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Motion creates emotion

Motion creates emotion and how to get off your bum?

Since I have decided to do a post a day for 365 days, I have been focusing my mind to think in a form of blog posts. Mainly I have been thinking about what problems I have had  and what have I done to help myself. Thinking along those lines have helped me think up different ideas. On the other hand I have been having very relaxing few days since it’s the festive season and we seem to eating, cooking, relaxing, going out, having visitors and drinking wine. It is great, indeed. 

But what to do when you know you want to do something but you are too comfy. The thing  about being a self initiative is that no body will hold you responsible if you don’t do your chosen daily tasks.It is all up to you!

 Some people get an accountability partner. I believe, that your best accountability partner is you. Your attitude towards how you perform is in your hands. 

The moment you take the small action step to do whatever it is you want to get done you create a motion, that will grow into a real motivation to take more action. taking action creates emotion. Emotion creates more inspiration and motivation. And you simply go from one to the other. Action is the ultimate teacher and motivator. It has to be done daily and you teach yourself to be comfortable of getting things done. 

I love writing blog posts, where I express my thoughts and you read them. I love getting your messages and and I love they way you ask me questions so I can write about those things in the future. 

 Once you get your productive work done you will enjoy that movie you want to watch even more. The food tastes better, the water is sweeter and the so called routines of ordinary life are a gift because they are a simply an expression of being alive. I love cooking after I have written my blog post.

I want to give you 3 very simple productivity tips , that you can  do without any preparation and you will get more things done.

motion creates emotion
“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” – Carol Welch



1.Take the first step towards it. If you want to write a book or write more blog posts, simply open your back office and start writing. Write the first line and stay away from checking your e-mail or your social media channels. It takes only 15-20 minutes to write a good size blog post and double that time to edit it. It’s much easier to edit after you have poured your thoughts rather than trying to do two completely different things at the same time. 

2.Change your state . Do something drastic to change your physical state Take 30 deep breaths, do 30 squats run up and down the stairs once. 3 minutes of physical activity will dramatically  increase the blood flow in your brain and will clear if there is any brain fog, so you can take the next step. 

3. Set a timer on it. There are almost always things going on your life, apart from your personal daily activity. Have the intention to get your tasks done, but fit it to suit your life and the flow of your lifestyle. Most days I like to write in the morning before or after breakfast. Some other days I write in the afternoon or like now in the evening. I do feel better though if I do it earlier in the day. Setting a timer not always means get it done in 20 minutes, starting now. It means get it done before it’s time to do something else. It works every time. 

Simply do what works for you, but do it daily. 

These productivity tips work for me. I would love to learn yours. 

Be well, be wild and enjoy the ride. 

Thank you for being here.I love and appreciate you. 


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