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Raising healthy child: Most needed non-toxic baby product

Raising healthy child: Most needed non-toxic baby product
Being a new parent is extremely complicated. No matter how many things parents-to-be learn in hospitals or how many guides they’ve read, once their baby arrives, most of them realize that there are numerous things they aren’t familiar with at all. One of these things is how to raise a healthy child.
It is general knowledge that harsh chemical substances are lurking from every corner. No matter if it is our clothes, food or skin care products, we are surrounded by toxins everywhere. Unfortunately, what we usually forget is that our newborns come across the same problems. Although baby products are supposed to be toxin-free, this is not always so.
According to numerous famous pediatricians, parents should always mind what they buy for their children. Luckily to us, there is a multitude of healthy alternatives that could help parents raise a healthy child. Here are some of them!
When thinking about toxic substances, parents always stick to the food and skin care products, not paying enough attention to the clothes. What you should know is that even 100% cotton clothes are not always healthy. Most parents believe that cotton is an organic plant that is not chemically treated with dangerous substances. Unfortunately, this is not true.
Industrial cotton is one of the most chemically treated plants that are sprayed with dozens of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Also, once such cotton reaches the clothing industry, it keeps going through numerous chemical procedures that are supposed to make it softer and more durable.
That’s why, when buying baby clothes, you should always pay attention to the labels. You need to look for the clothes that are approved by Global Organic Textile Standard, Cradle-to-Cradle Certification and Fair Trade Certificate that make sure that the fabric is not chemically treated at all.
What most parents don’t know is that the disposable diapers contain numerous harmful chemicals, including xylene, ethylbenzene, styrene, propylene and toluene. Each of these chemicals could be dangerous for kidneys, liver, brain and central nervous system, as well as eyes, respiratory system and skin. Some of them are so strong that they cause dizziness, headaches and other symptoms similar to narcotic ones.
Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Instead of buying disposable diapers, parents should go for organic cotton or bamboo cloth diapers that are not chemically treated. There are numerous benefits of unbleached diapers, such as the fact that they are highly-absorbent, leak-free and calming.
Baby bottles and pacifiers
Baby bottles and pacifiers are an inevitable part of every baby’s growth. They soothe the baby and help it to sleep faster. However, you should always choose baby bottles and pacifiers that are BPA-free. For example, although silicone pacifiers are always prettier, you need to buy rubber pacifiers that are natural and much healthier.

Raising healthy child: Most needed non-toxic baby product


Baby sleeping bag
Most parents make the same mistake thinking that their baby needs a lot of comfort in first couple of months. However, this is not completely true. What you should always keep in mind is that your baby spent nine months in a womb, which is a really tight and cramped place. Therefore, once it gets out of it, babies won’t need a lot of room to feel comfortable.
On the contrary, they will feel safe and sound only when swaddled in a comfy sleeping bag. Baby sleeping bags make baby feel safe during the sleep and provide it with coziness. At the same time, they calm and soothe the baby, protecting it from getting overly stimulated.
The sole choice of sleeping bags is similar to choosing clothes. You should always go for 100% knitted cotton waffle, YKK zips and studs that will make sure that your baby is completely safe and healthy. You should also pay attention to the labels and buy fabrics that are not treated with pesticides, bleach or other chemicals. In addition to choosing baby sleeping bags, you also need to learn how to swaddle your baby properly. There is evidence that correct swaddling may be important factor in preventing SIDS and suffocation.
Organic mattresses
Did you know that crib mattresses contain numerous chemicals are harmful or even life threatening to your baby? They contain polyurethane, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and other dangerous substances.
Instead of them, you should go for non-toxic, organic mattresses, mattress covers, and mattress toppers. Although they are pricier than the regular ones, you should always keep in mind that your baby spends most of its time there, thus they are a long-run investment. According to the latest studies, toxic gases released from crib mattresses can cause crib death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
Organic detergent
Apart from choosing organic clothes, you need to wash it with organic detergent. Apart from protecting our environment, organic detergents are also free from numerous toxic substances such as parabens, SLS or phosphates that could cause eczema, allergies or skin inflammations.
Most parents don’t pay attention to the baby footwear, which is a huge mistake. The wrong choice of footwear could lead to the development of fungal and bacterial infections, allergies, irritations, as well as numerous podiatric issues, such as the flat feet. The best way to avoid such problems is to choose leather shoes that are firm enough to enable the proper growth of your baby’s feet.
All in all, you can never put a price tag on your baby’s health. Although each of these organic products is probably pricier, you should consider it a long-run investment in your baby’s health. These are just some of numerous examples of how to make sure that you’re raising your child in a healthy way. Hope they help!





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