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Your immune system is your bodyguard and protector against everything that your body gets exposed to. These days when all kinds of different toxins are almost everywhere your immune system is your best friend.Having a healthy immune system plays a vital role in your overall well-being.

Your body is an amazing machine and it works while you sleep, while you are reading this article, while you are making plans for tomorrow. When you expose your body to toxins and stress you put preasure and on your vital organs which can make you feel tired or sick. Sometimes a few simple daily actions can dramaticly  improve your well-being. 

Your body is exposed to germs, bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and other pathogenic microbes constantly. As well as that your body is also exposed to toxins on a daily basis. For example processed foods, unfiltered water,mercury, air pollution , synthetic clothing and so on. Your best strategy is to build yourself up, eat fresh organic produce, rest enough,  move a lot and enjoy what you do. 

 The reason some people don’t get sick or feel tired is not because they don’t get exposed to toxins,but because they have a healthy immune system. 

In this article i would like to share with you 3 very simple detox tips, that will help you feel better, have more energy and boost your immune system.

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 1.Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.They are full of pure clean and unprocessed energy.the simplest way to include more raw foods in your diet is to create a habit of having a some kind of fruit or vegetable with every meal you eat. Also fresh fruits are the ideal snack almost always. They don’t require any preparation or any cooking for that matter. It is best if you buy and consume organic produce to reduce the amount of toxins. Eating a saladwith your favourite vegetables with every meal is an effortless way to boost your energy. Fresh produce is full with goodness, vitamins,minerals and fibre. Your digestive system is the foundation of a healthy immune system. Clean gut means lots of energy,too. If you are interested in raw food classes click here for more information. 

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2.Include chlorella in your diet . Chlorella, a single-celled fresh-water algae, is one of the most heavily researched algae in the world. It’s often referred to as a near-perfect food as research through the years have identified an astounding range of health benefits. While being well known for its ability to detoxify your body by binding to toxins and carrying them out of your system, that’s certainly not all it’s good for. Clorella is one of the most  nutritious foods on the planet and it is a powerful way to detox your body from heavy metals and other impurities. Chlorella is rich in various vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is also rich in other minerals like folic acid, niacin, vitamin B12, calcium, Iron zinc, protein. Thus, all such benefits making Chlorella the richest source of energy and a pure vegan food supplement.In order to optimize heavy metal detox, you’ll want to take at least four grams of chlorella every day, year-round.

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3. Book a raw food detox retreat .You can treat yourself to a retreat and take the time to nurture your body. Spending time surrounded by purity and freshness you will boost your energy, which is one of the main indicators, that your immune system is healthy. You can join a retreat in the English countryside of Wiltshire( near Stonehenge) .Nutritious raw food diet meals and fresh juices, as well as transportation to the megalithic sites, will be provided. This would be a truly extraordinary experience for you  and you will get a chance to.Please click here for more information about the retreat and any enquiries. 

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Review of Garden of Life RAW Fit Organic Protein – Vitacost Discount Available

What Does This Protein Powder Do
It is a high-protein protein powder certified by the USDA. It provides an easy way through which one increase protein intake. It has a sweet flavour that does well when mixed with favourite drinks or foods. It helps boost ones energy, burn fat, lose weight, maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, and above all, look great.
Benefits From Using Raw Fit Protein And A Vitacost Coupon
Customers love the Raw Fit for its excellent performance in helping reduce weight. It contains green bean coffee extracts that promotes health and is a good supplement for weight loss.
It helps relieve stress. Its users value it because it contains Ashwaganda that is responsible for a healthy immune system and controls cortisol production.
t also enhances the feeling of fullness immediately it starts draining down the intestines. Drinking two or one of its shakes and taking one regular meal provides all what the body needs in a day.
It gives a feeling of satisfaction and leaves its users with a sense of fullness.
Above all, it is free of goodies such as sweeteners, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics that are often nasty.
Finally, vitacost issues special discount coupons for their products. This way, customers usually save 15% – 20% off their order. For a vitacost coupon promo code click here.

Vitacost Promo Codes
As much as the customers appreciate it, the energy provider still receives criticism. Its high metal content is a characteristic that has booed many customers away from purchasing it. An experiment done by Mike Adams revealed that it contains high amounts of brown rice content. The rice comes from China where industrial regulations are not of the best standards. The result is that elements such as Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic have been traced. Customers should, however, be relieved off their worries because Garden of Life is now more attentive on where they are sourcing their raw, as well as, conducting regular testing for contaminants.
Pricing and Discounts shelves it at $31.61. Its price seems high, but is justified by the fact that it has more enhancements compared to other protein food supplements. Its price equates it with the expensive supplements that it contains such as Ashwaganda and green coffee extracts. If you use a vitacost coupon you are going to save around $6 per item and get free shipping.

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The Slimming Effects Of Green Tea

In the early 2000’s the web was buzzing about the slimming effects of green tea. Most people had seen the ads for diet drinks, green tea tablets and even green tea diet patches!

If a web user searches for the term “green tea” online, he or she will be inundated with websites that claim green tea can help with everything from weight loss to cancer! Naturally, dieters are now asking themselves “should I be drinking green tea regularly?”.

What is Green Tea?

Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea. It is prepared by picking fresh tea leaves and leaving them to dry. On the flip side, black tea is fermented before it is dried out.

Tea contains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients. Some of these are destroyed during the fermentation process.

Because green tea is not fermented, these antioxidants and nutrients are preserved. When they are combined with caffeine, they boost the drinker’s fat burning potential.

Does Drinking Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

A study has shown that drinking at least three cups of green tea a day can increase energy expenditure by 4%.

Now, this study needs to be taken with a grain of salt as it was limited to healthy males. The study was also very short at 24 hours total.

The length of the study means that the long term slimming effects of green tea are based on a theory as opposed to results. The results may also be different for overweight people and women.

If a person drank four cups of green tea a day, they would burn 80 extra calories daily. This adds up to 2,400 calories per month. Since a person needs to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound, it would take around a year to lose 8 pounds.

So, What Does This Mean for Dieters?

Green tea should not be relied on as a miracle weight loss solution. Instead, it should be viewed as a weight loss aid such as other weight loss pills and supplements.

The nutrients and antioxidants in green tea help protect the body against cancer, stroke and heart disease. This makes drinking green tea worthwhile whether one wants to lose weight or not.

How to Buy Green Tea

Like many other supplements, it is often hard for consumers to know what they are getting when they buy green tea products. Some products are filled with tea dust not actual tea leaves.

The best way to find a good green tea product is to choose a brand that has lots of positive online reviews. If the brand does not use as much green tea as they claim or are deceptive about their product, there is bound to be a complaint online.

To get the best results, dieters need to combine green tea with a healthy diet and regular exercise. If they do this, they will lose at least 1-2 pounds per week. Dieters can swap out soft drinks and fruit juices for green tea.

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