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If you want to grab yourself a present for Christmas and you are into health and fitness, a treadmill would be a perfect choice for your Christmas list. There are so many good options to choose from. The first thing you need to do is define your price bracket. Once you have this set you can go to a website like that from the Treadmill Reviewers and see what’s the best deal on offer. Their website address is
You can start checking out reviews based on Brands or by budget. So why would you need a treadmill? The treadmill is one of the best exercises for maintaining fitness and losing weight. It has adapted superbly to the modern era and can now be adorned with internet-enabled consoles. This means you can browse websites and even watch tv or listen to music as you work out.
Got a busy schedule? Then why not catch up on the latest stocks and shares at 6:45 am during your morning work out before hitting the interstate highway for work? Or how about catching up with the latest entertainment news as you enjoy burning up those calories?Modern Treadmills
Critics of the modern treadmill base their attack on the widely flawed argument that the treadmill is not effective for weight loss and can also be damaging to your health. In the modern era of gruesome cardio training, they think the treadmill is now defunct. How untrue. They are basing their research on outdated training programs. The type where you steadily jog for 30 mins at 7 mph and wonder why you don’t lose any weight after 3 months and end up getting bored and jack in the treadmill routines.
This is lazy training. But you don’t have to push a sled full of weights about on the ground to give yourself buttocks and hamstrings like Thor. This can all be achieved by modern training tactics like high-intensity training and making effective use of the ramp during treadmill sessions. The death of the treadmill will not be arriving soon at a home or gym near you. The key to the treadmills longevity has always been its willingness to adapt throughout the decades.
Not only do you now have modern entertainment features and high-end audio speakers built into some models, but the cushioning in today’s treadmills is now fantastic. The higher up the price scale you go, the better quality the feel our treadmill will offer. The upshot of this is your joints and muscles will take less impact and will feel less sore the day after your workout. The counter in the fact that if you have one in your home you can train anytime that suits you, and throughout all weather patterns (apart from maybe a tornado or earthquake!) you have a very versatile training partner. All you need is the motivation – and if this is a problem the latest treadmills have a feature called iFit.
iFit is an online app that connects to the console on your treadmill. You can then start up a program where a personal trainer will pump you  through your workout. If you get bored with that iFit will also control your treadmill and program a route in of your choosing. The ramp will then rise up and fall as it takes you through a designated route. The treadmill has embraced the future marvellously.

The truth about fitness and losing weight is that no two exercise/eating plans are made equal. Choose the one, that works for you.

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