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4 Fitness Influencers over 40 to keep you inspired in 2020

Looking after your health and wellbeing comes naturally to most people. This is a second nature to every fitness influencer I have come across. I feel inspired and motivated when I see results and when I see other people doing things that I can easily see myself doing. 

In this blog post, I want to bring to your attention 4 fitness influencers, who are over 40. The main reason for that is that I will be turning 40 this year. How did that happen? When I was a teenager people in their 40s seemed like ancient, but it is my turn now to be them.

I admire fitness enthusiasts of any age like Andrea Lopez-Velarde.

I don’t pay much attention to the younger ones.

The main reason –the young body is a gift of nature and the old one is a work of art. This is my take on the wise words, said by a remarkable woman. (Elenor Roosevelt)

I want to think of my body too, as work of art and that is the main reasons I follow these fitness and wellness influencers. 


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When you’re texting @emmaharrison1268 and not working out. ??? #shejustleft #readyforhertobeback ??‍♀️

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1.Carla Birnberg 

This is a very inspiring and full of enthusiasm and wisdom woman. I like her outlook on life and one of my favourite quotes is that self-care should be about pleasure. Carla started her health and fitness blog in 2001. When you visit her blog the experience and the vibrancy are obvious. Her fitness style is very playful and fun. What you can/When you can. It’s that simple. 


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Simple booty exercises you can do at home with bands and weights!

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2. Charlene Johnson

This is a kind of woman, that really understands that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle choice. She has been working and helping others to achieve their goals for over 30 years. I love her style as she is focused on helping you to find what is best for you and your situation. She is fun to watch and an inspiration to listen to. I love dancing and her moves put me in a really good mood. Her advice to start lifting weights has helped me to make the decision to start resistance exercise with my kettlebells at home. 


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WISDOM WEDNESDAY: If you need a break from squats or if lunges are too hard on your knees, I’ve got an exercise for you! . . For those of you who are looking for alternatives to squats and lunges – don’t discount the glute bridge – a worthy booty lifting exercise.? ?. . . Less pressure on the hips and knees but you can still get a good glute squeeze. . . Place your feet on the floor or an elevated surface like I’m doing here. Lift your hips and squeeze your buns – lower back to the floor just hoovering above. If you are a beginner, start with your feet on the floor and then try an elevated surface like I’m doing for a little extra boost! . . Do 15 reps/ 3 sets a few times a week to strengthen you glutes and hamstrings! . . #nosquatnolunge #lowerbodyexercises #bootylifter #noexcuses #thisoneworks

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3.Chris Freytag

This is a beautiful woman, who has been helping others for over 25 years to be healthy and fit. Her philosophy resonates with me and I love getting inspiration from her. She is very motivational and very understanding of the struggles that working women with children have. I feel inspired watching her workouts because I can do them at home and most of them take up to 10 minutes. 


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I watched something this weekend that just smacked me in the face. This was nothing profound or anything I didn’t already know. It was about getting healthy and not about losing weight. Your goal should never be a number. It should always be about feeling healthy. That takes working on your mindset as much as it takes working your biceps. Because think about it. How many times have you reached a number goal and still didn’t feel good enough. If only I got to this number…only to never feel satisfied. I’ve weighed a lot less, I’ve weighed a lot more. I’ve been the same weight without a healthy mindset. But right now, I feel my healthiest. I had to shift my thoughts about what that meant. To me, it did not mean working out 1.5 hours a day and heavily restricting what I ate. It meant showing up every day for about 25-30 minutes. It meant moderation in my nutrition. Not restriction. It meant stopping trying to have a 25-year old body when I’m about to be 45. Once these things are in alignment and I’m consistently showing up, the number doesn’t matter. Work on improving your relationship with yourself first. That’s when you start to have results. Sometimes this requires getting deep and real with yourself and asking for help if you don’t know where to start. If you don’t even know how to start shifting how you feel, tell me your biggest struggle? I’d love to hear from you. . . . . #fitmom#fitover40 #mindsetoverthescale #loveyourselffirst #healthymindset #consistency #showup

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4.Rhonda Layton

I can not imagine this list without including this great woman. She has been doing home workouts videos and coaching for almost 10 years and I love her style. Fitness is essential to life and it’s constantly evolving and helping us age as gracefully as possible. It only takes 30 minutes daily workout to keep yourself on the right track. As a busy coach and mum, Rhoda is helping me to find my personal best workout, that I can do at home. Getting healthy is not about losing weight.”Be bold. Be courageous. Take a leap.
Make yourself proud of yourself!”


We all have our ups and downs, but overall we all like to live by the good greek philosophy: “a healthy mind in a healthy body“. So keep yourself well and strong by doing small, forgettable and simple things for yourself. Maybe you like running and you are improving your running goals, maybe you want to eat better and you are looking to replace calorie counting with nutrient finding, maybe you want to spend more time in nature…Whatever your goal is-keep it fun, simple and pleasurable! 

Hope you find this blog post useful. Sharing is caring! 

Talk soon, 



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    This is so inspiring, seeing women over 40 doing their best to keep fit as well as showing people that it is possible to look good while in their 40’s. I have been trying to get my older sister who is in her mid 40’s that she needs to take care of her body cause she only gets one for her whole lifetime but she never takes heed. I think showing her this post will change her mind. Thanks a lot for this again. Good day!

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