Where do I begin to tell a story of how great a love can be.This, like any other  true love story is  is deeper than the see and higher than the highest mountain.It’s the love , that connect us all.

Dear Geogie, I am so very sad and deeply touched, that you might be leaving us soon.From the first moment I saw you I felt incredibly excited and so happy for your mum, dad and sister to have you.There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t thought about you , prayed, hoped, wished and demanded healing from all the possible ways possible and impossible.I have wished, prayed and hoped beyond words to see you healed, well and restored……….

Dear, Georgie, I have stood in my kitchen many hours with only one thought in my mind-please let me cook for you.I was imaging myself first making you some spinach and potato puree and making it really creamy with some avocado.Then I was going to make you some banana treat, that you would have loved.


Dear darling, Georgie,I am writing this , knowing that I might never get a chance to cook for you, but you know what I am very rich, nevertheless.What you have brought to all of us can not possibly be put into words, dear Georgie.Love never dies and know that, too. 


Dear Georgie,I imagined your family arriving at our house and your illuminating smiles greeting me at the door, then I would hug your sister and then hug your mum and dad.Then we admire this moment of pure happiness and togetherness, that words can not truly  express.

Then you will greet all my men.You would have loved them, dear Georgie.You would have loved to meet Ari, Steli and Raki and their daddy.Yes I do have a house full of boys, boys toys and boys video games.I have boxes full of cars, planes and trains, that I would have loved you to play with, dear Georgie.

Then we admire this moment of pure happiness and togetherness, that words can truly express……………..


Dear Georgie, I know you might be leaving us soon.I don’t know how to justify pain and suffering and looking at you going through has made me weep,humble and seek grace.

Dear darling Georgie, you have touched my heart beyond words and understanding, your adorable smile and pure love shines brighter, than the sunlight and your joyful presence is leaving traces in my heart forever.I know how it feels to be loved and adored by a baby boy.

Dear, Georgie,I would have loved to take you down to the park and get you to smell the sea air , hear the seagulls and feel the breeze.

But I know that every time I think of you, you are with me. 

This is so so sad, but it also a way to cope with you leaving us, dear Georgie.

But you will be always in my heart and may peace, love and light be yours beyond words and beyond touch  and beyond this post. 

Dear Georgie,I love you and I thank you, please forgive me and I am so very very sorry, that life has a very cruel way of showing how precious is 

 P.S Please visit Geoge’s Page and spare a moment for this outstanding boy.Click here. 

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