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Motivation is one of the most desirable virtues. Gym motivation is no different. Getting motivated is easy, but keeping yourself in that initial state of wanting to take action takes self discipline, determination and of course a few hidden tricks along the way.

For some people going to the gym is a part of their lifestyle and they won’t even think twice before they make that commute to the gym. So what is their secret? I have been observing a few of our family friends, who have been going  to the gym for over 10 years and I want to share with you my observations.


gym motivation


With the so called “new-year resolutions” around the corner I am hoping to help you to find a solution that will work best for you. Although I don’t believe that there is a formula that fits all people, there are certainly laws in nature, that keep everything in balance.

So here are 3 little known secrets of gym motivation;

  1. Psych yourself up. 

Once you have made the decision that you will be going to the gym, you should pretend that you are a professorial athlete and get yourself motivated. This probably sounds a bit corny, but you will be surprised how easy it is for your body to follow once your mind is made up. The main reason for that is so you can feel empowered and have full energy every time you go the gym. Remember that sometimes the “going will get tough” but those are the times when you need to dig a bit deeper for your gym motivation and sometimes only discipline like a professional will help you.

2. Choose a snack food that you love 

Regardless of what time you eat your snack while you workout the food has to be nutritious and tasty. These days you are surrounded by countless choices. A lot of people love Nakd bars because they combine almost everything that you will enjoy in a snack-raw, unprocessed energy, full of goodness and packed with protein, all in one bar.

gym motivation Your gym motivation is almost guaranteed with such a variety of flavours. As well as keeping hydrated during exercise your body will benefit from fresh energy supply and if it comes in a form that you love, if not even better.

3. Spice up your sweat sessions 

Are you getting bored of the same routine? If you are like most people you have possibly been doing a similar routine because it works for you. At some point though, you will want a bit of variety and that is very likely to keep you motivated. If you are looking to spice up your sweat sessions why don’t you swap different session to get your mojo on track? Replace the treadmill with circuit training and see how it affects your motivation. Remember that sometimes even excising very slowly is better than sitting.


Overall the main point of keeping your gym motivation is to help you enjoy your exercise routines and have fun. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to anything that we do. Going to the gym is no different. Make it fun, enjoy it and feel amazing.

Hope you found these simple tips helpful, please feel free to share them with your friends using the buttons below. Do you know what causes you to lose motivation? Click here to find out and read 21 science-based methods to build your motivation. 

P.S Nakd brand is by far one of my favourites and I loved working with them. Thank you!

Modern Treadmills

Ivelina  —  October 21, 2015

If you want to grab yourself a present for Christmas and you are into health and fitness, a treadmill would be a perfect choice for your Christmas list. There are so many good options to choose from. The first thing you need to do is define your price bracket. Once you have this set you can go to a website like that from the Treadmill Reviewers and see what’s the best deal on offer. Their website address is
You can start checking out reviews based on Brands or by budget. So why would you need a treadmill? The treadmill is one of the best exercises for maintaining fitness and losing weight. It has adapted superbly to the modern era and can now be adorned with internet-enabled consoles. This means you can browse websites and even watch tv or listen to music as you work out.
Got a busy schedule? Then why not catch up on the latest stocks and shares at 6:45 am during your morning work out before hitting the interstate highway for work? Or how about catching up with the latest entertainment news as you enjoy burning up those calories?Modern Treadmills
Critics of the modern treadmill base their attack on the widely flawed argument that the treadmill is not effective for weight loss and can also be damaging to your health. In the modern era of gruesome cardio training, they think the treadmill is now defunct. How untrue. They are basing their research on outdated training programs. The type where you steadily jog for 30 mins at 7 mph and wonder why you don’t lose any weight after 3 months and end up getting bored and jack in the treadmill routines.
This is lazy training. But you don’t have to push a sled full of weights about on the ground to give yourself buttocks and hamstrings like Thor. This can all be achieved by modern training tactics like high-intensity training and making effective use of the ramp during treadmill sessions. The death of the treadmill will not be arriving soon at a home or gym near you. The key to the treadmills longevity has always been its willingness to adapt throughout the decades.
Not only do you now have modern entertainment features and high-end audio speakers built into some models, but the cushioning in today’s treadmills is now fantastic. The higher up the price scale you go, the better quality the feel our treadmill will offer. The upshot of this is your joints and muscles will take less impact and will feel less sore the day after your workout. The counter in the fact that if you have one in your home you can train anytime that suits you, and throughout all weather patterns (apart from maybe a tornado or earthquake!) you have a very versatile training partner. All you need is the motivation – and if this is a problem the latest treadmills have a feature called iFit.
iFit is an online app that connects to the console on your treadmill. You can then start up a program where a personal trainer will pump you  through your workout. If you get bored with that iFit will also control your treadmill and program a route in of your choosing. The ramp will then rise up and fall as it takes you through a designated route. The treadmill has embraced the future marvellously.

The truth about fitness and losing weight is that no two exercise/eating plans are made equal. Choose the one, that works for you.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

We all know that exercise is fundamental to the human body. Recently there has been a surge of new fitness and exercise crazes hitting the streets. It seems that everybody is hooked on crossfit or bootcamp, or attending gym classes. As allied health professionals, we love it! For many people, however, these classes can prove to be quite strenuous. Unfortunately such classes often cause injury as they can involve heavy weights and high-intensity exercises which the individual may not be properly prepared for or know how to do with the correct technique.

benefits of pilates

Many of our clients find that tailored Pilates exercises help them improve their overall health as the focus is on building strength and flexibility. Pilates is often seen as a more gentle form of exercise, but it can vary in intensity and levels, and is an exercise that suits everyone, from novice to advanced. Pilates can be undertaken as a standalone exercise regime, or equally in conjunction with other exercise programs.

Often, physiotherapy clients benefit from undertaking Pilates as part of their treatment plan, particularly those suffering from back conditions. One of the focuses and important points of Pilates is on strengthening your core and improving posture, which can ease back pain and prevent future health issues.


Many people think of Pilates as similar to yoga, and although it has many similar elements, it also has differences, and some of the exercises in Pilates may involve the use of machines. If you’ve tried yoga and it didn’t suit you, Pilates may well be the exercise that does fit you and your needs. Equally, many avid yoga attendees also find that Pilates is an excellent addition to their exercise regime. Quite simply, there are many health benefits to Pilates. Are you feeling stiff or inflexible? Pilates can help with that. Do you want to add a stretching element to your exercise plan? Try out Pilates!

Before you jump in, take heed on one thing that is critical – to make sure your instructor is certified. Although Pilates is a gentle form of exercise, a properly trained instructor will be able to tailor the exercises to suit you and ensure any risk is minimised. Some people have attended large group classes of Pilates and found that it wasn’t for them or unfortunately that it aggravated a pre-existing medical condition. Large group classes are fundamentally different to the attention that you will receive in a smaller group class, as the instructor to attendee ratio is higher in smaller classes and in individual training. At our physiotherapy and Pilates clinic, our clients will receive the attention that they need, and will only undertake the exercises that suit them, with careful supervision from certified professionals. The benefits of Pilates extend far beyond the time spent in class, as you will receive the knowledge and skills to improve your posture, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility in your daily life.

To enjoy the benefits of Pilates please get in touch with the staff at Signature Wellbeing.