raw vegan detox
Raw Food Detox

Should you Detox? 21 day raw food detox

Fresh new day and a brand new month.Great opportunity to detox your body before the cold wind of autumn starts blowing and all we want to do is snuggle up and read or eat yummy baked goodies.

I am doing a 21 day Raw Food Detox, starting today and in this post I want to give you a few guide lines on how to detox safely and naturally.I am quite new to doing a 21 day raw food detox, as so far I have done only one last spring.

Your body is unique and by getting to know your body and listen to it you can gently and naturally choose to detox a way that suits you.
The main organs of elimination are

  • skin
  • lungs
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • colon

Some people take the time to cleanse the individually.In my opinion everything in your body connects to everything in your body.You can not possibly separate an organ and treat it without affecting the rest of the body.

If you are a beginner like me you can simply do a raw food detox, which is simple and natural.The best part of it is that there is no restriction on how much vegetables you can eat, or how many cups of herbal tea you can drink.It is an abundant way to reset your body and feel even better.




raw food detoxHow do you know that you might benefit from a detox?Here are a few reasons you might want to do one.

  • excess weight, especially around your middle
  • digestive problems
  • unexplained fatigue
  • food cravings that are hard to ignore
  • dry skin
  • dull, brittle hair
  • white coated tongue
  • weird rashes
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • difficulty concentrating
  • allergies
  • poor memory
  • bad breath
  • a general sense of feeling unhealthy

All these are simply symptoms, that your immune system needs a boost and the best way to do it is to remove anything that prevent it from working properly.

There many ways to detox but I truly love and recommend a raw food detox with lots of water, herbal teas, lots of rest and sleep and a bit of sweat.

Start your day with a smoothie -a simple and tasty one would be a mix of    kale., apple, banana, parsley,  and 2 1/4 cups water in a blender; blend until smooth and enjoy. You can replace the kale with celery or spinach.Also add an avocado one day and another day add some milled flax seeds. The choices are endless and your main goal here is to eat fresh vegetables , drink nice smoothies and enjoy herbal teas. 

raw vegan detox
easy raw pesto -spinach, kale, pine nuts, lemon juice and and fresh basil

Enjoy a big salad for lunch with a nice dressing.Use lemon juice, lime juice fresh herbs and cold pressed oils to make a nice dressing.Chop leafy greens, a bit of pepper, some cucumber and celery and enjoy.The nutrients in this simple combination are amazing and you feel truly energized after eating it.  


Your dinner can be another bowl of salad or a smoothie if you prefer.I recommend you choosing fiber rich vegetables like cabbage-white, purple, green add some carrots and an aple , a bit of  fennel and season with lemon juice and parsley.Serve that with a raw tomato salsa made from avocado, tomato and 1/2 cucumber-you can season it with pinch of cayenne pepper and cumin.Enjoy! 

You snacks during the day can be any fruit that you love, a handful of nuts or a dried berries.When you are buying dried fruits please make sure, that there is no added sugar or any other ingredients as this simply defeats the purpose of your detox.

You will be giving your digestion a break  from fried and baked foods, from sugar and caffeine.You might experience different detox symptoms like feeling cold, irritable, skin rash, possibly cold and flu symptoms as well , but all that is normal and expected as your elimination organs are  working on removing the toxins from your body in every possible way.  

Click here to see the list with all the foods you can eat on a raw food detox.

So if you feel up to it I invite you to join me in my 21 day yaw food detox-Boost your immune system and feel amazing.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the box below or connect with me on Facebook. 

Lots of Love, 





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