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going vegan Are you thinking of going vegan?Becoming a vegan is easy once you have decided . Nothing can stop your willingness to learn and live compassionately and healthily.

Congratulations on deciding to go vegan! This moment in your healthy living journey is a big one and shouldn’t be taken lightly.If you start with great enthusiasm and compassion you are in for a treat. So in order to enjoy every step of the way I would like to give you my personal tips and help you stay Vegan for Life.

1.Rule number one is to learn from people who are already vegans and are getting the results, that you are looking. Do they look glowing and happy, full of energy. My first teacher by far is Matthew Armstrong.

outstanding health now I read his book “You will  be thin and feel great” in the summer of 2010 .The book lead me to start looking into the connection of food and my mood swings.Then I realize , that its easy to point the finger at something and started to look further within myself. I found myself -peace, love and fulfilment can only come from within.  My next step was to go vegetarian and now over 2 years and counting I am vegan and loving it. I am so lucky to know Matthew Armstrong personally and his continuous support and energy has contributed immensely to my vegan lifestyle.Visit his YouTube channel and be transformed.

The other person , that I would like to mention is Colleen Patrick-Goudreau-
, her pod casts are very inspirational and full of practical advice on how to deal with any challenges becoming a vegan. As a new vegan you might be faced with a lot of questions from friends and family , so the best thing to do is to self-educate yourself .The main thing is to follow your intuition when looking for vegans to follow. Attraction is the most natural thing, that exists in the Universe, so you will naturally pick who to follow, depending on the stage that you are at.tips for new vegans

There is a book , that have really sealed the deal for me to go vegan for life and that is the “World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle PhD.Everything in that book made so much sense to me .world peace diet

Also if you have any worries brought  to you by the myth, that vegan diet does not provide enough nutrients I can recommend dr.Jack Norris book “Vegan for Life” where he explains into detail where you can learn a lot about every nutrient, that your body needs. He also provides some practical advise on cooking and shopping for vegan food.

2.My second tip is to focus on what you already like to eat and its already vegan .I read once that people have 11 staple meals they rotate between.   I like chick peas (hummus, burgers, falafels ) , beetroot ,tahini, beans, celery , aubergines, avocado , rice, all existing green salad with olives and lemon and a dried figs !  So, to start yourself off, think of several meals you like that are or can be made vegan. You like spicy beans ? That’s one dinner right there! Make a list of these things and keep writing them down as you think of them.tips for new vegans

Once you see all the stuff you as a vegan CAN eat, instead of just what you can’t, you will feel capable of success! Also you will start naturally reading every label on everything, that you buy in a package. The main thing is to find the most practical way for yourself and go with it. Most supermarkets have a section with so called “free from” foods and some of them provide a great selection. make a good mixture of whole foods and treat yourself now and again with some nice vegan chocolate bar or whatever else you like.

3.Choose your super foods Some doctors and nutritionists recommend that  vegans need to supplement their diets with vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and certain essential fatty acids. There are some great oils on the market targeted to people consuming plant-based diets, including Udo’s Choice .I personally take Udo’s Choice oil, which I like to add in my morning smoothie.tips for new vegans

Many  vegans and  people who want to be healthy in general  also choose to include superfoods in their diet, as they are good sources of B-vitamins, calcium, antioxidants and minerals, and give a great energy boost with their high nutritional value.

I personally use spirulina, maca root ,  raw cacao,   that  can be added to smoothies.I use  raw nuts and seeds as a snack or into a salad , so as dried fruits like goji  berries,  mulberries and apricots .I also make milled flax seed bread with tastes amazing with some hummus and olives.

4. Learn to cook!
If you can cook, any vegan dream can come true! The best way to learn to cook is just to try recipes. I happen to learn to cook accidentally by becoming a mother nearly 10 years ago and have always been a food lover, so now I have turned into a vegan food lover .tips for new vegans

If you already know your way around the kitchen, you have a head start—now you can use new recipes to learn your way around the vegan kitchen! There are SO MANY amazing cookbooks and an abundance of recipes online. i have also started   to share with an immense pleasure my own easy vegan recipes and would love you to try them. Cook with love and your food will taste amazing.

Thanks to Internet and Social media you are able to connect with other new vegan and share support and experience. I have also joined a social network called Vegan Talk, where you can get an abundance of information and resources and connect with like minded people .


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Sending Blessings and Love


If you liked this post please comment and share it with your friends , using the share buttons bellow.

Sending Blessings and Love

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  1. Ivelina says:

    You are very welcome.
    I am so delighted that I can help you.
    My simple advice is to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, your choice of seaweed for iodine, freshly ground flax seeds for Omega 3 and also supplement B12 in a liquid form.
    Personally, I don’t use sunscreen at all in the name of Vitamin D, but you can supplement D3 as well.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the great article. I recently decided to give up meat in hopes of eventually becoming vegan. I love your suggestion about making a note about everything that can be eaten as a vegan and focusing on that rather than what can’t be eaten…… this is great tip.

    I’m 42 and starting to become very aware of the foods I’m putting into my body, so this article is quite timely. I had heard about taking supplements if becoming vegan, however do you know if supplements should be taken if just cutting out meat? Or are the other foods that are recommended for consumption in place of meat enough??

    I’m excited to learn about vegan recipes and start implementing them into my daily meal plan

    Thanks again for this great information.

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