermore, Paradise Funeral Home in Pine Bluff, AR has put her book in their funeral home package. Angie was on the Lady Wisdom Talk Show in NY in March and featured in the March/April edition of Trendsetters to Trendsetters magazine

She has also posted this comment on Facebook: “I am excited to announce that I will be a Featured Author at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta this summer! Special thanks to Curtis Bunn for the opportunity to be featured along with such an accomplished group of authors. As a brand new author, I’m incredibly honored and humbled!” The 14th Annual NBBC will take place on July 29th, 2016.

 “Path to Peace” is available at Connections bookstore in Dallas,TX and Pyramid Arts, Books, and Custom Framing in Little Rock, AR. It is also on and available via Angie’s website  Readers and fans can also join Angie’s newsletter mailing list by texting PATHTOPEACE to 22828 to get started (message and data rates may apply). 

About The Author: Angie Ransome-Jones is a wife of 20+ years and mother of two young men, all currently residing in Texas. A banking Vice President and MBA, Angela has her own non-profit (501C-3) organization, Magnifying our Mothers (M.O.M.), which she founded in 2010, in memory of her mother, who lost her battle with cancer years earlier. In her spare time, Angela enjoys serving as a volunteer in her church and community, along with practicing and teaching yoga, and she is an active member of both Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Toastmasters International.

Contact: Angie Ransome-Jones at follow her on Facebook.